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Nov 5 · 10
Escape Nov 5
Some people are like light.
Even when at war
Within or with life

At peace and chaos
They are a path
Illuminating bright
As spectrums unfold, may you find your favorite piece of you.
Nov 2022 · 309
Escape Nov 2022
Daisy times, daisy crimes.
Hope you're fine.
Nov 2022 · 1.5k
Escape Nov 2022
Iced, flakes
Lavender - this sky
Up, over, beyond, around
And inside

Dawns a deep desire

Such is the whisper
Such is the sight
Of a beautiful, beautiful
Substance pleochroic, darling mine with care
Jun 2022 · 323
Escape Jun 2022
You can, shall, and will have it all, love.
Just take care of the heart you carry, the heart I adore.
Feb 2022 · 549
Dripping pain
Escape Feb 2022
Letters, possessions
Word from the core
Banks of hope
Butterflies, smiles
Want for more
Hold the world together
Care, a gentle stroke
Reminders, heights
Gold, truth
Love, elude
A life
Deep under the sea
Resist gravity.
Skipped a beat
Three in row
Dec 2021 · 243
Escape Dec 2021
Standards are sick.
Nov 2021 · 879
Too naive to know.
Nov 2021 · 783
Escape Nov 2021
A delight
Something in this frame

Isn't quite right.
Nov 2021 · 262
Flickers of you
Escape Nov 2021
Orange, red
And a fiery blue
There's a sun I know
Who beams to protect,
Shines to slow
The sky
From its fated arrest
Nov 2021 · 133
Escape Nov 2021
Just in my dreams.
Just in my dreams.
You are.
Just in my dreams.
Oct 2021 · 82
Escape Oct 2021
Pages between
A blank that drowns
Hours to count
Someone at distance
Someone who knows
Someone unaware of the blanks that surround
Of the blanks i count
the blanks more loyal to you than to me
Oct 2021 · 109
Escape Oct 2021
treat you more
be me less
i follow the heart
only to regret
Sep 2021 · 19
Escape Sep 2021
So, I don’t keep tracks
Not today, not tomorrow
The sun rises around
And sets all the same
But I don’t keep a track
Not tomorrow, no more
I see it come to me
I see it drain out of me
I don’t know what is this way
But it is to somewhere
For at least
I know what not to do
Where not to go
I know where not to drown
What not to show
I know what not to hold
I don’t keep tracks no more
Sep 2021 · 96
the panic
Escape Sep 2021
over and board
didnt and see
not and yet
doomed and fret
new and tomorrow

intruding disdain

steal for the rise
quiet sunsets
darling, i bet.
Sep 2021 · 73
Escape Sep 2021
hell and back
and its burning
burning for more.
souths for me.
i walk still.
Sep 2021 · 726
Escape Sep 2021
i made it out alive
you left me alone
all alone to die
i will always remember yesterdays evening
yesterdays night.
maybe you should know
Sep 2021 · 210
Escape Sep 2021
It makes my heart stop
It makes my mind numb
I almost seize to exist
Forget to breathe
If for a second
The thought of you distancing
An inch away
From the far corner of that edge
Away from my sight
Away from my grasp
Away from the hope
That someday I will cross this distance
I will make it to you
Someday I will have all of you
And maybe
Just maybe
If you would like
I will offer all that i am
All that i have
And maybe this would be more
I love you so much it hurts.
Aug 2021 · 145
Escape Aug 2021
Is it the weight
Is it the calm
Either way
You're going down

So sit.
Hush now.
No point rushing now.

And watch,
Just wait and watch.
You're calmer when you sleep.
Aug 2021 · 51
Escape Aug 2021
i miss you.
More than I miss myself.
Aug 2021 · 421
Escape Aug 2021
Aug 2021 · 314
Escape Aug 2021
i sometimes wonder
what if you knew
you're my alarm
I come here.
I go back there.
But you're everywhere.
Aug 2021 · 693
Escape Aug 2021
restless today.
if anything at all
it's you, i think.
Aug 2021 · 39
Escape Aug 2021
I woke up today
Checking off yet again
Another day
With you
Running away.
morning, its okay.
Aug 2021 · 385
Escape Aug 2021
ahh. well.
My good God

What are you.
I love you.
Jul 2021 · 352
do me a favor.
Escape Jul 2021
wide and deep.
Jul 2021 · 371
Escape Jul 2021
I see.
Makes sense.
Now, go on.
and give me some more please.
Jul 2021 · 215
Escape Jul 2021
And worth.

Thats okay.
i wouldve filled it all up.
i want you because.
Jul 2021 · 832
Escape Jul 2021
the sky.
the land.
the rocks.
the sand.
the waves.
the water.
the air.
the rain.

they do not know.
What they have.
and what they hold.
Just like you.
Jul 2021 · 57
Escape Jul 2021
Favorites make you mean
If you do not want to be.
guess, i figured.
Jul 2021 · 137
Escape Jul 2021
The truth is
Its always been milk and honey

The truth is
It's always been too sweet
So delicately layered

The truth is
The rage, these storms
Are destined to fade.
A blur in past.

The truth is
The roaring oceans
Never heard back
And will never hear back

The truth is
Their depths
Begged direction
Something honest
Something heartfelt

The truth is
It's all still just as is
The truth is
It's all still just as was
The truth is
It's all still just as will be

But the tragedy,
Ain't none too thirsty.
Buckle up, honey.
Jul 2021 · 734
Escape Jul 2021
Jul 2021 · 45
Escape Jul 2021
Moments when you feel the weight
Moments when you feel fate.
Moments when you know this isnt right
Moments when you're the only sense
Making my world bright.
I live for the latter.
Jul 2021 · 116
Escape Jul 2021
A way across.
A way around.
No dont

stop it, will you?
Jul 2021 · 188
Escape Jul 2021
Replicate - You can only try.
Haha. All hail, please.
Jul 2021 · 130
Escape Jul 2021
I wish existing was simpler.
I wish loving was raw.
I wish talking was easy.
I wish respect wasn't a thing to ask for.
I wish acceptance had a place.
I wish understanding wasn't a weakness.
I wish there was room for trying.
I wish there was more freedom to living
Than there is to dying
I wish there weren't any of these rules
I wish it was okay to not be okay.
I wish all of this was more than just words.
I wish the words were actually us.
I wish I could write to you.
I wish I could speak my heart to you.
I wish you were here.
I wish
I wish I could have more of you.
I wish I could love you.
See it all comes down to you. Unapologetically.
Jun 2021 · 339
Escape Jun 2021
Falling apart
Blaming everything
But myself.
They're all just mirroring it.
Jun 2021 · 116
Escape Jun 2021
There's this color you loved
From the very beginning
A color you cherished
A color you hated
A color that made you put your brush down
A color that made you want to paint again
A color that was the whole of your painting
A color that had a place for me but only in it's shadow.
In it's domain.
Not like me.
But for you.
I could.
I would.

Maybe. Just maybe if you were sure.
Jun 2021 · 86
Escape Jun 2021
Too little,
Will **** it,
Too much,
Will spill it,
Why am I worrying though
You're just fine with
Or without it.

At ease, perhaps.
And I'm glad for you,
It's for your best.
Jun 2021 · 124
Escape Jun 2021
To comply.

Trust me, I tried.
Jun 2021 · 291
Escape Jun 2021
First thing.
Last thing.
And in between,
Jun 2021 · 335
Escape Jun 2021
Sometimes blessed
And sometimes
Just wrecked
But dont you panic
We got this
You and I
One way
Or another
Apart or together
Surely, a forever.
Jun 2021 · 147
Escape Jun 2021
You dont have it
The way i do
And dont question me on that
For i know
because it hurts.
And it shows.
But do i care? No.
Jun 2021 · 139
Escape Jun 2021
Today was terribly mean.
Jun 2021 · 373
Escape Jun 2021
You remind me of me sometimes
And of all the things that i wouldnt ever be

and Evolving.
Real. To the core.

And i love it.
Jun 2021 · 363
Escape Jun 2021
To everything ever,
To the universe,
To everyone,
To the world,
To life,
To death,
To you,
Thank you!!
For the little that is much!! I miss you!
Jun 2021 · 345
Escape Jun 2021
I like myself a little on the edge,
When im thinking.

Thinking of you.
Jun 2021 · 299
Escape Jun 2021
Your color
Your energy
Its embedded
Deep within my memory
I just dont know from where
I just dont know from where.
Jun 2021 · 167
Escape Jun 2021
Just that way.
Yes it is
Its terrifyingly deep
Maybe new
Maybe not
Just exploring
And not afraid
No explanations. No more.
Jun 2021 · 119
A War Within
Escape Jun 2021
Three, four, five
How many times?
Darling, you aren't perfect
You are something
Beyond the line
Morphed in so
By time
Strengthened by so,
Your own rhymes.
Jun 2021 · 132
Escape Jun 2021
Teach me.
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