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HanaB Jul 2022
I miss you for the days "we" won't be there.
I miss your warm hugs for the days we turn our back.
I miss your warm coffee and Nutella bread when one day I wake up and realize you're not there.

Don't leave, cause I want to not miss your warm embrace.
Don't leave, I love you.
HanaB Jul 2022
Every time I let you go,
I want you more,
I realize I love you like I haven't before.
Every time I hurt you,
It hurts me even more.
Every time I push you,
I wake up all night to wish upon a shooting star to get you back.
HanaB Jun 2018
Going back home,
Going back to your warm arms.
Those arms cover my cold soul
and lift me up from my misery.
HanaB Aug 2018
Now this is a new chapter ,
No I will write my new book.
HanaB Aug 2023
this little world of mine is getting cold.
can you give a warm hug?
I can't see clearly, are you here?
this little world of mine is really getting cold.
can you please come ?
HanaB Mar 2019
YOU, your love is great.
You cover me with your love.
You kept knocking on my door.
I didn’t open.
As I lifted my foot, You watched my each step.
You protected me.
You kept on calling me.
I ignored.
I kept looking for you in someone and something else.
I kept turning back from you.

You planted a thought in my heart to do the impossible.
I kept looking for you,
Finally, I went to you.
I went to your throne to question.
To throw fire at you.
But you embraced me with your Love.
You listened to my voice as I opened my door to you.
You shared me your love.
You talked to me .
You became my best friend, my fav.
Your love, your endless love amazes me.
HanaB Mar 2019
You, my only one
The one whom I look for
The one I will always seek for
Because you lift me up when I fall
You comfort me when I’m in doubt
You strengthen and encourage me
With you I can do anything.
Thank you Lord God
HanaB Jul 2022
I stopped writing paragraphs trying to make you love me  
Stopped begging
Stopped forcing
Stopped telling you how to love me when I only knew how to love you, not me.

And I started running away
I think about you everyday, I love you I still do but I love myself a little more now.
HanaB Aug 2018
the words filled with love,
I was overflowing with,
I didn’t know what to do with that wave
So I poured it all out word by word, with you’re warm arms guarded my heart
now my naked heart lies,
Stronger than ever it beats.
the thought that you will be happier without me.
Thr sadness I have that you left, will be underneath.
I will keep waiting for you,
I will rise up I will rise up, my heart and brain will blossom to something that you never thought to be.

Will you then warp your arms around me again ?
HanaB Jul 2022
I handle my own healing.
But when I need more than a paper and pen,
Then I know I’m going to a dark place.

— The End —