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  Nov 2021 Jen
The moon
finally burst
into a confetti
of a thousand tatters…

And as the waters
held their breaths,
once playful waves
sink into an unlit night’s

And the tides
lost their reason
to visit my shores.
  Nov 2021 Jen
stumbled upon your hideaway
an unexpected intrusion,
sunken heart I swallowed
hallucinating your shadow,

bluntly dismissing my worries
as my eyes fondly sought
a heaven within your cheeks,

softly blushing underneath
your eyes treasured me
oh, naive little me,

put a foot aside, darling,
undone love awaits outside,
fantasies blinded your soul
while I stood, earnestly
yearning to own your heart
  Nov 2021 Jen
Universe Poems
"The language of a flower speaks
outside of the senses and peaks"

© 2021 Carol Natasha Diviney
  Nov 2021 Jen
Universe Poems
For those who **** you dry,
and, disregard how you feel,
create a barrier that is real
They can't understand survival,
that's why
You must protect your inner self
Don't deny
They would rather see you die
and, suffer in silence,
while you cry
Without a moment,
how are you,
they thrive on control
Through and, through

© 2021 Carol Natasha Diviney
  Nov 2021 Jen
My home is the ocean with my
Captain of Love
set sail every eve, cruise the stars
up above
To heaven and beyond the sandy beaches we roam
Romantic sea, rescue me
bring me back
  Nov 2021 Jen
Wrap me up

address me

handle me with care

send me through channels
of touch

far away from the loneliness
that has stolen
so much
For my dad
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