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 Nov 7 Frans
What made
us so beautiful
Is that we
were never
likely to happen,
And here we are;
to be oblivious
To the obvious
love waves
Bouncing back
and forth
our hearts
This thing
Is a never
ending start...
Where the moments
we are meant to share,
Are carelessly
forced apart.
I slip slowly down into the cool water of my creek
Letting the water wash over me
Yet it never seems to cleanse me of the sins of my past
So I write
I write to clean my soul, scrubbing off the darkness within
I write to wash out the foul taste of blood from my mind
Words flow from me like a waterfall stripping away the filth of a life of shadows
I write down all these things that make me *****
As I lift up from out of the waters of my poems I feel a little more clean
Like a life of misery hasn't soiled me so badly
I feel a little more normal
A little more like I could be worth loving
 Oct 25 Frans
Orion Lesneski
We've been best friends for eight years,
Now you have me in tears.

Your leaving today,
But I want you to stay.

Remember when we used to play,
Video games all day?

I consider you my brother,
But your making me suffer.
Look again beyond
the mountains.
I see you
standing between
the sea and
the sky.
Between the
depths of the
oblivion and
the firmament.
It seems the
sky and
the sea are
the same.
I'm loss for
a moment but
not lost.
The sun shines
through the sky
beautifully as you
shine in beauty
in the world.
What are you
searching for?
You truly definitely
don't know exactly
what it is.
I'm not confused
but just thinking.
After this,
you still look
for another,
you remain
gullibly insatiable.
Are you after luck,
love, and
peace of mind?  
Do not look
for it at
the other end
of the world,
otherwise you will
return disappointed,
bitter and desperate.  
Search on the
other end of
yourself afterwards,
in the depths
of the heart.
Maybe you'll
find it there.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme. All Rights Reserved.
The smile of
nature touches
the soul.
Nothing makes
the flowers
not to
share unreservedly.
Its fragrance
so endearing.
Their loveliness
appeals to the
eyes as they
unfold slowly
like the light
piercing softly
through the doorway
in the morning.
The morning
rain is beautiful,
and the flowers
are so grateful
as it cascades
so gently and
subtly so softly
on their tender leaves.
The flowers dancing
in the rain
at the sounds
of its rhythmic fall
to the ground.
The rain and
the flowers
having fun together,
as they await
the sunshine to
soon manifest,
for the cosmic law
fulfills all things
©®2019,Emeka Mokeme.
I don't understand,
but the things
you do
baffles me.

I don't understand,
but my life
mirrors exactly
that same things
you do that
stuns me.

I don't understand,
but the darkness
of the secrets
hidden behind
those eyes
haunts me.

I don't understand,
but even the
cloud speaks
of your stunning
beauty and your
beautiful heart
that marvels me.  

I don't understand
why I don't
understand the
things i don't
that confuses me.

I don't understand,
but the sound
of your heart
reveals the secret
of the love
and the hurts
you feel at
this moment.

But understanding
is all i
ever needed to
understand what
i don't understand,
right now.

Be understanding
with all your
In it there
is no suffering.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme.
There is always
healing for the
deepest wounds.
The hurts and
the pains of
the heart can
be definitely and
permanently healed.
This truth is eternal,
nothing is too
hard for the
spirit to reverse.
When you yield
totally and completely,
amazing things happens.
Do it now,
when there is
still time.
you will wish
you had started today.
Comforting and soothing
is the touch
and feel of
the blissful presence
of the spirit within.
Come and taste,
and see that
the heart where
the spirit dwells
is full of
love and tenderness.
It is invisible
and yet uncommon.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme.
I became an
electrician in order
to fix the light
inside your smile.
I became a driver
in order to
take you to exotic
and beautiful places.
I became a physician
in order to be
a balm of Gilead
to heal your
deepest wounds.
I became a chef
in order to take
care of your well-being.  
As an alchemist
i will transform
all the past hurts,
shame and mistakes
into gold.
I became a gardener,
so i can plant
beautiful flowers to
bring succor and
comfort to soothe
your soul.
I became a priest
in order to
draw out your
inner spiritual essence.  
I became a king
so you can
become an asset
to rule in my castle.
I became all things
in order to
win your heart.
I am so in love
with your essence.
®2019,Emeka Mokeme.
 Oct 25 Frans
8 letters
 Oct 25 Frans
I love you
8 letters
3 simple words
1 that could turn a wrong
Into right
 Oct 25 Frans
The moon danced on our fingertips
Clenched in our fists
If it wasn’t for this
I’d be hypnotized by your kiss
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