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Jeremiah Dec 2018
Babe Ruth smokes a Raleigh in the doorway,
as i give birth to a broken mirror
if home is where the heart is, i live on the state line
or on my sleeve
he knows that, and as he finishes his cigarette
i ask him if he ever thinks about cancer
"i think of it like i think about 1949,
so far away"
Terry Collett Aug 2017
Jean sits and smokes
outside a Parisian cafe
a glass of white wine
to one side. Emmett's
painting again. His old
studio on the Left Bank.

Still drinks too much.
That model he used
to have died from cancer.

Some other now. Young
and beautiful and I dare
say he'll try and bed her
before long. I sing for
my supper. Some cafe
in the evenings, the usual
fare, French love songs
sad or not. Jean sips
her wine, inhales the smoke,
the sky is blue, the weather hot.
A woman in Paris in 1949

— The End —