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Desmond Baker Jul 19
Be my solace only for tonight

When we embrace you pierce the dark clouds with a ray of light  

Storms will later return more fierce than before

To large for me to take flight

I strain the muscles to push the smile forward

An endless cycle

I like the earth revolving endlessly
From night to day
Matthew 11:28, Psalm 42
Hurry their grin

Be ye wise

A solid submission

With a disguise

Do we seldom ... please ourselves?

Live a happy lie

They Lie their fortress

Between the earth and sky

They Lie their fortress

Between the earth and sky

They Lie their fortress

between the earth and sky

There lies riches one can’t plunder

But given one day to fools!

Both will always please themselves

Living a happy lie

Hurry their grin

Be ye wise

Can you lie your fortress

between the earth



Would you let it rain riches?

Or live a happy lie?
Desmond Baker Jun 10
Bluffed by cornelian
True flavor lies in a mood.
Showered in brilliance
Heart stings abused
Drifting once more
Away from that which is adored
Past moments like Lillies will help lay the final blow
A ghost in time
Haunted by Life and His whispers
Desmond Baker May 15
The spider’s web made of guitar cords

A lullaby for the blind

This poison will open his eyes

Then he’ll see death’s gate opened wide!
Desmond Baker Apr 20
My solituuuude a shell I can not dispeeeelllll

This is my song
A melody that hurts me when held

I know you duuudes rush to be tempted then jailed

You never longed for solitude

Your eyes never have enough seeing

Jest and jig again and again
a Pigs disguise

The mud has clogged ear holes

They never longed for solitude

A shell that cannot be dispelled

For they know the questions asked in this shell fall like hail


My solitude they wish never to dispel

My solitude

A hill I sit on to watch fools

My solitude

Birthed from innate inadequacy

My solitude

A hell until I find the answers

Solitude, the song of wisdom that no one wishes they held

My solutuuude a shell that I cannot dispeeelll

I know you duuudes rush to be tempted then jailed
Referenced Book of Ecclesiastes
Golden roses unable to release their scent

The horizon is missing such a daring hue

A Brilliant plush

No longer dancing in the wind before the suns gaze

Because now

Torn away from the source of their strength and priced in markets

Clipped onto mortal ears

And giraffe necks

And frail wrists  

Just another trinket added to the collection

At one time it blessed others, as it was commanded to do, and we in turn blessed it With songs and thankfulness

But now

An out of style accessory

Desmond Baker Mar 27
But these garments divert shade

Like white pedals tossed by the wind
And woven together so delightfully

divinely given threads  

I walk blamelessly

Whose word can trump The Holy immortal?

Fade all you fallen

At one time your words stained my soul
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