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it’s quiet

your back is in the grass
hands playing with the blades
the sky above you
the wind dances
your eyes are closed
everything is slow
breathing so slow

there’s nothing else

no heavy heart
no overworked mind
no empty feelings
its quiet

and there’s nothing else
No heights can test
This smokey breath
Breathe out another jog and let

This heartbeat ache
Which throbs in pace
And patters like the dove and yet

To feel your feet
Guide underneath
Like oceans smooth with opal flow

Its warming breath
And pounding chest
This besting high you runners love
Vivamus ac procursu, Via
I can’t tell anymore.

Being outside                                                          ­                 Being indoors

   ***** laundry overtakes my drawers.two days dirt saturates my
  pores.texts and calls being ignored.avoidance of all commitment.
I’m scaring myself.
                                                              No­ one around to help, to witness.
            What to say of                                     i s o l a t i o n  
                                                             ­   If it gives me a different sickness?
#quarantine #COVID #isolation #mentalhealth
 Feb 27 Hannah Christina
The almond tree stands
in full bloom
looking at you
not saying
a word
of apology
The most beautiful light
Is the bounding brightness
Which leaps off of perfect snow
And catches high in the ceiling eyes alive

Such a vision will be forever alive in me.

See this?
Reflective snow makes the afternoons glow with beauty.
 Jan 30 Hannah Christina
The Queen
not dead
but dormant
for so long
So so long
already for a long time now
drenched with knowing
with foreboding
She lies still
but never unseeing

On this day
it is raining
On this day
what needs to happens

On this day
a hand
stretches out towards Her
shy but determined
A hand She knows well
A face She knows
so well
so well
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