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  Mar 2019 Charles
Her body is grace like soft petaled rose
Enchanting the bees in summer gardens
Her fragrance so rich that when the wind blows
Their engagement she knowingly pardens

She’s delicate true, but strong in her heart
Her body is grace like soft petaled rose
Elegant fine lines the brush strokes of art
Ever quite splendid in sunlight that glows

In her dark essence pure ecstasy flows
In the dusk dim she opens her flower
Her body is grace like soft petaled rose
Ever wondrous in the light of her power

Dropping her petals like silk evening gown
Dressed in the moonlight sweet music her pose
She’ll rest on my chest her head she’ll lay down
Her body is grace like soft petaled rose
Quaternary form
Charles Mar 2017
I am in control of my sanity...
   like a drunk man is in control of his driving
Charles Mar 2017
I pinch my arm
I slap my wrist
the feeling is like charm
I cannot resist
it all feels the same
internal hurt or that which is physical
I hate that it came
pain slithered into my life and became normal
took my heart captive like venom
could not fight it, I am a mere mortal
happiness became seldom
sadness gave me a cactus hug
it made me shrug
I soon forgot it was sore
because it is the only feeling I now know
  Mar 2017 Charles
Light House
I sort of feel like I am in the middle of a web.
I do not feel bound.  I can move.  It is just...
I am not sure of which way to head.
Avenues ..strings.  All streets:  unlocked.  ..& yet,
I stand ...motionless.
Delusions of being notorious...
Sleeping early.  I am going to chalk it up to lack of sleep.  Be well all.
Charles Mar 2017
the love I have for you
hauntingly beautiful
you make my heart a raging storm
then a calm stream after a storm
you are my tornado, a hurricane
******* away from feeling normal
your love feels like a breeze
you provoke my emotions with ease
my match,  I am your octane
let's turn this spark into a fire
I am scared but this is what I truly desire.

— The End —