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Jul 27 · 59
Dumb clown poem
Alex Scaife Jul 27
Here's a funny thing 'bout clowns:
NOTHING. They eat babies and ****
Young men until they get their fill,
Hang kittens by their window sill,
Send texts from behind the wheel,
Name their daughters things like Neil,
Use way too much salt on every meal,
Leave you on read just for the thrill,
And put their names in your nan's will

Actually, the balloon animals are pretty cool I guess
Jul 27 · 106
Alex Scaife Jul 27
Flowers bloomed yesterday
Now all the leaves are dead
I borrow moonlight
For the journey ahead
Yay it rhymes
Jul 26 · 133
Alex Scaife Jul 26
Neon lights, pouring rain and the smell
Of ash. I missed the ferry and
Stand soaked, alone in a crowd of
People, tears hidden by the rain

I feel like a crumbling
Wall, lashed by the tempest
A poem about missing opportunities
Jul 25 · 66
Alex Scaife Jul 25
I never thought I'd turn twenty
At sixteen I skipped school and sat
Under an oak tree in the park.
Beneath the green leaves, blocked from
The sun, all I thought of was death

I hated sleep fore it brought a
New day. Always too tired for school.
Mornings I thought of bed. At night
I stayed awake cold and twitchy

I drove my Dad to anti depressants
My Mum to fear of finding me cold
I feel so guilty for that. Still,
I won't say it. My lungs won't allow it

Taking a breathe I look through the
Leaves and see the sun again
Blah blah who cares
Jul 24 · 78
Alex Scaife Jul 24
I - Mediocrity

I'd give my flesh just for one ounce
Of your genius. In my mediocrity
I turned the extraordinary
Into the ordinary.
You made a symphony from lost
Moments, only you knew their worth!

Ashamed, I scorned you. Forgive me
For we are both lonely orphans

II - Time

I sit waiting.
Each day,
Just waiting. Still,
For anything.
A sign
Of gods' favour
Always a fool.
A fool,

III - Fading Footnote

All I am becomes faint.
You just take, consume all.
A greedy little child
Worth more than my being.

A desperate orphan,
I want love and it shows.
I am discarded for
My needy requests. Shame.

You need no love and
Are loved for it. Cruel God!

IV - Haiku for  Atonement

Two souls have diverged
Jealous, I scorned your beauty
Tired, I scorn no more
A poem about jealousy and some other things. Being long I imagine I probably spelt something wrong
Alex Scaife Jul 20
All that was fixed floated before
My eyes. Blood ridden rags flew like doves
Of peace outside my window.
Pictures of slaves framed as freedom

Ink in the pen replaced
With blood and  yellow bile.
Jul 20 · 35
Requiem for a nation
Alex Scaife Jul 20
Fascism sings with sweet lies as
The chorus wails. We sit weeping,
Our history bastardised and
The body of our nation growing cold

Console us not you priests!
We need more than your words
Jul 18 · 58
Electronic Leaves
Alex Scaife Jul 18
I've got numbers that never show.
I'll never see another text
From those asleep in an oak box.
I screenshot them; kept like dead leaves

I hope it never ends
I hope it never .
Jul 18 · 293
Alex Scaife Jul 18
Tired eyes by harsh light
I scribble quite lazily
Nothing profound comes
Jul 16 · 69
The Death of Mozart
Alex Scaife Jul 16
Mozart lay cold in that square box.
Salieri observed tearful.
"With this vexing star dimmed, who shall
Brighten the sky at night?" He sighed,

"In my hatred I forgot
The fire you stoked in me,

Jul 13 · 341
The Naked Night
Alex Scaife Jul 13
I wept in the flames of my life,
Scratching at the rubble in vain.
The roof caved in. I smiled wildly,
Now nothing hid the stars from view.

Your paintings burnt quietly
As I framed the moon.
Jul 13 · 46
The Passing Year
Alex Scaife Jul 13
It's a shame that the year met spring
But he never did. I miss your smile
And wish the Bluebells knew it too
Jul 9 · 77
The Snow of Yesterday
Alex Scaife Jul 9
Smoke rises from his lit cigarette,
The air heavy with ash ridden breath.
A lighter flash from across the bar
Left as soon as it came

He leaves a lonely figure
And greets the cold hugging his coat.
Under his feet the snow of past
Has turned to water once again

He hails a passing cab
As his feet mourns the snow
Alex Scaife Jul 9
Paris came back to troy
And saw Hector on the shore.
He told him he had found his love
But what he found was war.
Jul 9 · 258
Keep pace
Alex Scaife Jul 9
In the pale snow footsteps remain.
If I tread in place they'll never fade
But If I stay I'll freeze in place.
I never thought I'd let them go

The sun rises too soon.
My heart never did leave
Jul 7 · 96
Le Morte d'Arthur
Alex Scaife Jul 7
Arthur observed the lake. "Moonlight,
It's too much for my eyes to bare!
I've done so much and still, I can't
Outshine the beauty of the lake."

My lord, the years did pile
And dawn arrived so soon
The death of King Arthur
Jul 6 · 501
Autumn Leaves
Alex Scaife Jul 6
Airing out robes of one who's gone
Autumn cleaning then winter's wind
Seasons shall change and when they do
I'll wear autumn's robe for spring

"Leaves never fall in vain,"
I murmur as I sweep.
Alex Scaife Jul 2
Under the cherry blossom tree
He sits, looking to the sunset.
A life of moon, snow, and dewdrops
Content, his life does melt. So it is...
Death poem
Jul 2 · 119
Coming home
Alex Scaife Jul 2
I waved Brighton away as adventure called,
My heart filled with childish enthusiasm.
The whole world spread before my eyes as the
Wind did gently rustle my sails. Away!

Three months I sailed without excitement,
Making my heart lose faith in the open sea.
In anger God let my vessel venture
Into a storm to swallow worlds and eat me whole.

I prayed and begged with clasped cold hands. "Oh, God!
I am quite dead. Save this wretched servant!"
He ****** thunder from the grey skies and laughed
As I floated. A corpse drifting aimless.

As my filled lungs spewed out the sea, the sky cleared.
I saw a shore. England! My heart flew high
Just a story
Jun 27 · 98
Jacques Lacan
Alex Scaife Jun 27
****** souls lead to ****** faces.
Unloved kids lead to untied laces.
Unpaid men lead to unsafe places.
Lovely poems lead to unread pages.
Jun 27 · 76
Lost Horizons
Alex Scaife Jun 27
My dream of a new land,
Of ignorance come truth.
I sat atop a peak
And found myself unmoved.

Ancient wisdom of ash
In which I found just dust.
Oh, Truth! You stole my dream, now
I'm cold atop the peak
About achieving a dream and realising it wasn't all that you hoped it would be. The pain of the real takes away your fantasy that kept you moving.
Alex Scaife May 4
I want to be so smart like you.
I wish I could despise mountain dew
And hate flashy films like you do.
I can't appreciate gorgeous views
With sky scrapers and starry nights.
I like to see girls in black tights
And drunks that slur and start bar fights
Because they have a minor gripe.

Excuse me for my plastic taste
That comforts me on winter days.
I don't have good taste in anything.
May 3 · 167
Hand Covers Bruise
Alex Scaife May 3
She stretched her sleeves to cover them.
The knife cut deep on her scarred thighs.
I said I didn't mind that she hurt
Herself. Still, the hand covered the bruise.

She ate little. The mirror scoffed
Still. "Fine!" I'd say. "I'll eat alone."
I said I didn't mind that she starved
herself. Still, the hand covered the bruise.

I wish I pulled her hand.
I wish I didn't just speak.
Lately I can't eat too.
My hand covers the bruise.
May 3 · 571
Lamp poem
Alex Scaife May 3
I tried to make a lamp into the sun.
It burns my eyes like the sun does,
But finds itself only half as gorgeous.
The real is too much for me to bear.
About trying to find meaning in poor poetry I write.
May 3 · 39
London Underground
Alex Scaife May 3
Smoky train tracks run fast before my eyes.
To get on? To throw myself in it's
angry rampage? A mess for others, not me.
Instead I sit and watch the people board.

Nobody looks. I'm here but they never look.
Am I so bland? Or are they scared of me?
Repulsive man! Unshackle this young soul
so they notice my corpse, rotting slowly.

I scream but courtesy dictates
It remains trapped in my carriage.

— The End —