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May 2020 · 86
When can we
OupaGollie May 2020
When will you be happy?
When will you be satisfied?
When will you stop looking me in the eye?

When can I be sad?
When can I cry?
When can I stop telling my survival lie?
Jan 2020 · 91
What to do?
OupaGollie Jan 2020
What to do?
Listen to me or you?

They want me to stay the same
But I am filled with all the pain

Friendly to one and all
But this emptiness in my soul

Trying to find love
But told that THEY are not good enough?

Is the problem me or you?
What am I to do?

Try to move on
Meet someone new

What to do
When the person I love is you
Sep 2019 · 232
Old "Friend"
OupaGollie Sep 2019
It has been well over a year
and I had this sudden surge of curiosity

What happened to the person whom I called my dear?

Was she happy and living in prosperity?
Or did her life fall into hardship?

You have your dream job and dream boss
Your graduation must have put the cherry on top

Our friendship could have stood the test of time
But it was turned on its' head like the flip of a dime

I still remember our last words like yesterday
and it still fills me with great dismay

The person who drove us apart is nowhere to be seen
Is that how long it has been

I also see you found new love
I hope he makes you happy, my dear Dove
Aug 2019 · 87
The Pain
OupaGollie Aug 2019
Do you know the pain?
Do you know the strain?

A pain that comes from a compliment?
But instead it brings just torment

Being told that you are special
that someday you will make someone very happy

Being told that they never want to lose you
and then they just aren't interested

Trying to give someone your all
and then it just bounces of a wall

Shared a kiss with someone
and now they are gone

That is just life
You just have to find happiness in the strife.
Aug 2019 · 99
My mind
OupaGollie Aug 2019
My mind goes left
And then goes right

Why does this happen every night?

I promised myself that I would keep on trying
But in this moment I feel like dying

What was once my shining star of hapiness
Is now my black hole of darkness

My head tells me to move on
But can I really?

To my world I made a promise
Though that world has changed and is now my abyss

But it was still my world
And I hope it can return to the days of old.
Aug 2019 · 252
My Love
OupaGollie Aug 2019
Another day has passed
I pray this distance will not last

I love you and hope you love me
Next to you is where I want to be

Not today, nor tomorrow,
but for all eternity

I love you and hope you love me
Next to you is where I want to be

Not yesterday, nor the day before
Because today I love you even more

I love you,
and that is all I want to do
I wrote this a couple of months back and forgot about it until I found it yesterday
Aug 2019 · 975
Broken love
OupaGollie Aug 2019
My heart once belonged
But was thrown around an broken

It belonged to someone
whom I believed to be THE one

But that belief has been betrayed
By lies and empty promises stained

I am on the rough path of recovery
But I get held back by the memories

Oh I wish I could turn back time
and maybe, just maybe,
give us one more try
Aug 2019 · 130
Just hope
OupaGollie Aug 2019
Your life might not get better today or tomorrow
It is filled with pain and sorrow

But what about the day after?
Will it be filled with laughter?

Or will it be filled with pain?
And how long will it remain?

The only way to cope
Is to always have an sliver of hope

Yes you might not have hope anymore
Because you are fighting a constant war

I know you have been through a lot
But it is all part of a bigger plot

Even though your energy levels are on reserve
You will one day get what you deserve

Now is when you need love
To help you rise above
Aug 2019 · 241
My thoughts
OupaGollie Aug 2019
My thoughts are dark
I've lost my spark

My body feels dead
There is a war inside my head

A war filled with love and pain
But for me, there is nothing to gain

I feel cold
And am useless, or so have been told

Not by friend nor enemy
But by the one in the mirror

— The End —