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You won't know if the water is warm,
Till you feel it,
You won't know it's real,
Till it hurts.
The hardest tasks,
Are nothing,
Compared to the effort,
It takes to truly love another.
The most beautiful love story,
Is that of light and nothing,

Light brings something to nothing,
Nothing allows light to shine.

Be a nothing to a light.
Be a light to a nothing.
I dunno what I'm doing with this, but random thoughts ig.
Hands are unique,
Rough, soft, old, new, large or small.
But they often link,
When all hope,
Appears bleak.
World is so scary. Stand strong everyone.
Often I wonder,
To what end is your touch?
How can your fingers,
Still gather and refine,
New threads of my soul?
At times I wonder if he's even real. And then he is and I don't know how to love him proper.
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