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I love you, like, every time,
I love you in every place,
I'm telling you this, just in case.
After the Big Bang
There was a Big Pizza,
Probably with pepperoni,
Maybe without cheese,
Because the Universe isn't sticky.
A narrow desert road,
Full of stones,
Is what I usually need,
When I am alone.
I would wake up
And walk the road,
Throwing the stones
Into the sky,
Getting better.
And after all this,
I would write you a letter,
A beautiful letter, full of laugh,
And so my day won't be tough.
Let's have a conversation,
And let's go from there
Together somewhere,
To a beautiful place,
Where everything's fair,
But let's have a conversation.
I love you.
- Me too, I think that I'm ok.
So you can stay.
My body, very terrible.
the shape.
Demon comes in
and crazy time.
take the sleep,
for the wake-up time,
feel like cheery boy.
love is sweet,
love can ****

love is poisonous,
love can heal

love is

love can
make you
in sane
or insane
Copyright ©️ 2020
you inhale tragedies
and exhale poetry
From where do you get your perseverance?
I came to terms with Mondays
many years ago,
don't like them but know we've
got to have them,
they're a bit like headaches in
that we're glad when they've gone.

I feel the same way about Tuesdays
and Wednesdays,
Thursdays are ****
but by Friday
I get it
feel the buzz
and buss that itch
the weekend flies by,
the only hitch
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