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 Jun 2018 Katie Solomon
You never held my hand too tight,
and i always wondered if it were
to not hurt me.

silly me,
why hold onto someone tight,
when you know you're going to let them
If you say you loved me why'd you let go?
 Jun 2018 Katie Solomon
i am in a haze today. it is cloudy and beautiful outside. it is also pressing down on my chest and i struggle for air. i wore your shirt to bed last night and it helped steady my oxygen supply. i wish you were here to say my name and speak to me in my native tongue to remind who i am and where i've come from. i'm forgetting everything, slowly. recreating yourself is only good when you haven't done it five thousand times over. i just want to be me now. but how do i become me if there is no you? pick me up from the library and walk me to class. hold my hand and tell me that you will stay with me no matter how grey the sky is or how cold my fingers feel.
 Jun 2018 Katie Solomon
Miss Ana
does the inside of your head
ever feel like a radio
thats constantly changing
with lots of
and all the stations are
bad thoughts
that are strung together in
a sort of continuous narrative
of constantly escalating
compounding dread?
intrusive thoughts
how cruel can time be
to sew together two hearts
a decade apart
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