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Kaemae May 2022
I love a love story
Warms a heart I’d meant to keep cold
I want a love story
One where all it takes is a rose to start a fever
In a place where I’m delicate and soft
And to keep me
A battle must be won.
We all want to be loved
Kaemae Feb 2022
If I should die, before I wake
Pray my soul won’t be too hard to take.
With every hour I lay
I’ll try to forgive the waste you wouldn’t let me replace.
I’ll hold me high, give in my heart-
just don’t let it break,
if I should die, before I wake.
I've been working on this for months now (mainly because I procrastinate and work so much). It's based on a prayer my dad used to make me say before bed. It's a depressing poem/song but I want it to have a hint of hope to it. Tell me what you think!
Kaemae Dec 2021
I knew nothing
I’m no better
And I’m so sorry.
I’ll do better, and pray for what was,
but I won’t be there.
I wish I was but I just can’t care.
I feel like parents expect too much from kids. When you don't fit you're parent's perception of you what do you do? I'm looking for feedback so that I can improve on my writing. Any tips?
Kaemae Dec 2021
No regret of what she couldn’t change
It’s lame little kiss wouldn’t linger
So she lays down in wait
Holding her breath for another
Others forget and run over and by
It’s a bruise to my pride
I won’t heal now
She knows why
And still
Does she move?
I haven't posted on here since I was 18 but I've continued writing. I cringe at my old stuff so I'm hoping that I've improved over the past two years. This is a verse from a song I'm working on. The song will probably go no where but I love to complete my works. Just looking for feedback since I don't feel comfortable enough to show the people around me. The song's name isn't waiting but I feel like it's an appropriate title for this one verse. Thanks!
Kaemae Mar 2020
For the love that you lost and the love that you'll find.
For the love to be made and the love that fell apart, lost in the love that fell into place.
For the love that you seek of, all ways are possible left in the realm of the unbearable.
this quarantine has me bored and daydreaming, this is my first poem in a while so it might **** a bit lol
Kaemae Nov 2018
I love her
she yells because you make her mad
I love her not
you keep your arms by your sides, don't yell back
I love her
let her fists hit your chest, physically it doesn't hurt, so it doesn't matter
I love her not
your tears make you a *****, real men don't cry
I love her
the police will laugh if you call
I love her not
you're not a victim, be a man
I love her
I just feel as though men aren't as represented when it comes to domestic violence. The male is always painted as the perpetrator, and while the reported cases do ring true, there are so many unreported cases of female on male domestic violence. Domestic violence needs to stop in all genders.
I hope this made sense.
comment some opinions or questions ;)
Kaemae Sep 2018
It's a new day but yet she remains almost the same.
Something is different,
The quiet is still there but something is coming.
Like a tree in the forest slowing falling,
Branches begin to snap off,
Plummeting to the ground
The leaves, once as green as an apple
now brown and decomposing.
The bark chips off,
The tree begins to lean
It begins its descent but when it hits the ground will we hear her?
Will she avoid all the chipmunks and birds who’ve just lost their homes,
Can she cut them some slack?
Will she roll down a hill knocking down every plant, no matter how tall down to her level?
We could ask many questions but only one matters.
If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

alt ending: will we be there to catch her?
A continuience of Still Nature. I would love to hear some feed back and which ending do you like better?
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