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Oct 2017 · 198
The Reality Of It
Fey Torres Oct 2017
You take my breath away
You suffocate me
Jun 2017 · 223
Fey Torres Jun 2017
I only come here now when things seem to be going bad.
Hi, it's been a while.
I didn't think I would be back in this place
I didn't think that I would be feeling this way
It is truely mesmerizing how much i want to make myself believe in something that is not there
It truely is ******* unbelievable how I love to be treated this way
Like the " I know I don't deserve this" girl who always go back to the same sick ****
It's me
I know I should've wrote
I'm thinking about being on my own
I don't feel bad about the idea this time
It would be better than where i am
Im in the middle of a fog
I just need to forward a bit more
I'll be okay
It's time I give up on "What will be"
Start believing what is
You know?
It's time
For me
To leave
This behind
It is time
That is what it is
Oct 2016 · 323
Old love letters
Fey Torres Oct 2016
You should read
The love letters
You sent me
Turns out they're full of lies
Fey Torres Oct 2016
You broke me into a billion pieces
You threw me
Im broken into a billion pieces
And I can still say that I love you
It will take me a long time to find myself
And probably a lifetime to put myself back together
Even after that I will still love you
I will love you forever
I will love you after all the pain
Because when I said forever
I meant forever
Aug 2016 · 301
He's back
Fey Torres Aug 2016
Its you again
But so significant
My tears
Its back
The hatred
The regrets
The disrespect
Jun 2016 · 320
Fey Torres Jun 2016
I accept that I am my own person
   I accept you are yours
I accept I can only influence
   Not control
I accept change
   I accept experience
I accept what can't be
   I accept what I've done
I accept the past the future and the present
   I accept that I'll always love                                            unconditionally
I will accept life and how things need to be
Something given...
Jun 2016 · 235
In this dimension
Fey Torres Jun 2016
I've gotten to accept the flaws that reflect upon looking at my own flesh
I've grown immune to feeling self concious
I never do
I find that my crooked nose and funky smile
Are so oddly beautiful in a certain way
My eyes sit deep noticeably dark and hollow
The wierd scars the dent and jump throughout my skin
I assure you im not full of myself nonetheless feel any uncertainty
Oh but inside of the shell im destined to live in
Is the most important, sacred, strongest thing of all
A soul
Still so beautiful nothing could change my mind not the time nor the age
Or the eyes that will never know the definition of love and beauty
Mar 2016 · 574
Time doesn't exist
Fey Torres Mar 2016
We've made up something absolutely insane
When I come across the word time, it resembles routine.. to me
It does not symbolize dawn, morning, afternoon, evening, night, midnight , twilight
I used to live a life where time was everything
I must finish school at a certain 'time'
I must have independency only for a certain amount of 'time'
I must fall in love after I've become 'successful' which takes 'time'
I must go to work and work and work for a loooooonnnnggggggg
If I don't finish school now,
they say I'll never do it.
because I won't have 'time'
If I have kids now I'll never live life
god ******* ****
what the **** is time
time is a ****** up concept
and I've realized that
I will do things whenever it feels right
because whenever it feels right is the right ******* time to do it
Not when someone with the ignorance to believe In time tells me it's time
Jan 2016 · 439
Mi amor
Fey Torres Jan 2016
Me beso
y todo se me olvido
Fey Torres Oct 2015
..... And if you leave me today I'll have nothing to say but to me it will always be an unfinished happy ending....
Sep 2015 · 282
Fey Torres Sep 2015
Why is not the question I should be asking
I cannot ask why I am going through such a hard time
I cannot blame others or the forces of the universe
I cannot blame god,
I mean I don't even believe the guy does miracles
I cannot ask why
Simply because there is no answer.
I must ask how? How will I get through this?
loosing the positive fey
Aug 2015 · 3.3k
He's my favorite person
Fey Torres Aug 2015
When you're here... its okay if I'm under a bridge,
it's aright if I don't fit in
life's amazing and my heart goes crazy!
When you're here I don't need money
I don't need to feen
When you're here I'm so complete
As much as I try my brain won't fool my heart
You're not here
we're far apart
I'm alone
My soul knows there's no place like home
My legs search for another pair in the dark
I fall apart,
I cry, and cry
My pillow keeps me company tonight...
You mean so much to me
Jul 2015 · 611
love is like a seed
Fey Torres Jul 2015
love is like a seed
any seed
if you bring the sunlight
I will bring the water
the seed will flourish into the most beautiful thing,
the most delicate thing
if the sunlight dies out
there's only so much the water does for the seed
it wont longer flourish as beautiful
it will no longer be as strong
slowly it will start to die..
love is beautiful
Jun 2015 · 828
Fey Torres Jun 2015
Even when I'm having the busiest day
I find time to think of you
weird huh
Jun 2015 · 352
Baby, please
Fey Torres Jun 2015
It makes me laugh
when you don't think your charms are enough
It cracks me up
when you think I could possibly love another
I laugh hysterically
when you question my honesty and loyalty
I can laugh so hard that I start to cry
when you ask me if I love you
are you ******* kidding me?
I feel more than love for you!
you're one amazing dude
my prince charming
Apr 2015 · 2.3k
Fey Torres Apr 2015
The life inside of me lingers out of her body searching for you  
She's only breathing not living
She's holding on with every bit of faith, with every bit of strength
She promised you she will wait
As long as it takes
Without you, her soul will not be the same
Together our souls will suffer and together our souls will conquer
And if in this life things don't go as planned in another we will meet again
I miss my Soul Mate ❤
Mar 2015 · 373
Fey Torres Mar 2015
I might have took the wrong way
There were no signs on display
This path didn't look any different than the other
So how could I have taken the wrong path way ?
You were there in the intersection
You were going to guide me through,
Somehow I lost you and I now there's no path to choose
I have to keep walking as the path closes behind me
Where am I going ?
When will I be able to choose my way? I can only see an eternity
I can only feel me
I can only hear my heart pounding
Mar 2015 · 583
I need you
Fey Torres Mar 2015
My head Is heavy
My brain is aching
I'm cracking
Surely slow and steady
I'm in Process of destruction
in so much need of construction
With every crack moving wider
I'm loosing peace going suicidal
Dec 2014 · 498
I loved it
Fey Torres Dec 2014
He wrapped his arm around my back...a little lower than usual
My chills already met my neck, and oh god I hope this isn't crucial
I think I want to let it happen
I won't let it be a habit
My heart racing fast beat upon beat
My knees fall weak when our breaths meet,
His big brown eyes staring straight into mine
I'm letting his hands slide..
Only to see, what so interesting?
He whispered to me "Are you ready?"
Like the rush of my blood running through my veins
The girl in my head told me I was insane..
I let him in, I did it anyway.

And I loved every single part of it.
Dec 2014 · 512
The Bottle Of Lust
Fey Torres Dec 2014
It burned as it went down my throat,
It was warm when It settled in
It was a rush when it finally hit me
But by that time you were in glory
Vulnerable to anything
This is not me
My blood flushes through my body faster than ment to be  
losing control, enjoying this lust
Maybe who I was isn't really who im supposed to be
I want this to be me
Oscar was here
Nov 2014 · 1.4k
Me & Her
Fey Torres Nov 2014
My heart is alone
Not lonely
My hands on my lap feel lonely
Not empty
My lips seem dry
Not thirsty
My soul waits patiently
but it won't forever
The girl inside me knows better
She comes in to take her place
Enters pure and strong
In the tiny tunnels she quickly begins to transform
This useless, ****** up being into an astounding piece of art
and the girl outdoors slowly transforms
Her soul will no longer be patient
Your love was not love
The hurt had her aching
She's gone she's vanished
She's became sovereign of her Universe
Oct 2014 · 281
You might not be gone, yet
Fey Torres Oct 2014
How do you sleep at night ?
that's if you make time for sleep,
Do you ever stay up thinking about me ?

Hey dad, its me
number 13
Your baby girl but not your last baby indeed

Hey dad, I'm about to be 17
Would you recognize me ?
Ill take the birthday wishes now since I know your schedules not clean

Hey dad, you're getting old man
always thought you had it but instead you've lost the chance
the chance to raise an infant into the beautiful piece I now am

I will admit, I would have never been this strong if you wouldn't have left so I thank you for the hard strong women you've planted and spread,

Hey dad, just know I'll still be your friend
I'm sorry your funeral I will not attend
but your soul won't take too much more time to say amends
this poem is for you, rest in peace my poor old man
Who knows if I'll ever know when he goes..
Sep 2014 · 212
Fey Torres Sep 2014
If the time wouldn't have been now
maybe to me he'd be different
I might believe that he and I were meant to be
my blood might pump a little faster and my knees would most likely get weak
If the time wouldn't have been now
id be blind to see
the desperate need of love from me
id be obsessed with what he could do to me

— The End —