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Mar 2019 · 2.1k
country evening
Jeremiah Mar 2019
a big floating rock held by god
seen from a big floating rock held by god
but on a country evening in tennessee
i don't think about astral rocks
i think about my lemonade
and my beautiful puppy
but if i did think about those things
i would think about you too
because when i think about beautiful things
i always think of you
Dec 2018 · 306
Babe Ruth
Jeremiah Dec 2018
Babe Ruth smokes a Raleigh in the doorway,
as i give birth to a broken mirror
if home is where the heart is, i live on the state line
or on my sleeve
he knows that, and as he finishes his cigarette
i ask him if he ever thinks about cancer
"i think of it like i think about 1949,
so far away"

— The End —