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Katlego Maake Jr Mar 2019
I heard about your obsession
the way you breathe out the sparks of life and how you wish to inhale the scent of the moon.

I heard about it all
and now---

Let's go and meet the moon in the eighth hour...
rumor has it that the stars set the night on fire and the flames are trapped in the sky.

I would love to see you smile
and living in the essence of the  moonlight
---As you become a burning candle in the rain.

Come closer, a little more closer
       I would love for you to hold my hand as we       become an untamed possibility.

Will you hold my hand?

Let's travel far away from here
to a place where life floats
and lights breathes on the soil

Let's close our eyes
and see beyond our retina
perhaps, we might be part of the hour that guards the night.

Let's be wild about how we see life
about how we smile
about how we laugh
In fact, lets smile and laugh about it
and be happy, even.

Are you ready?
Dedicated to Promise Felicity Langa
Katlego Maake Jr Jan 2019
The sun rose with a shallow smile,
the shades were apart in a mile
and we were left to burn.

Our skins were glowing with sweat
and our hearts were bleeding with hunger.

We hid behind our reflections,
However, our saliva was not enough to quench our thirst.

Within the realm of the twilight
we survived the wickedness of the sun-
The warmth of the wind reached us
and we began to be hopeful.

We survived the fires of the sun
At least, we survived and smiled about it.
Katlego Maake Jr Nov 2018
Love is wicked
It is not possible that
there is hope
after the break-up
I believe that
we are just naive and intolerant.
This is my first attempt to write reverse Poetry.

Read from the top to the bottom and from the bottom to the top.
Katlego Maake Jr Oct 2018
I wish for us, both of us,
to be a circle with no end...
There won't be corners of secrets.

Let's be a circle
and live a circulating life
with no corners of secrets.

Let's take off our clothes
Be clear to one another
as we expose each other's scars
and be a closet with no skeletons.

In the darkest hour
let's not play hide and seek
let's be there for each other
we won't get lost
I will be your moonlight
and you will  be my star.

Be there
to complement me
I will be there
to complete you.
This poem Is dedicated to Portia Makwela.
Katlego Maake Jr Oct 2018
In this cold spring
where the rain nudges unsettled hour,
let's cuddle beneath the
where the stars burst with laughter at night
---and the midnight absorbs the scent of our warms.

Let's strip off our clothes
and fix the broken warm of our things,
be closer to my breath
as our tongues loll in our moan
press your breast on my chest
and let go of your empty demons.

Let's rise above our fears
forget about our tears.
Katlego Maake Jr Sep 2018
I see you, far away,
there you are In your wildest smiley days
looking all kind but more beautiful.

I see you, far away- away from my eyes.

In this windy hour
the smell of your perfume
soars high when the wind spreads.

On this day,
only its scent makes sense
and it is breathtaking
that is why, I am breathing more than ever today.  

Winter has passed,
the spring has sprung
the leaves are blooming,
the grass is greener
and every sight resonates your beauty.  

For as long as I can see clearly
I won’t stop telling you more about your beauty
It is wonderful, I adore it and it is dear.

I am not blind, I can see clearly don’t stop me from complimenting you- it’s not fair
If I make you blush, I am sorry.  

Someday, my youth shall languish
I won’t be the same
and I won’t see you the way I am seeing you now
And I won’t be able to compliment what I can’t see-

But I will listen to the Stevie Wonder’s song “Isn’t she beautiful.”
This poem is dedicated to whom it may concern.
Katlego Maake Jr Sep 2018
I saw it in me
the tiny emptiness that had caressed my heart.

I could smile,
I could laugh
Yet, I felt incomplete.

I saw it in me
to travel around the world
to find the spark to fill my incompleteness.

I got lost on the way
however, I did not forget to pray.

I felt unrealized
a bit stricken and shallow
yet, I never stopped breathing.

It was just a feeling, It only needed a healing.

I saw it in me
to find her - ' the midnight's moonshine'
her... the affulgent bliss of my life.

She left her space
like a blink of a meteor
eliminating the ups and downs of the sky
and came to me -  now, we are one.

We have settled in each other's arms.
This poem is dedicated to Portia Makwela.

— The End —