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There will always be change
That much is the same
Yet it's not the change
But the chains
That mire me

I admired
She knew
It was nothing new
Us two
In this game
The one that we played
Where the rules displayed
That the game
Was not spoken
Or displayed

A cat and mouse chase
Set at tortoise's pace
Torture gladly I take
While I patiently wait
Possibility's sake
Of a move I might make
And forever in Check
Just one move from Checkmate

Written: May 28, 2020

All rights reserved.
  Jan 2021 Mark kenny
Eshwara Prasad
Constant background music
of my mind
  Jan 2021 Mark kenny
Eshwara Prasad
Universe is a symphony of
star strings not heard by
the deaf souls.
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