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Young, is what we all were at some point.
Growing rapidly is what our parents say.
Boy meets girl.
Girl meets boy.
They become friends.
Then become more than friends.
Three years later celebrated prom.
Year after that Graduation.
They get lost into college and find other fish in the sea.
Decades later A high school reunion.
young is what they were. middle aged is what they are now.
Boy finds girl, and the girl finds the boy.
Tears of joy seap out of their eyes as they hug.
Tighter and tighter.
The bond is strong!
when years turn decades.
I know this is not a poem but I want to say what has been on my mind of the longest time. And this goes to anybody with a hurtful attitude even me, the one who though take she could never do anything wrong. well, guess what I was wrong.  I never thought about the outcome of something  until it happens. Stealing money from my dad was the must hatful thing I  could ever done and then having to guts to lie about it. It hurts you so bad and it will eat your insides completely.
In the bible the KING JAMES BIBLE VERSION. it says nobody will know the time or the hour. when will he be here? I answered that question. John 15:14 states "Ye have not seeked me, I have seeked you" Jesus knew what he was doing when he created us for a reason. Jesus knew what we are thinking before we even was created. he knows are ever move.

I am done for now but here is the main thing. If your name is not written in the lambs book of life, I am truely sorry my friend but you wont go to heaven. Trust in him and call apon he Jesus Christ for forgiveness and ask Jesus to come into your heart and take control over you.

Amen. Jesus Christ be with you ALL!!!
I am willing to help you get saved let me know.
Glad for him.
A huge fight that we just had.
It was only for 3 months.
I don't really care.
TO bossy and Controlling.
Maybe I will find the right one soon.
or later...
Was Coming to an End.
Was going into a war.
Was falling apart.
Was spacing farther away from the sun?

what do you think?
I think it's coming to an end and Jesus is coming back to take us home Soon.
She walks with the lord.
In the Heavens
On the Clouds
In the Mountains
In the sky
In the light
She walks with the Lord.

She talks to the lord.
She blames
she smiles
she laughs
she cries
shes happy
she is Joyful
She talks to the Lord.

She Hears the Lord.
She speaks
he speaks:
words of prayers
Words of wisdom
Words of praise
Words of Joy
She hears the lord.
Sometimes you just got to pray to him until he speaks
  Jan 2021 Emma Grace Coomes
It's better to live free from
the memory of love than
to be its prisoner in life.
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