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Mitzy Mar 2021
Forever is this stream of hatred
This disgust as it flow through my veins
This pulse for forceful and beating
Through my mind it saddens
Difficult to understand how to act and think
I’m a prisoner in my own space
With no else to tell my foes
To be kept in my own bubble cant anyone understand
Can anyone see the pain and fear
Disillusioned with my support
As he looks at me in disgust
I look for help and control
But no one listens and continue on the path
I dream of freedom
For one day it will come
For now I keep hating
Who are they to think this way
To treat another human like dirt
Yes I will not forget and it will be ever true
I am the one with the last laugh
Those gullible stupid beings
They will get treated in different offerings
And I won’t be there to save them
To hear their screams
As they fall further and further
Escaping I do each day
To follow my own path
To feel the freedom and peace
I look to the trees and wonder
There they offer me wellbeing
They stand tall and hold my power
Yes maybe they understand
For those souls are lost too
Trying to tell me it will get better.
Mitzy Mar 2021
I am a stone, I will make my own ripples.
Mitzy Mar 2021
From east to west, I'm coming home.
I'm not exactly sure what this means but it seems to be on repeat in my mind.
Mitzy Mar 2021
Forgotten, left by the side,
Saddened by these coarse actions,
A heart so full of fear and disgust,
Broken down by those who should love her,
Alone in this world she walks her own path,
Love lost forever.
Mitzy Mar 2021
Wherever we are we are always on the same path _ _ _ _ _
Mitzy Feb 2020
My tears turn to crystals & glisten pain!
Mitzy Jan 2020
My crown of thorns reflects in the mirror of life!
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