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Feb 2019
I feel ugly when I can’t find the words to say
I left tomorrow for yesterday
It’s the pain and the strain that I smoke
Feelings get away
not one on my sleeve
With the wind, I blew away
any chance of us today
got thrown away
when I got sick
I wish you would hear these words
*** you were the first and last thing I lost
to what cost I blew you away
A sunset paints the day
But the moon can only reflect
that light in your eyes
herion brown
I could stare for days
but you don’t want me around
******* for not needing me
your seed in me still grows
and it shows
Broken lost confused
hearing voices, torture, torment pain
I wish I could go back to when I was sane
Nightmares too ugly to say
Thank god those passed
I did it, i survived, i got away
I don’t know how long it’ll last
I feel like death is ******* calling me
so I look at the past
It’’s my favorite past time
Let me tell you for the last time
i needed you
like I need air to breathe
Live on and be happy without me
I know that’s how it works
I hope your happy
I just want you to be happy
and when I die young
don’t cry or mourn
keep your eye on the light
and shine bright, breathe freely
Written by
George Greenbaum  19/M/Boulder, CO
(19/M/Boulder, CO)   
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