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Frans Jan 2
We have reasons for everything
But not all of those are valid
To hurt someone around us
Frans Jan 2
You are loved and worthy
You are all flawed and have been failed in different ways
But that does not make you less of a wonderful human
Frans Jan 2
Any kind should be respected
Dead or alive, let us put effort into it.
Frans Jan 2
Life is a big misery
That makes us wonder how it works
That leads to beautiful uncertainty
Frans Aug 2020
A four wall corner
That we used to hate to go to
Are now gone

As well as the facade of buildings
That we used to ignore and just pass by
Are now nothing in our sights

As well as the traffic jams
That makes us agitated everytime we’re stucked
Vanished like a strike of lightning

All because of mankind
The mankind that God unselfishly made
But some of us are destroying it little by little.
Frans Jun 2020
Butterflies fly in the meadow

While you are watching from a distance

Like how you watched him
Just a random haiku haha
  May 2020 Frans
Ileana Amara
when youths fall in love,
some venture a lifetime worth
of a love story to tell,
from youth to centenarians,
love never seems to die
love never seems to imbalance,
'til death do they part, with a happy sigh.

but some youths fall in love,
and venture young tragedy
losing themselves for temporary happiness
but who are we to take these away
if love is such a beautiful thing
that makes living life more worthy.

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