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503 · May 2019
Ten Words Poem - FMRT -
Frans May 2019
She's a girl

that hides

her potentiality

in the World.
440 · Apr 2019
- FMRT -
Frans Apr 2019
I am his
Only his
Wanna know why?
Because I want to
He never take me for granted
Especially in times of my vulnerability
He lift me up
He let me talk to him and spill all my imperfections
Yet he still there and never judged me
Nor left me hanging
Even at my worst state
I am thankful that he didn't gave up on me
I am grateful that he let me realize that the world is just a battle ground
Where faith is an essential
That makes you stronger than what you think
He's always there for me
No matter what that keeps me going
And I am forever thankful for what he've done
And his name is GOD.
Frans May 2019
You're my Origin
Aside from Almighty God
I love you Mommy
I love my Mum. Soooo much☺
340 · Apr 2019
Chivalry is Dead - FMRT -
Frans Apr 2019
You're my Angel in Disguise
Yet you also serve as my Downfall
I thought you're my knight in shining armour in this world full of evil cavaliers
You let me fell in your trap
A trap that makes my heart beat faster
A trap that makes me in prison without bail, and
I thought your different
But you just prove that Chivalry is Dead.
296 · Jul 2019
Over Thinker - FMRT -
Frans Jul 2019
I was and still walking

Half running and walking

In a spacious and dark dimension

Build in my head

With my buddy called Overthinker
Frans Apr 2
Trees are bigger than us

Oceans are bigger than us

Sky is bigger than us

The World is bigger than us

But those are just a dot to him and his name is God
What I’m trying to say is nothing is bigger than him. If we will just pray to him to let him cure us from this virus called COVID 19, nothing is impossible because he is the Almighty creator of everything we have right now.
245 · Aug 2019
Note this☺
Frans Aug 2019
We only die once
But we live everyday
Frans May 2019
I idolize you

Yet you don't know me too well

I hope we bond soon
227 · Oct 2019
You - FMRT -
Frans Oct 2019
Heartbeat beats so fast

Don't know why

But there's someything in it

That says because of you.
226 · Sep 2019
Human II - FMRT -
Frans Sep 2019
We commit mistakes

Don't be so ******* yourself

We aren't perfect

But we can make things right

Because we are HUMAN
hey whatever you are feeling right now, its okay. Its okay not to be okay. Its okay to say no sometimes. Its okay not to make things right. We are all HUMANS after all. If we will not experience FAILURES, REJECTIONS, AND LONELINESS, We will never be strong enough to conquer the new ones that is bigger than us. But always remember that we have a God that is Bigger than anything else. Smarter than anyone else and Punctual than anyone else. So let him hear what your heart desires and problems and he will help you in the most unexpected way that you can imagine.
219 · May 2019
Haiku - FMRT -
Frans May 2019
Every step you take
I will be there, I promise
But, where's that promise?
A promise that always fades as tme goes by.
A promise that not only for romantic relationships.
202 · May 2019
Haiku 1.2 - FMRT -
Frans May 2019
Let's go partying

Today is my Man's Birthday

Happy Birthday DAD
Today, we will have a double celebration. My Dad's Birthday and my Mum's Day. So let's go partyinggggg haha
Frans May 2019
One day
Two days
Three days
Four days
Five days
Six days
Seven days..

Its been a week since my arrival
Yet it feels like Im still in my wonderland
It feels like I'm in a cloud nine
Where there are all white
Shining and Shimmering
I am confused
Sate my curiousity

It feels like the heavens answered my prayers
I bumped into a young gorgeous girl
She introduced herself to me
She enlightened my crowded mind
She speak so finess and classy
I think I'm floating
I am floating because of her

She told me Im in a Paradise
Where worries, problems and sadness do not exist
She told me to come with her so I did
Every step I take
I feel the lightness of my being
I feel like a free bird
She led the way with smile on her face

Once we stopped, I was mesmerized
I eyed them with wide eyes
A tear roll down from my eyes
They are in a form of circle
They are beaming at me
They are all Angels
With God and his son Jesus Christ at the center.

God called me
He said come on my child
Welcome to my Heaven and Earth.
When we feel anxious, or so much sadness, let us just remember that God is eyeing us here to lead us in his Holy Land.
174 · Jun 2019
Conversation -FMRT -
Frans Jun 2019
A conversation can save a life

Maybe it's not that easy to make one

But when you do,

It can make you feel good to make it longer

Especially when it is senseful and poetic.
Frans Jun 2019
Sleeping late at night

Highlighting the words of every pages

Your instructor has given

To study for the upcoming examinations

Are so much worth it

When all your grades are higher than your expectations

Viva My Almight God!
Im so grateful because I just saw my Grades in my Acads and its a good sight to see. Thank You God
163 · Sep 2019
Frans Sep 2019
We're all tired
For everything that exhaust us
In every corner of our lives
That pops up in the most unexpected way
149 · May 2019
Appreciation Post
Frans May 2019
I am so thankful

For discovering this site

Discovering this creative site with wonderful minds and creative ideas

Such an angel in disguise for letting me showcase what I've got in the World.

I am happy with my poems and your poems too.
143 · Jul 2019
Life - FMRT -
Frans Jul 2019
I love life
But it makes me unlove it
Then later on I love it again
Why is life so complicated?
142 · Jun 2019
Exhaustion - FMRT -
Frans Jun 2019
It is an inevitable feeling
No one is exempted
Either your in High, Middle and Lower Class.

Don't let the stressors of yours consume you
Don't let them made you feel you're alone
Because you are not indeed alone

We are billions and still counting
Be brave, take a break and let your echaustions go
So if they can, You too.
Frans May 2019
I was and still a silent reader

That wish I could write too

But now I am not just a reader

It feels nice that I can finally say

I am now a Reader and a Writer.
120 · Nov 2019
My Every's - FMRT -
Frans Nov 2019
Every teardrops
Every whimper
Every over thinking
Every what ifs

Will lead to big smiles
Will lead to laughter
Will lead to genuine happiness
Will lead to what will be

Every situations that we are in will always lead us to what God planned for us to reach his holy land with strong heart and devotion to him.
114 · Aug 2019
Anxiety - FMRT -
Frans Aug 2019
Do you think I want this?

Do you think I didn't change my mind?

To have a healthy mental health.

I did it several times

Its just that anxiety come and go

And mind you

I'll never be ready for its arrival in my mind and soul.
110 · May 2019
Dreams (A Haiku) - FMRT -
Frans May 2019
I will chase my Dreams
Whether you like it or not
I can and I will
We can all chase our dreams as long as we don't give a **** about what others will think about our business and as long as we have faith in ourselves and to our Almighty God.
108 · May 2019
Surreal - FMRT -
Frans May 2019
So close yet so far

Your a daydream

Yet also my nightmare

Why is that?

I was born without you

Yet it feels surreal

When your nowhwere to be found
106 · Sep 2019
Simple Reminder - FMRT -
Frans Sep 2019
Don't forget to smile

It will lighten up your day

Keep your smile always
104 · Aug 2019
Savior - FMRT -
Frans Aug 2019
Your words are sharp yet mending

That enter my soul

That makes me enlighten and become crystal clear.

You're my all and savior Jesus Christ.
94 · Jun 2019
Boys - FMRT -
Frans Jun 2019
Boys will be boys

That's the saying

They say nothing is constant is the world

But why is that saying became very constant

We should grow up and learn things differently

Coz, as days goes by

Our faith and ourselves will be our constant buddy.
90 · Apr 2019
Have I Told You? - FMRT -
Frans Apr 2019
Have I told how much he cared for me?
Have I told you how tight he embraced me?
Have I told you how punctual he is?
Have I told you how he always enlighten me from everything?
Have I told how many times he saved me from myself?
Have I told how he helped me from my struggles everyday?
Have I told you that he forgive me from time to time?
Have I told you that he turns my weakness to my strengths?
Have I told you how he do things in control?
Have I told you how full of wisdom he is?
Have I told you how he push me to my limits
To discover something in my self?
Have I told you how many times he got disappointed in me because if my sins?
Have I told that he is also hurting  everytime I did something wrong?
Have I told you how it pains him everytime he saw me in pain as well?
Have I told how kind hearted he is?
Have I told that he is my man?
Have I you that he is my savior?
Have I told you that he is our Lord, Jesus Christ?
89 · Dec 2019
Enlightened - FMRT -
Frans Dec 2019
She is caught up in the moment
Of her sufferings
She doesn’t yet realized
That there is so much more to be thankful for
Than the things that she cried for

She was enlightened
When she talked to him
She was ashamed
Of what she’d thought of him

She was saddened
Because she didn’t know him better before
That‘s why simple things matter to her
Because she knows that Almighty God have plans for her
86 · Nov 2019
The Blend - FMRT -
Frans Nov 2019
Sky's color are blending

Like my emotions every second

But mine's not a good sight to see

Because no one noticed it cause the blend is inside me with the colors of blue,yellow and gray
84 · Jul 2019
Miss Dependent - FMRT -
Frans Jul 2019
I am no one
Until you came
You make the unknown in me
To be known

You let me step out of my comfort zone
You let me feel things I've never felt before
You let me became dependent on your presence
Now I can't go back to what I used to be without you

Coz Im dependent on you
81 · May 2019
Haiku 1.1 - FMRT -
Frans May 2019
He is the Home Post

He will always be my Man

He's my Forever
81 · May 2019
My Thing - FMRT -
Frans May 2019
Do not judge my thing

Because it is my own thing

Do you get my thing?
P.S. A kinda funny Haiku....for me hahaha
81 · May 2019
I - FMRT -
Frans May 2019
I am who I am

Being liked is a bonus

I'm proud to be me
80 · May 2019
Crowded Mind - FMRT -
Frans May 2019
Quiet mind of mine

Full of thoughts of  whatever

Its my crowded mind
78 · Aug 2019
She is lost - FMRT -
Frans Aug 2019
I am lost
In the battle field that is made by God
I am loosing the enlightment I have in me
I am so lost

Do not know what to do
Nor where to go
I don't also even know who am I now
I am so lost

I am in the ravigne
That no one can help me but myself
My mind is surrounded by a lot of stressors
I am so lost

I am an individual
That is lost but no one took no notice
Maybe she's a good pretender
But inside, SHE IS SO LOST
76 · Jul 2019
Mask - FMRT -
Frans Jul 2019
My eyes glowing
Like there's no tomorrow
It makes everyone think Im so cheerful

But they didn't know its a mask
That hides my self from them
To save myself from pitiful looks and treatment
76 · Jul 2019
Frans Jul 2019
I am grateful

Then later on I am lonely

About the happiness that was blew

By the wind in my head

That came along when I overthink
74 · Jun 2019
Music - FMRT -
Frans Jun 2019
Music is also a poetry

That has tone and sound

They express both unsaid thoughts and feelings
73 · Jun 2019
Water - FMRT -
Frans Jun 2019
A natural resources
That is needed by all beings
Humans, animals, plants and soil
Are all water dependent
72 · Jun 2019
Earth - FMRT -
Frans Jun 2019
The place that you're at is bigger than you think

Adapt, Have Faith, Work Smart, Work hard

Are the key to survive

In a place called World.
72 · Jun 2019
Twinkle Twinkle - FMRT -
Frans Jun 2019
Twinkle twinkle little stars

How I wonder who you are

Up above the sky so high

Twinkle twinkle little stars

How I wonder if you're here

Make my eyes twinkle as yours
72 · Jun 2019
A Dream - FMRT -
Frans Jun 2019
A dream is a dream

If you'll not chase it

And if you'll not stand on your own
70 · May 2019
Not a Poet - FMRT -
Frans May 2019
I'm not poetic

I'm not a fan of Haiku

Yet I enjoyed it
68 · Jul 2019
Frans Jul 2019
It is all good now
Then something will come along
To make your smile fade
68 · Jun 2019
In Between - FMRT -
Frans Jun 2019
The cloudy sky above

The cement you are stepping at

And you in between

A wonderful sight when you're with me...

while holding my hand so tight.
67 · May 2019
Firsts - FMRT -
Frans May 2019
You entertain me first
Yet you're also the one who left first
Are you that cruel?
You're the first one who breaks the ice
Yet your also the one who build it up again
Why didn't you you have to be the ice breaker in the first place?
Frans May 2019
I will believe him

I will let go and let God

Plan things I'm meant to
64 · May 2019
Just Me - FMRT -
Frans May 2019
I am not into likes, heart, comments nor retweet

I am into expressing my feelings in words

I am into letting my emotions flow through a Poem

I am a fan of vague vocabularies

I am enjoying learning new words, new selection and new ideas

I am a fan of deep poem

I am a girl that stan creative works full of extraordinary ideas beyond mine.
63 · Jun 2019
Fooooood - FMRT -
Frans Jun 2019
A necessity that will not vary

A good that will always be needed

No matter what happens
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