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  Jan 2021 Mark kenny
Edmund black
It’s because I’m not

I’ve learned to
Chase no one.
Chase nothing.
Force no one.
Force nothing.

Truth remains
You’ll rarely have to run after who/what’s meant for you.
  Jan 2021 Mark kenny
Kurt Philip Behm
Spending the future,
saving the past

Tomorrow debentured
—moments that last

(The New Room: January, 2021)
You want to shrug it off,
but do you think that
you're big enough
to beat this on your own?

are we there yet,
get set, go.
we are not and
nowhere near,

last year, that past year has cast fear upon this year,
can you see a pattern emerging?
seemingly endless funding,
gatherings shunned in
the media, all
becoming social pariahs,
liars in the government?
they really are
head cases carrying
briefcases to briefings,

I stick to the rule because
I'm too old to be cool and ignore it,
are we there yet, get set, go,
but we could be.
Mark kenny Jan 2021
Protruding tummies enable to hide the excitement still feelings of betrayal fills the air
Tired of this early mistakes who might have taught that sour magic will still be in the air.

The world need more female empowerement we need the queens to grow and shine
Is covid-19 the reason we lost the little trust in ourselves and dimmed our shine.

The future will come in a minute holding on a little longer might need some extra strength
Don't succumb to this heavy business the future might look bleak but keep showing your found new strength.
Didn't want to write at all about covid-19 considering the negative effect it has both emotional and mentally to so many people.

Change is hard, messy but it gets better.
It makes us discover who we truly are when times are hard.
Situations like this also help to forge people into compassionate beings. let's practice to incorporate that Into our daily lives.

Heavy business is centered on teenage pregnancy going around here in the western part of Africa and the increase due to covid-19 and massive unemployment rate.
  Jan 2021 Mark kenny
Dr Peter Lim
Music is the gateway to the highest spirituality

the eternal consolation and the most blessed grace

in her generous caress and imperishable beauty

it flourishes and enchants in any clime or place
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