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  Dec 2021 Jen
fray narte
i am bone-tired and befogged with melancholia; i cannot wait to fall and bounce cheerlessly in a field of forlorn, arenaria flowers, all over the sunless forest floor. leave me be — a strange girl in a sleepy, run-down town. leave me be — a hopeless case in my own quiet apocalypse.
  Dec 2021 Jen
Mary Anne Norton
Sky coal black
Moon shining bright
Quiet hour has come
Amidst the stillness
Stars brilliantly sparkle
As I cry out
To the universe
Waiting for an
I tip toe away
Jen Dec 2021
The ocean casts cerulean
Its eyes a fatigued gaze
Paralyzed in your presence
Concealed and unscathed

On the surface...

All the while,
My feelings drown in
Your waves,
Reaching out to touch you...
Realizing I'm powerless...
Staring up at your slate sun.

You've been there by my side
This whole time.

I pray only that you do not
Leave me to catch
Your falling embers
When you're gone.

I pray that one day
We'll be with each other always.

I pray that I don't have to wait
Any more months or years
To kiss you,
And for it to be real.

I ask God why tonight,
And tomorrow I'll sit by your side
As if nothing ever changed.

Long-suffering in this hidden truth,
Powerless to say a word.
The reality is my soul is saddened
That you are not here with me now,
All I can do is dream of you,
A smile on your face.
I'll see you tomorrow,
And you might never
Know what I feel for you.
This poem is about loving someone that you might never be able to have

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  Nov 2021 Jen
Coralie Marie
It’s winter solstice inside,  
they say there will be light
even after the darkest hours,
can’t wait for my springtime.
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