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La Nómada Sep 2021
Goodbye is such a bitter word
I truly loath to say.
I hope you know I loved you wild,
It's why I left that day.
La Nómada Sep 2021
I want to drop kick you across our living room
slander your name through our circle
tell your mother how monstrous you are

In the morning

we wake up yellow
bright to greet the day
happy constance in a radical world

Those sunny bits
slow burn to bitter ashy orange
the edges of your ears exhaust smoke
smirking hollow eyes
smothered by salty storm
sinking ship
La Nómada Sep 2021
Try on his music
Dazzle in his social scene
Clip his jokes in your hair
Tailor his knowledge to suit you
Check out your *** when it’s wrapped in his hand
Twirl in his questions
Bold crisp questions
Tuck the tag
Take his expensive taste for a spin
And return him within 90 days
La Nómada Sep 2021
“It can’t be love.”
He cooed at me
Melodic Latin tongue
But I’d already fell in love
With every song he’d sung

That night we met
the stars ignited magic in the breeze
With princess vibes
I led our tribes
I had him on his knees

We danced the night away again
I sat upon his lap
“Que pasa te?” He winked at me
I’m caught up in his trap

He asked me to make sure that I
Was staying not for him
With crooked eye
He said goodbye
Emotionless and glim

I told him that I hated him
And how he’d led me on
He’s just a firework fantasy
They sparkle
Then they’re gone

He taught me that a gypsy love
Is best left undefined
This beach towns not the only thing
I have to leave behind
La Nómada Sep 2021
He makes me want to write
As fast as my fingers can produce the
Sweet caramel lava oozing
Dip my quill in his laughter
The way he tells a joke
The way he made me feel
That in an instant I had woke

I carve him into all my blank pages
Splash his spirit
Encrypting his words
So they won’t evaporate
so quickly
ink pen swimming in his silliness
The way he looked at me
The time we tripped on acid
And just gazed out at the sea
La Nómada Sep 2021
I threw my compass overboard
Along with all my gear for a snowy day
I got tan and fat
Gorging myself on fresh catch
I like to lay with my face to the sun
And remind myself
how lucky I am to be at sea
How lucky I am to be free
La Nómada Sep 2021
I want to seashell hunt in the stars,
discover pieces of your laugh
scattered on windy shores of Mars.
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