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May 2018 · 211
s s f w s May 2018
There appears expressions
On your face
Which actually are alien to you,
Which weren't meant to be bloomed any now or then.
Let the tales Bloom
May 2018 · 239
For Soulful Mates
s s f w s May 2018
We never respect those people who don't value their own words , Si?
Ain't that so?
Those people lack soul.
So this one for every soulfull mates.
Kisses and hugs , let the shoulders share the heat forever.
For Ever Mates
May 2018 · 1.4k
Etching Cycle
s s f w s May 2018
In a pornographic poem
ee cummings wrote
may i feel ,
Fell the nicest of the rhymes into
Brooks of sholas
Untidy caveman and lady in water
Heard the words in the streams
Though evaporated few from the stream
There stood ee Cummings on the banks
With the inks for liquid state
Somewhere he again stood
With the inks for gaseos state
Aftermath of reading the verses of sanity. And the Cycle continues liquid gas liquid gas liquid. Poem verses are heard by many , are being heard live and many to be heard. Embrace the moments Past, Present and Future . Prosper
May 2018 · 470
The Innate Trait
s s f w s May 2018
Erased from ancestral DNAs
Now they had forgotten violence
Above lines reffers to the tigers of nest in bhutan. Erasing Innate Traits are legitimately seen there.  Are they true creatures now or did they shedded down their truest trait . May be someday in ancestry they got the soul tormented to behave carnivore perhaps they never possessed those sharp canines in their fossils. For them atleast Hein hunger was the reason , so now tilt the mirror on us.....
May 2018 · 283
Bug fix
s s f w s May 2018
Tormented souled
Ripped off
Heart wrenching
Torned out
All got
Beaten up by
Cheer lined
Bug fixes
If you were given an opportunity to live back your previous day Will you live it much warmer and happier? How that would be dealing the Same stressful insane moments in a light way.
May 2018 · 550
Dom Dom Dom
s s f w s May 2018
Brook met brook.
Do you feel freedom mate.
Yeah much brighter freedom said the brook from halal chop-house.
Non-understandable to those who race for freedom. This verse can written in N different ways.
May 2018 · 353
Kinds of water
s s f w s May 2018
There are pleasant waters.
There are unpleasant waters.
The way you drink can interchange the feel of consumption.
May 2018 · 128
s s f w s May 2018
Wild Enchanting Twigs
Are dancing to Bursts of Bubbles.
Midst A Crucified Upper Half
Hanging Upside Down.
Imperishably dripping mono-wound.
Surrounding buds
Blooms and Sieves
In nick of time.
Roots are *******
Splash Of Violet Bloods,
Twigs emerge exponentially.
Ground gets replenished
With vociferous violet.
Bed of Falling Flowers
Drowns to Depth of Violet,
Fallen persists still
And bubbles are being emitted.
Bursts of fragrance.
Above the meadows
Air is Pungent,
And remains
To be continued .
Nov 2017 · 1.2k
Gender Box
s s f w s Nov 2017
Cisgende­r female
Cisgender male
Gender fluid
Gender non-confirming
Gender questioning
Gender variant
Gender queer
Non binary
Pan gender
Trans female
Trans male
Trans* male
Trans feminine
Trans musculine
Transgender female
Transgender male
Transgender musculine
Transgender feminine
******* female
******* male
Two spirit
"Turquoise green tertiary spirited Eskimo"
Tik Tok dolls
Nov 2017 · 1.3k
From 2057
s s f w s Nov 2017
For the sake of betterness or quickness,
The life is all about developing own customized extensions or plugins .
Better sitted pees
Better stand-up pees
Better view
Better trails
Better quality
Better quantity
Better pace
Better Understanding
Better likability
Better knowledge
Better green
Better pleasure
Better writes
Better disorientation
Better philosophy
Better stimulation
Better cycles
Better science
Better calculus
Better reads
Better rain
Better gulps
Better art
Better calendars
Better wilderness
Better awakening
Better flirting
Better cooking
Better carpentry
Better tactics
Better silence
Better touch
Better light
Better technology
Better sunsign
Better blue ticks
Better mixing
Better chaos
Better mutation
Better round-tables
Better deals
Better excretion
Better burial
Better fertilization
Better moon
Better sun
Better fun

And It rhymed , thereby set for n number possibilities.
And realising there will be no plugin for Better love than one which happened 42 years ago & ultimately the most **** thing is not between legs but between the ears.
Confession line: Omitted better hi and better ciao for the best results.
Jul 2017 · 120
Knitted Fabric
s s f w s Jul 2017
Depicting the long woven
knitted fabric stained the kind.
Being human,
Being animal.
What's difference.
One be with ease.
Other tries hard to ratheripe ,
but poignantly fails.
Ain't those stains still good enough?
Nope right? No more blame games , so effectively cascading the right direction.
Iham param Sarvam bhadram
May 2017 · 236
s s f w s May 2017
തിരുവസ്ത്രം എന്നു ചൊല്ലി തന്നതിനെ വലിച്ചെറിയുന്നു... Going ****
May 2017 · 637
s s f w s May 2017
It's Not Your
Lips I Taste
When We Kiss.
It's Not Your
Corporal Odour
Salved To My Soils.
Its Your Subliminal Essence
By My Core Being Drenched.
Rooh aatma spirit
Apr 2017 · 204
Haritha Stupam
s s f w s Apr 2017
From across the three oceans
and two mighty lands
She brought the saplings.
Noorjehaan is dead.
Chenar trees in kashmir
Announces her love for ages.
Will remain
Expression of love like wind
Apr 2017 · 138
Shadow of smoke
s s f w s Apr 2017
It was there.
It is not present.
Air looted the fields of epitome tranquility.
Apr 2017 · 378
s s f w s Apr 2017
Its so so long
There is no news aligned.
No-one cleared theirs throat,
Neither do i.
Only the memory persists.
Independence is a false motto
Oct 2016 · 271
Maaya kannaadi
s s f w s Oct 2016
Vision Through It
Everything Appeared
Fraternity kept the secret power of the shades away from me.
Oct 2016 · 332
s s f w s Oct 2016
He appears everyday with his sack full of brightest stars to seed 'em on someone's sky.
Sip aaswaadha
Sep 2016 · 760
7th Indriya
s s f w s Sep 2016
Our ears
Our nose
Our skin
Our tongue
Our eyes
Our nullness &
Our rewasudham.
When together
They only sense
The things
Meant for you.
I am you . You are me.
There are lot more organs that which remains undiscovered. Swaccham asthu .
Sep 2016 · 421
s s f w s Sep 2016
Above the garden
Clouds are forming
Nexts are rain
Then evaporate the odours.
hidden messages on clouds  , let them propagate
Aug 2016 · 307
s s f w s Aug 2016
Hike up the hill
There a piece of plane land
Rotate the view
Not you not me anymore!
Nothing else other than jungle does exist.
Aug 2016 · 841
Accept Mortality
s s f w s Aug 2016
Ain't that a sin
to make the body with soul Suffer
in the name of cure treatment.
Are they still believing its love
ain't that the only sin ever laid
to meridian hearts.
Aug 2016 · 765
Simple land
s s f w s Aug 2016
Shadow of butterfly wings falls off in seven  colours.
Aug 2016 · 398
s s f w s Aug 2016
Being sane with abundant insanity
Aug 2016 · 679
Xanthic Flowers
s s f w s Aug 2016
Poet daubed the corporal on the wings of carney
Wanderer dilettante soul lusted wild routes
Counted each the millimiles covered
Upside , unstrained , Unflaggingly.
Yon the valleys , epitome meadows and Hillsides
Beated around the alcoves amok
Ridges passed the marooned trails
Agape the flinged self flew spirited madrigals
Slowly rooted the tints into wilderness
True entity got superimposed to sylvan instincts
The obsolute shadow rigged the shooner
By dimension lengthier the time but shorter by grace
Grazed through and some toxic airs exhaled then pulled
Blinked all the roof to rugs
Remembrance of concrete boxes and intimate sidekicks
Cheap conflict wins to hit the ring
If body wins, wanderlust looses thereby path ends
Simultaneous call by consciousness and objection by eternal shadow
Only the body grazed the maps with pointers
Though insatiably leveed
Kept retention the coursing shadow
Yet remained damp , savaged the sylvan traits
Life was near but the abstainer failed
Wilderness abysm rejected the unfortunate physique
There appeared
Scorched canopies along wilted flora
Container flogged the shadow to a stultifying death
Physique deceived self the core truth
Existence thereafter without knowing the chance with eterna
Several followed the imperishable conflict trail
Roll of honour diminished by fourth dimension
Marked victories of featherbrains over pappus chambers
Only few sticked upto xanthic flowers
Raise up , were the victories thristled down?
Many knocked and still keep on knocking incarnations
Fine array of fossilized saturnine inhibitions
Callous attritions over altruism of succinct shadow
Flip sorties pariance spurts
"The stanchion to revet my sky" voiced the shadow
When it fails to differentiate a forest and oneself.

— The End —