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InLove000 Feb 2015
People came and go
But some leave us heart broken
InLove000 Feb 2015
Some loved me
                 Some hated me
                                                    I don't think that I am borned to please any
InLove000 Jan 2015
Why do we do the same things over and over again?
Doing what others tell you to do,trying to impress them or make them like you.
Are you happy with your life?
Are you happy with the people you surround yourself with?
Are you happy learning people judge you for how you look or little mistakes that you have done in the past? If your rich,poor or popular or if you go to parties?
Are you ? Are you happy?
We buy stuff to impress people we don't like
Happiness is a choice! You don't need to make anyone proud only yourself. What makes you proud? Finishing a good book,running or telling others that you like them ?
Get rid of the people that makes you feel bad as soon as possible because the person that teared you apart will never get you back together again.
love the people that are happy for your happiness and sad for your sadness,they are really hard to find! And once you get rid of these sick people life will not feel like a routine anymore .
life is an adventure!
Sometimes you are told something too often that you will begin to believe it. Make it a habit to tell yourself something that you will begin to believe it . Even if you look ugly from the outside , I am sure that you are so beautiful inside .
Breath in ,breath out
Go on and tell yourself who you are and REMEMBER that you are beautiful in and out....
InLove000 Jan 2015
I wished that I am the lies themselves so you can adore me as much as you adore them ....
InLove000 Jan 2015
little do you know how I am breaking piece by piece
little do you know little do you know
how I spend days waiting for your call
little do you know how I spent nights imagining you
little do you know how much I have fallen for you
little do you know how I felt while your away
little you will never know how much I love you
InLove000 Jan 2015
To Each Who Left Me: Thank You!

You Left Your Place For Someone's Who Is Better Than You!
InLove000 Jan 2015
My love for you will never die
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