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Grace Turner Jan 2016
First thought,
First hope,
Excitement; I see you today
Reluctance to view the hours before you
But you'd be upset if I lived for you,
So I live for me
Breakfast, bus ride, business as usual
But a crying friend at the other end.
Heartbreak will find us all, darling,
I just hope it isn't at the hands of one another.
More food, more art, more friends.
No more crying, emotions are back.
And then I see you, purple hair and polished
Grin I've seen a thousand times but
Gives me strength to stand.

And then everything is so loud and so quiet
All at once, and everything is as it should be.
"Write about today."
Jan 8
  Jan 2016 Grace Turner
the glowing in your eyes rewrites history
Grace Turner Jan 2016
Burn my lungs
Until I am a coffin
For the ash that was me.
I was set alight
And destroyed
By feeling too much
And nothing
All at once.
Grace Turner Jan 2016
I had never considered the difference
Between good bruises and bad bruises,
But there are good ones on my skin
And bad ones on my brain.
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