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 Dec 2020 Hannah Christina
This way.
This dark.
This ugly.
This mean.

Wherever did you go, dear heart?
Where did you go?
 Dec 2020 Hannah Christina
Does the ocean know where its own heart is?
Or the sand their numbers?
Or the rain its downfall?
No, not at all
It doesn't think of such things at all
Your smile wasn't meant for me
So I stole it
A poem every day
i wonder
what i look like
in the eyes of strangers
in the eyes of acquaintances
in the eyes of friends
in the eyes of family
in their eyes
i could be stars shining in the night
or a sunset, full of color
or a dark, mysterious ocean
i wish i could see myself like they do
because in my eyes
i'm not good enough
for anyone.
I hate it when you sit behind me in class
    My neck hurts from turning around so much
A poem every day
Dawn of man,
Eden crumbles.
Dawn of destruction,
Man struggles

Evil inner battle,
Torment dispersed to all.
Evil outward release,
Even the innocent fall.

Two men at fault,
The world in one's hands.
Power exults,
Bow down as he lands.
Regret eats away at the mind,
As guilt eats away at the heart.

I have only the paper left by you, each line for line
in that perfect script your known for,  every word
so precise thought-out, telling, still, what could be
said, the damage now done, I was left unprepared to
have this note-from you-and like that; gone, all the
possibilities unfulfilled, the good, the sweet-the
what could have been's, your note left for me to read
in that  cursive font, so recognizable, right away, in your
do it that way style, just so you, prepared in ink, already
beginning to dry, your words blur, while I read each one
bleeding through  blue as the words , are lost I cry, watching  
as your perfection stated in cursive disappears, right before my eyes

by Michael Perry
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