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s s f w s May 2018
There are pleasant waters.
There are unpleasant waters.
The way you drink can interchange the feel of consumption.
s s f w s May 2018
Wild Enchanting Twigs
Are dancing to Bursts of Bubbles.
Midst A Crucified Upper Half
Hanging Upside Down.
Imperishably dripping mono-wound.
Surrounding buds
Blooms and Sieves
In nick of time.
Roots are *******
Splash Of Violet Bloods,
Twigs emerge exponentially.
Ground gets replenished
With vociferous violet.
Bed of Falling Flowers
Drowns to Depth of Violet,
Fallen persists still
And bubbles are being emitted.
Bursts of fragrance.
Above the meadows
Air is Pungent,
And remains
To be continued .
s s f w s Nov 2017
Cisgende­r female
Cisgender male
Gender fluid
Gender non-confirming
Gender questioning
Gender variant
Gender queer
Non binary
Pan gender
Trans female
Trans male
Trans* male
Trans feminine
Trans musculine
Transgender female
Transgender male
Transgender musculine
Transgender feminine
******* female
******* male
Two spirit
"Turquoise green tertiary spirited Eskimo"
Tik Tok dolls
s s f w s Nov 2017
For the sake of betterness or quickness,
The life is all about developing own customized extensions or plugins .
Better sitted pees
Better stand-up pees
Better view
Better trails
Better quality
Better quantity
Better pace
Better Understanding
Better likability
Better knowledge
Better green
Better pleasure
Better writes
Better disorientation
Better philosophy
Better stimulation
Better cycles
Better science
Better calculus
Better reads
Better rain
Better gulps
Better art
Better calendars
Better wilderness
Better awakening
Better flirting
Better cooking
Better carpentry
Better tactics
Better silence
Better touch
Better light
Better technology
Better sunsign
Better blue ticks
Better mixing
Better chaos
Better mutation
Better round-tables
Better deals
Better excretion
Better burial
Better fertilization
Better moon
Better sun
Better fun

And It rhymed , thereby set for n number possibilities.
And realising there will be no plugin for Better love than one which happened 42 years ago & ultimately the most **** thing is not between legs but between the ears.
Confession line: Omitted better hi and better ciao for the best results.
s s f w s Jul 2017
Depicting the long woven
knitted fabric stained the kind.
Being human,
Being animal.
What's difference.
One be with ease.
Other tries hard to ratheripe ,
but poignantly fails.
Ain't those stains still good enough?
Nope right? No more blame games , so effectively cascading the right direction.
Iham param Sarvam bhadram
s s f w s May 2017
തിരുവസ്ത്രം എന്നു ചൊല്ലി തന്നതിനെ വലിച്ചെറിയുന്നു... Going ****
s s f w s May 2017
It's Not Your
Lips I Taste
When We Kiss.
It's Not Your
Corporal Odour
Salved To My Soils.
Its Your Subliminal Essence
By My Core Being Drenched.
Rooh aatma spirit
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