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Sonia Feb 2019
Lucky are those
Who are inspiration
For poetry.
Sonia Jan 2019
"I'm okay", I say
As I secretly die inside

Okay is a word
That I now use
To describe every single one
Of my emotions

"I'm okay", I say
Even though
On the inside
ONLY on the inside
I am hurting
My heart is broken to pieces
And I feel
Like there's no chance left
For me to get over this

"I'm okay", I say
But on the inside
I'm bursting of joy
My heart is back
Like how it was once
Now it's whole once again
Because I met someone new
And even though it's gonna be broken soon
I wanna enjoy the moment
"I'm okay" is a lie we all tell
Sonia Dec 2018
I miss the days....
When all I had to do
Was scream your name
And I would know that
You would be there
In less than a second
Because you would never leave my side

I miss the days...
When all I had to do
Was say I had a nightmare
And I would use that as an excuse
To cuddle with you
In bed

Those days are gone
And now I have to wait
For you to show up
You tell me that
I'm old enough to face my fears

I don't think
You realize
That I'm growing up
And I need you the most
Because I'm facing
Everything I'm introduced to
Sometimes, you don't want to grow up

— The End —