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What an unfaithful little liar,
why couldn't you just love pure.
All you caused was this fire
that we had to fight and endure.
Love true, love honestly
Still I think of an old habit, that I had once made to inhabit, it developed quick as a rabbit.
                              With how fast the crimson would flood, with mountain of tissues soaked in blood, as my body is tossed in the mud.
                                       In all honesty I still miss the rush, the gush,
                                                  That silent shush.
        But I'll keep my word,
Though i might be a flightless bird,
    I can still be beautiful even with the scars, is that so absurd?
As you go to sleep
Counting every sheep
Till you're falling in deep
As you've fallen fast asleep
Dreaming a world with gleam
And with hills made of ice cream
Oh take me with you as you start to dream
Being naive is undeniably more blissful,
Better than this self aware nonsense
I want be a dog I don't care
Far from Me, far from Sea
  Gone from Pain, gone from Gain
   Close to Smoke, close to a Choke
     Coming to High, coming with a
       Solemn Sigh.
       Beyond Trying
       Beyond Everything
       But most of all I'm
       Beyond Trying Everything
Levels that went unchecked,
were left to harshly fluctuate.
You say It's just all chemicals,
and that I'm only very distrait.

I start to feel like a test subject,
as you experiment different pills.
Just trying to fix my chemicals,
so maybe I won't feel these chills.
There's beauty in broken things
Even light has to be fractured to make color
Made from the fabric of broken dreams
pieced together in this effortless jiffy
as to hide the truth behind these seams,
that way no one could never even truly see
how my eyes have become a grayish blue.

I've lost control over what I can show,
merely a puppet with a cruel puppeteer
misleading me to think I have free will.
Trying to find a motive in this quiet torso
which isn't reassuring me that I'm alive,
so I could survive a battle that's all uphill.
But is going onwards still what I owe?
I'm guessing so, fighting away the night
mercilessly as they've been trained to ****.

No ears hear these smothered screams
or can ever tell if I'm feeling quite iffy,
for their too clever with their schemes
as I will always be letters from being free
and seeing this life from a brighter view.
When dreams are so vivid,
all my memories get rigid.
As I don't know which are real,
but nothing has ever been ideal.
So I'll simply write about thee
As I sip my confusion smoothie.
I may have stagnant waters now,
And I know I'm not always needed.
As the waters slowly reach my brow,
Truly I just want to flow unheeded.

Terrified to open up the floodgates,
Careful not to **** the town below.
The inevitable day calmly awaits,
Lonely as I live in my own shadow.
The only way your demons can hurt you,
Is if you let them break your will and surrender.
But if you keep fighting you shall never perish,
You'll find each one fall with a single slash.
And that you're stronger than any of your demons.
Trust me when I say you're stronger when you truly believe in yourself
In kindergarten we learn the alphabet,
We color and make terrible art,
And that sharing is caring.

In 1st grade we learned bigger words,
With the worst thing we had to worry about,
Was yet a simple spelling quiz on Friday.

In 5th grade we learn numbers are confusing,
And learn about the planet we live on,
We find out why the moon goes away.

In 6th grade we learn about morals and sorrows,
As we're quickly taught the horrors of our history,
Of all of the pain, torture and lost of life we caused.
Honestly such a jump in what we got taught in school
Sitting in my silence of solitude,
I won't spark a conversation.
Won't fight if I'm the exclude,
I'll be fine with this isolation.
I know I won't become that focal point,
For I'm much too afraid I'll disappoint.
I'm not that shy in actuality, mainly just afraid of letting people down
Slithering sparks slicing the darkness in two, it makes me shiver.
Off in the distance is another storm I'll have to weather,
but it's okay I'm a striver.
Because if I catch even a glimpse of that beauty,
I can stand though even the strongest storms.
Endings a new Beginning
Beginnings of an End
Is it all a loop
Or just a straight line that never Ends
Ending of the world
Or just the End to Yours?
Just the Preamble
Or now the Revolution
I'm not sure of much Anymore
But I'm sure of a Thought
That this is the Ending of Worlds
Emotions sinking too low,
so I'll let the needle burrow.

Deep into my bloodstream,
a quick fix is your scheme.

When it's happiness I need most,
think I may find it in a lethal dose.

We take, inject, smoke and drink,
for it's much too tiring to think.
Slit the veins of truth,
see all of our ugliness
spill from this society.

That stole my youth,
as darkness hit my eyes
with fear and anxiety.

Please end all of this grief
and let's show loveliness,
maybe live in coalescence.

Our lives are rather brief
so can't we all be allies,
Isn't love life's essence?
I slightly opened up to you
but your face of smiles
turned to a face of tears.

That's when I knew that's
all you could ever know,
for the rest surely ****.
Walk upon a star to lands increasingly far.
Their lights shine though my skin, healing darkness deep within.
Wander though the abyss, never asking them to assist.
Words can't reach me anymore, touches fade furthermore.
Glance you sharp looks, they attempt to pierce your ego.
Chased by too many crooks, so maybe it's my time to go.
So there's your final goodbye, I'm now falling to the sky.
Grab my hand for I'm drifting farther and farther up, till the sky eats me alive.
Pushed over your boiling point, when the water finally hurts the ones you love.
When your fight or flight holds you at knifepoint, trailing you along with a push and a shove.
What is your response to such a statement, surely you still have your morals.
Is your humanity also in need of a reinstatement.
I never thought I'd see the fall of Humanity, as my thoughts step warily on syllables.
Scared to cause a sound, I need to remain not found.
Because any man is far scarier after the fall of humanity.
Empty stores
Bare shelves
Bruised cans
Hate crimes
New deaths
Continuous cases
Shunted halt
Crashing economy
Fear left people in a shear panic
Panic left people feared for their lives
The worst of times pulls on the worst of our souls
Bring the light to someone's hidden dark world
Fear leads to panic, panic feeds on fear, anyone in the crossfire be dammed.
It's up to each of us to call a cease fire
before no one's left to write in our history books
Endless stringing fumes, pitter patter of a fruitless place. Fed by the doubts, in fear from shouts. Discovering all your pretty hue's, does this heart share the same face
                     Treat my flaming heart that burns and churns for more passion, cut it to pieces and make it whole, because it's all
                              getting too dull
Devour me
Discover me
Swallow it all
Show me it all
                  Sing a song to my heart
                    Sing a song to my soul
                      Dance with my flame
                      Dance with my name
Just don't let my fire falter
Keep it growing
      Keep my flaming heart for me, I don't need it back just yet dear
You've tricked everyone else,
Yet you couldn't trick yourself,
Isn't that the truth to lying?
That the one telling fibs,
Could never be their own fool.
You were the purest savoir from that forgotten night, the saddest sight, is that of fractured light.
Stolen from the light,
Trapped among the night,
Everything's flight or fight,
Everything's just out of sight,
We all face the struggles of trying to get it right.
We all have something we're trying to get right.
Run though the alleys in my mind, running from these distorted thoughts. Should be careful to what you might find, for I am a misleading bright red gleaming apple. Polished on the outside, but slowly decaying on the inside. Never be too certain when you bite a gleaming gilded fruit
Between the shadows of our minds comes the answers to all of our questions
I felt so truly disemboweled when
I was told that my little sister
Won't even be given the chance
At life or to explore the world
Never to laugh and smile or
Would never say my name half correctly
Can't help but feel like I was gutted
We fail life's great expectations
As we doubt our own thoughts
Falling short because of all these
Limitations and hesitations
One day I'd just be forgotten
By everyone and anyone I know
Deleted from all their minds
To never be thought of again
That is what I fear the most
I start to ponder the grim
On particularly slow days
That if I can't be here to stay

Just thinking with a simple whim
That the sun will still shine it's rays
Life would go on If I were to die today
We're scared
Of Dying
Scared of


Because­ we can't quite
yet predict the weather.
But we can surely put
two and two together.

And we know
we must mend.
For our story has
to have bitter end.

But we'll try to
set out a plan.
Live our lives
best as we can.

Till that one day
we greet death.
Finally breathe
our last breath.
Why do we fear
the inevitable?
When I can't comment on your small talk and I feel dumb
When I can't feel anything and pain becomes numb,
Wondering if I even have free thought.
Wondering and questioning if iRobot?
When up is down,
left twists into right
Green burns brown,
day becomes night.
I'm walking on the ceiling
confused by everything.
Feeling that I am unfeeling
as I don't know anything.
sdᴉๅɟ ʍouʞ I ɔᴉɓoๅ ǝɥʇ uǝɥM
op oʇ ʇɐɥʍ ǝɯ ๅๅǝʇ ǝsɐǝๅꓒ
Up above and far away
Is where I wish to go
Not in this burning astray
Stuck turning into snow
But guess I'll keep my hopes high
While I get lost amongst the sky
Living in only a miniscule millisecond
then of the universe's forever lasting life,
receiving all tortures just as reckoned
for where we are has so much strife.

Before your neurons can even fire
or your brain could process anything,
It's too late to save this situation so dire
and keep this soul you're worshiping.
Just a fraction of time in the end
Thinking I have made the best moves
keeps me in an unmoving progression,
of attempting recovery on ground lost
from precipitous decisions I've chosen.

Trying my best yet nothing improves
since I still haven't given a confession,
the one that I'm alive but at what cost
till I do I shall remain forever frozen.

So won't something, anything,
motivate this stalemate I'm in.
I'm need merely a violent shove
to be something I undreamed of.
When it's been pouring heavy all day
then this feeling comes and always befuddles.
A couple cuts to make demons obey
rather I should jump in some muddy puddles.
Or is the pain supposed to put me place?
But no longer will I be at their disgrace.
You can attempt to live your whole life perfectly, try your best and show commitment in everything you're passionate about, spend years planning your future and setting up your life.
But it's really scary to know everything you ever strived for can be lost in one unfortunate day.
Just one day is all it takes.
You only need one reason

To stay alive that is

Sometimes it may be large

Or it may be small

But a reason always gives you purpose

We're all worth the same

Despite fame, politics, and other nonsense

That in actuality doesn't matter

You are you and only you

And you will never happen again

Don't take your beauty away

Because the fact you exist is truly beautiful
You're beautiful in so many ways you don't expect, keep breathing please.
And stay strong even when you don't know when this storm will end.
Never knew what the night would bring
when I'd sink to the bottom of everything
as it slowly cracked my mind to pieces
then all these urges crept in the creases
causing yet another careless bloodstain
because I could only think about the pain
Nothing feels quite the same
  and it's simply horrifying.
When happy endings aren't in surplus
Because some people will lose I suppose
I'll start to question my purpose
Trickling raindrops
         Falling teardrops Rising in thunder
     Shoulders begin to shudder
        To the striking light that flies
To the silenced cries
                     A window tightly shut
An ever hollowing gut
          Now the curtains are drawn
    For I'm just another lost swan
Lost another one of those fights
          Lost to another one of those
                Rainy Nights
Lost in the rain, I ever so slowly begin to breakdown
Can we ever fully be sane
  Cause to live in the now
     Is so very much insane
Selflessness comes from sacrificing
Your time and your best effort
You don't think you just do
And you do because you care
For you care about their well being
So that they might live a little easier
Because life's really hard by ourselves
And It means so much when someone is selfless
Ashamed to see how much selfishness this world has
Lost at sea is when I heard you singing
Among many shattered rocks she laid if as a sleeping fox.
Putting me into her terrible trance with that graceful glance.
So distracted you lead me to my own doom.
Eventually we all get tricked by a siren or two.
Late after we've all gone to bed
I'd always find myself awake
With my ears being mistreated
Didn't mean to hear evils spill

I tried my best to go to sleep

But each night tears were shed
I heard everything slowly break
When daddy admitted he cheated
Then mama could only shrill

Yet all I wanted was sleep

Once more daddy had gone and fled
Left mama to feel the same heartache
Because history had surely repeated
As it was that night life lost it's thrill

Then I cried myself to sleep
Struggle awake, restless eyes.
Arms begin to shake, fix on my disguise.
Walk beneath my toes, legs attempt to fall.
Tired of thinking If anyone really knows, giving up on it all.
Talk though half spoken words, treat your ears to all my lies. Seems as if everyone is sharpening their swords, even still laughter flies. Exhausted from being, wanting to fade away. Questioning what I'm feeling, before what I'm feeling sways. Engulfed by my bed, left to be forgotten.
Except for the voices in my head, because in the inside I'm rotten. Close my eyes for the final time, my tune has chimed for my
sleepless eternity
A rabbit hops happily

               In this lively forest,
                  ­       Right into a trap

                                Now surely doomed.

But only the rabbit's at fault

For moving too fast,

And oh so confidently

The rabbit is snared.
Oh my dear don't cry
Even though it's so cold
And the trees are bare

Hold out a little longer
For spring is on it's way

With leaves and flowers on the standby
Given the beauty mother nature foretold
Soon the sun will bring warmth to share
Whether if they're easy
or perhaps only cloudy,
yet still persists the possibility
some consumed of immobility.
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