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the rewind,
a mind set,

I'd get a coffee
but I got one before,
last Tuesday,
next Tuesday,

'the way is the light'
and if it's dark
what then?
Tuesday falls and from a great height.
Mark kenny Aug 2021
Heart pounding still revealing the hidden wound that never cease to close in place.
Pushed around heading to a precise destination hoping the waves fix us in place.

Different mistakes floating onto the surface making us close our face in shame
Mind buggled heading to the law still trying very hard to cover up the little shame.

The journey looks beautiful when looked at from the finish line holding the ribbon with pain.
Letting nature fix the troubled waves is best if we are still willing to get rid of this single pain.
Life could be harsh in some ways dishing out fake fragments of our new found reality.
Don't sweat or worry about the new found pain.
It was made to strengthen your will💪
  Mar 2021 Mark kenny
I am a stone, I will make my own ripples.
  Mar 2021 Mark kenny
Lauren Johnson
I will spread dirt into every crevice of my broken heart and plant flowers so big and beautiful, that their roots will mend all the shattered pieces back together, and you’ll never be able to see the mess I used to be.
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