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Mar 2016
We've made up something absolutely insane
When I come across the word time, it resembles routine.. to me
It does not symbolize dawn, morning, afternoon, evening, night, midnight , twilight
I used to live a life where time was everything
I must finish school at a certain 'time'
I must have independency only for a certain amount of 'time'
I must fall in love after I've become 'successful' which takes 'time'
I must go to work and work and work for a loooooonnnnggggggg
If I don't finish school now,
they say I'll never do it.
because I won't have 'time'
If I have kids now I'll never live life
god ******* ****
what the **** is time
time is a ****** up concept
and I've realized that
I will do things whenever it feels right
because whenever it feels right is the right ******* time to do it
Not when someone with the ignorance to believe In time tells me it's time
Fey Torres
Written by
Fey Torres  In my dreams
(In my dreams)   
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