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3.8k · Nov 2015
The Phoenix
Kyle Janisch Nov 2015
Perched upon the tip of the volcano, the Phoenix begins to spread its wings.
Villagers in the town below see its magnificent beauty and begin to sing
"Oh Phoenix above oh so high, spread your wings so that they may graze the sky"
"Save us from the demons that plague our minds"
"Remove this unwanted darkness and replace it with light"
The town’s people chanted this song in hopes that the mighty Phoenix would indeed answer their prayers.
But alas the Phoenix had plans of its own.
It did in fact graze the sky with its sun scorched wings, but failed in removing the townspeople's demons.
Again and again the townspeople sang praised their mighty God, but still no answer had rung.
The mighty Phoenix perched upon its throne had spread its wings and began to fly
Out of the townspeople's vision straight into the sky
A mighty explosion burst through the clouds and everyone in unison let out a cry
"What was that? Did our god die?"
Unsure of what truly happened the townspeople began their chant once more
"Oh Phoenix above oh so high, spread your wings so that they may graze the sky"
"Save us from the demons that plague our minds"
"Remove this unwanted darkness and replace it with light"
As they finished their prayer, something happened so instant
The demons had fled and the light poured throughout the land and into the distance
The people cheered, some started to cry
For the mighty Phoenix sacrificed itself for their lives
Tales of this beast soon spread without warning
Passed down from generation to generation
So that all may hear of the creature that saved the people from themselves
So that they may never again live in fear of both their minds and the unknown that lived in the darkness
They started a new chant in honor of their savior
"Oh mighty Phoenix sacrificed itself for us"
"Flew into the sky so that we may live fulfilling lives"
"We honor your death by helping one another begin to flourish"
Shortly after the death of their God the townspeople moved to a new land and started anew
With the Phoenix living within the heart of every single person
Just as the townspeople were leaving their village
A small child looked back and began to say
"This chapter of my life has come to an end"
"And soon a new chapter of my life will be written"
"I'm afraid we will no longer be together you and I"
"For you cast yourself into an explosion that shook the sky"
"Goodbye my dear guardian, may you rest in peace"
"When we get to our new home, we will honor you with a feast"
The townspeople went to live their lives now renewed
Au revoir my dear reader, for this is the beginning of something beautiful.
1.4k · Apr 2016
The Meaning of Life
Kyle Janisch Apr 2016
What is life?
It’s whatever you want it to be
Its trigonometry, geometry, and philosophy
Its happiness, sadness, and every single emotion, you see?
Life is filled with excitement, enlightenment, and greatness indeed
But what is the meaning of life?
It’s whatever you desire it to be
1.1k · Jan 2016
Cherry Blossom
Kyle Janisch Jan 2016
Flowing through the wind
Gently gliding in the breeze
Once perched high above
Now magnificently falling before my feet
Little petals, bearing shades of red
Fall from high above
Land calmly onto my head
Warm breezes guide them
All across the land
It’s cherry blossom season
And I wish it would never end
1.0k · Nov 2015
Are We All The Same?
Kyle Janisch Nov 2015
If we are all the same
Then why do we place the blame
Into the arms of the undeserving
The ones who need not to pay
If we are all the same
Why do we try to be different?
Why not be alike
Share our humanity
Help one another
Keep out of reach from insanity
Are we really that different?
Or are we really the same?
I’ve always figured that the things that make us different
Is the way we play the game
679 · Nov 2015
Irreversible Decisions
Kyle Janisch Nov 2015
I am on top of the world oh so high
Living without a care or tear in my eye
I am a happy, carefree soul
Who wants nothing more than just to end it all
I stand here now atop of a stool
Noose tied around my neck, Ready to fall
The end is coming, I hold it in my hands
The thought of my death excites me beyond belief
I'm ready to throw away this horrendous life filled with nothing but grief
Here it comes, here I go
My body once filled with warmth has suddenly gone cold
I am now free from my prison
The taste of death bittersweet
My body now hangs from the branch with nothing but earth below my feet
I did it, I won, and I finally prevailed
Or perhaps I made a mistake and instead I had failed
It appears that I had made a decision much too hasty
For this blood in my mouth is no longer tasty
I regret death and now yearn for life
I mistakenly chose darkness when I really wished for light
Now I have nothing left to do but document my mistake
With hopes that it is read so no other soul suffers the same fate
So long world for we are no longer one
My old journey has end and a new one has begun
671 · Dec 2015
Love Thyself
Kyle Janisch Dec 2015
Girls be out here saying things like
“I need a man that will treat me right”
“Buy me nice things and tear it up all night”
But then pick these scrub *** homies
Who only know two words
“Bruh and *******”
I get it it’s hard to find someone who love you for you
But never sell yourself short
Always stay true
To yourself and everyone you encounter
Make sure you put yourself first, before anyone else
Let your true self out, don’t keep yourself perched on a shelf
Remember to pick a guy who will love you for you and no one else
But also make sure you will love him for him and no one else
It takes two to tango
So make sure you’re ready to dance
656 · Nov 2015
A Foolish Father
Kyle Janisch Nov 2015
Come here son
And let me begin to tell you
How your life is filled with nothing but sin
You think you’re so great?
You think you’re so wise?
You think you can fool the world with your beautiful eyes?
Well you can’t and you won’t
So I’ll tell you what I’ll do
I’ll create a special place
Filled with nothing but doom and gloom
I will place you there
For all of eternity
Where you may never leave
Where you will spend all you days
I will send others there
So that they may join you
Where they will suffer at your hand
This is the task I place before you
You will punish the wicked
But will not be seen as a hero
Humanity will curse your name
The one I have placed upon you
Lucifer they will cry
You will be the last thing they hope to see when they die
You will be what they fear
Religions will rise out to smite you
Praise MY name
And use it to fight you
My son is what you are
Your father is what I am
But in this lifetime
Your happiness is a sham
650 · Jun 2023
Kyle Janisch Jun 2023
I feel your presence lingering behind me

An old feeling rises to the surface

Reminding me of who I used to;

604 · Feb 2016
Astrological Prophicies
Kyle Janisch Feb 2016
I met a man today, old and brittle, I could tell he was filled with knowledge of this world, he had answers to the questions that I was still asking. I walking by when he stopped me. “Young man, may I speak with you for a moment”?
“Certainly, what can I do for you”?
“I understand you’re still young, but could I ask you a question”?
“Have you discovered the meaning of life”? “I mean your meaning of life, the one specifically designed for you”?
“I think so, yes”
“Would you explain it to me”?
“Well, I think I was placed in this world to make people happy, I’m not sure why, but I feel that this is my true purpose. I love making people smile and laugh, I love bringing joy to all, young and old. I can’t explain it, but I get this feeling whenever I accomplish this goal, like it was written in the stars. I believe that is my true purpose in this life.”
The old man began to smile as soon as I finished my story and instantly stood up and hugged me.
“Young man, your story has made me very happy, I can tell that you will bring joy and happiness back into this world”
“Thank you, but why did you stop and ask me this question when you could’ve asked any other person around here”?
“There was something about you, I feel as if it was written in the universe that we meet, call it our destiny to meet each other”
“I feel it too, almost like déjà vu, thank you”
“No need to thank me, but rather thank the universe”
As he finished, he got up and began walking away, continuing on with his journey through life. Was it written in the stars that we met? I’m not sure, but I’m glad we did. Perhaps he was some sort of guardian angel, sent to make sure I realized my true purpose in life. I suppose only the stars know the future.
Now I begin my journey, to restore joy and happiness to the world which has become filled with sadness and hate, for this is my mission and always has been. I feel as if I’ll see the man again, but only time will tell.
The future looks promising, just as the universe has always had planned.
584 · Nov 2015
Patience is a Virtue
Kyle Janisch Nov 2015
Where will I be tomorrow?
Where am I today?
I do not know the answers to these questions
They leave me in dismay
But I do know this
Grey skies don’t last forever
Sunny days will remain
But if you hold a shred of doubt
Things will never change
So where will you be tomorrow?
Where are you today?
Do not trouble yourself with these questions
Just let destiny pave the way
580 · Oct 2016
I Am Nobody
Kyle Janisch Oct 2016
I am no one and will forever be no one
I am but a figment of your imagination
Traversing through life unscathed;
And unharmed
You see me and you hear me;
But you do not acknowledge my presence
Ideas worthy of admiration
Yet you do not care
I change for the better
Unrecognized talent best describes it
Forever I will be a nobody
This is my fate
Please will someone acknowledge me?
Before it is too late
580 · Aug 2016
I Am Me
Kyle Janisch Aug 2016
Hello reader, it is I
The writer
I want you to see my world and how I see it
What it has done to me
I want you to know
How my father left me when I six;
Or perhaps I was seven…
Nonetheless he’s gone, never coming back
I want you to see how when he left;
My mother put down her free will;
The little that was left;
And picked up a crucifix, hoping a false prophet will provide answers
I want you to see how this pain inside me grew;
Turning into depression, a nasty beast it is
I want you to see the sharp metal I dragged across my arm
How it tore up my flesh and shook me to the core
I want you to see my thoughts
No matter how dark they are
How suicide gripped my psyche;
And how I wished to make it reality
How I wished to float;
No longer longing for gravity
I want you to see how I recovered from such nasty thoughts;
And how it was no small task
How I received no false courage from a bottle or a flask
How I learned to tame my demons
How I keep them at bay
How I use writing as a source of release
How I learned ******* myself without actually dying;
And how I rebuild myself every single day
Wishing to be better
I think I finally am
For I am no longer a child, but not yet quite a man
I am nothing special, or perhaps I am
This matters not to me you see
All I’m grateful for;
Is that I now realize;
That I am me
579 · Aug 2016
Dominant Species
Kyle Janisch Aug 2016
Happy faces and false smiles
A strong glare, promoting dishonorable intentions
Fake handshakes, not bearing truth;
And corrupt minds corrupting others
Ones that were once pure, stained with defeat
We are easily persuaded
Overthrown and defeated
We are human beings
Claiming we can conquer a planet
How can we do this?
When we can’t even conquer ourselves?
512 · Apr 2016
Home Sweet Home
Kyle Janisch Apr 2016
Enter my mind
Tell me what you see
Does it enlighten you or frighten you?
For this is the question to be
I allow you to enter freely
To roam about
Please don’t bring your depression
For that is hard to get out
Do not bring negativity
In any shape or form
For I must ask you
To leave that at the door
This is my sanctuary
My place of peace
I would not enter your home
With intention of defeat
Abide by my rules;
And you may enter as you please
Forsake my soul;
And it will be yours that I eat
506 · Oct 2016
The Rift
Kyle Janisch Oct 2016
As time goes on, I can feel it leaving me behind. Caught in-between the rift I struggle to tell what is real and what is not. The world is a blur as I move at the speed of light. I am frightened that I will never catch up. I am frightened that I will never be able to tell what is real and what is not ever again. Why is this happening? Why am I losing my grip on reality? My days grow shorter and it’s impossible to tell when they begin. Immense pressure placed upon my head. It is being crushed by the rifts of time and soon I will perish without even knowing why. Time has consumed me with intentions of never letting go. Trapped in-between when I only wish to grow.
504 · Dec 2015
A Heart without a Beat
Kyle Janisch Dec 2015
What’s the point of being alive if that’s all that you are?
Just alive, but not living, well that’s no way to be at all
You were given the gift of life, yet you waste it away
You might as well give it to someone else who put it to good use
Someone who is not afraid to seize the day
Blood pumps through your veins, imagination fills the brain
Yet you would rather just waste this gift
Just the thought of it drive me insane
Go out and be someone who isn’t afraid to dance
Don’t just sit inside while the world goes on
You don’t want to miss your chance
487 · Apr 2016
Invisible Man
Kyle Janisch Apr 2016
I just want to know you
I just want to be friends
I want you to acknowledge my existence
Know that I matter
Feel the way about me that I feel about you
Notice me
You’re so cool;
And I’m so me
Won’t you open your eyes and see
That I’m someone cooler than me
It’s okay
I understand
I wouldn’t want to hold my hand either
I just want to tell something that my change your perspective
I love you
And I will always
483 · Dec 2016
Let Me
Kyle Janisch Dec 2016
Let me dream
Let my mind be with the stars
Let me be the outlet for your pain
Let me be what keeps you sane
Let me lick the blood from your lips;
And the rythm in your hips
Let me be you;
Because I could never be me
Let me be your moon and your stars;
The thing that keeps you afar;
From the dark within
Let me be your sin
Let me be your saviour
Please, just let me be;
Everything I couldn't be
465 · Nov 2015
An Unexpected Death
Kyle Janisch Nov 2015
I walked through the woods late last night trying to make my way home. A full moon lit up the night sky casting just enough light through the trees so that I may see the path. I had taken the shortcut through the woods many times before, but tonight left me with a eerie feeling that trembled by bones and shook my soul.
It was exceptionally cold for a summer night and I had a feeling that I wasn’t alone. I was about halfway through when I heard rustling in the brush and laughter that appeared to come out of the heart of the forest. Terror now plagued my mind and body. I wanted to run to the end of the trail so that I may reach my destination sooner, but a strong feeling of curiosity overcame me. I began walking towards the laughter when I saw a light beaming through the trees, it appeared to be coming from a fire. As I got closer to the light, the warmer I felt. It was without a doubt a fire, but who this pyro was, was beyond me.
I approached an open area with which the fire was held and I crouched in a bush so that I may get a better look into the open field. Six shadowy figures danced around the bonfire chanting words that held no meaning to me. As terrified as I was, curiosity was still the stronger feeling and with that I continued to watch this bizarre ritual. The shadows turned into bodies, female bodies to be exact. They were as bare as a tree in winter and a sudden rush of excitement coursed through my body.  I leaned in closer and closer until I fell forward out of the bush. The six naked strangers instantly turned in my direction. Laughter erupted from their mouths and they started to walk towards me. I jumped to my feet and attempted to run, but it was no use, they caught me, tied me up, and knocked me out.
When I finally woke up I noticed that I was still *******, unable to move or set myself free. One of the women noticed too that I had come to and approached me with a curved blade. She was speaking a language I didn’t understand but it was either Latin or some other dead language. Instantly I had gone from ******* in the corner of the open brush to ******* to a stake in the center of a pile of wood. All six women bean dancing and chanting yet again, then the same girl who approached me with the curved blade repeated her actions before. A sharp pain ran through my side as the women drove the blade into my flesh, her fingers prying my flesh open as her fingers entered my body and as they left so did my kidneys. Wincing through the pain I saw she and another girl consume them and they began smearing my blood on their arms and bodies. Another girl came near me, holding a blade that took the appearance of a lightning bolt. She too tore through my flesh, only this time she took my liver and she too consumed it, also smearing my blood only this time it was on her face and *******. The last three approached me, but this time only one possessed a blade. This one looked like a snake and it too entered me. She ran it straight into my chest, starting at the collar bone and ripping down below my breast. The other two girls pried my chest open, while the girl in the center, who I believed to be the leader of the group, tore my heart out, also consuming it, only this time she said a prayer in the process and did not smear my blood on herself, but instead had the other two girls smear the blood on themselves. Life was leaving my body, I was shocked that it hadn’t left yet. Finally it left and I was out of my misery.
The strange six lit the pile of wood, setting my body ablaze as they continued to dance and chant. A deep rumbling began, as if it was coming from the deepest depths of the Earth. The ground ripped open and a figure rose from the schism. Its skin black and red, as if it were scorched beyond repair. It released a growl so deep, dark, and loud that it shook the heavens and awoke God itself. Unfortunately the God of light was not here, but the Prince of darkness stood in its place. The dark lord approached the six women. “Take us master” they all said in unison, and so the dark prince did. Collecting them all in one fistful, he began to consume them.  The Prince crawled back into the mighty gaping hole in the Earth, it closing in the process. The unholy night finally passed.
Morning approached and a cool breeze blew my scorched remains, still tied to the post, into the sky. No one was present to witness the horrors that occurred the night before and no one will ever know the tale of darkness walking on Earth. My body may had suffered a grisly punishment, but my soul now resides in paradise. The Dark Prince that plagued the land only hours ago, currently resides in his unholy kingdom, never to return to the land of the living.
450 · Jan 2016
Lost in the Tide
Kyle Janisch Jan 2016
As I leave this world;
And enter another
I must first crossover the river of death
The River Styx they call it
A ferryman stands idly by;
Waiting for new souls, lost souls
To guide across
I approach this guide, with hopes that he will guide me across
Into new light
Or maybe he will guide me somewhere else
A place that’s only purpose is to provide fright
Onwards we go
And as I look down into the cold river
I see lost souls, their purpose only to find their way
But alas they are trapped
In a realm in between ours
Not quite at peace, but not in agony either
Maybe they will find what they seek one day
And as the ferryman helps me cross over these souls
I can only hope that I do not end up in their same predicament
As I grow closer to my destination
I can see the light
And soon we will cross over into the grand unknown
Maybe I will finally know peace
Maybe I will finally have a home
The Ferryman had other plans though
For he tipped over the boat, leaving me in the icy cold grip of the river
Now I am forever lost, among the other lost souls
My journey is now over
The river is now my home
I succumb to the darkness
My only purpose now is to forever roam
It’s funny how I once pitied the souls;
Lost to this river
Now I am one, gone without a sliver;
Of hope, my body, now cold and forgotten
I forever serve my punishment
Simply because my heart was rotten
443 · May 2016
Forsaken Queens
Kyle Janisch May 2016
Sugar, spice, and everything nice
These were the ingredients to create the perfect little girls
But then a few extra ingredients were introduced
Sexism, self-hatred, and abuse
These were used to control these little girls
****, *****, good for nothing
Useless really
We are now creating a new reality
For these little girls
No longer so little
Stand not on the left or right
But were placed in the middle;
Of a war
To destroy who they are
Now grown women
Full of self-hatred
Need to be set free
A new mentality must introduced
In order to save all of humanity
439 · Aug 2016
Cold Hands and Warm Hearts
Kyle Janisch Aug 2016
Standing tall, standing bold
Standing in the world of old
Charismatic and curious, I dare explore;
This mysterious realm
Confusing and cold;
For that is the overall tone
For its citizens remain clinging to the darkness that shrouds the area
What is this place?
How can I go home?
This place resents my presence;
It craves my soul
I begin to run, shout, and cry
“Dear lord, release me from this prison, please free me”
“He cannot hear you, he will not hear your cries”
The townsfolk chant as they approach
One grabs my head, as another cuts my throat
“You’re free to be with your god, no longer bound to this realm”;
“For now you may sit next to the man bearing the thorn helm”
They chant and sing as my body dies
My soul, no longer in my body, ascends towards the sky
Clouds open and light begins to disperse
Demons laugh and angels weep
Mother won’t understand and father cannot sleep
For now I am among the light
No longer in the realm of old
I am no longer charismatic;
And I am no longer curious
I no longer stand tall;
And I am no longer bold
Now my body may be cold;
But my soul forever remains warmed by the light
I am not in pain, no longer do I know such torment
Instead I now lay on a bed of solace;
Warmed with a blanket of love;
And caressed by the hands of the caring
I am now truly at peace
No longer looking for a release
439 · Apr 2023
Kyle Janisch Apr 2023
The sun warms the soul;

Yet the smell of rain lingers;

Ever so closely;

Behind me
427 · Nov 2016
Irrational Fear
Kyle Janisch Nov 2016
Are you a portal?
I wonder what is inside
Dare I open thee?
And take a peek at what resides;
Inside of me
Or perhaps somewhere else
A glimpse of what I truly am
Push and poke;
To open up
My bellybutton holds secrets
Tales untold
But dare I touch thee
To open up
I think not
These secrets must remain;
Always locked up
413 · Jul 2023
Kyle Janisch Jul 2023
Why would you put your walls

So high

When you know

I can’t climb?
410 · May 2016
Free Mind Mentality
Kyle Janisch May 2016
Cruising through life
Enjoying the view
Oh how I would love to view it with you
But you’re not here and that’s okay
Looks like I’m by myself today
Started skipping down the bunny trail
Hands held high, free as can be
No longer holding on to the rails of life
Doing whatever makes them happy
Life is too short to feel ******
Headphones in, head nodding to the beat
Grass creeps between my toes
Shoes no longer imprison my feet
The warmth of the sun keeps my soul at peace
Today isn’t quite what I expected
But I’m glad I got to experience it
393 · Jan 2023
Kyle Janisch Jan 2023
Do not allow loving words;

From a broken heart;

To penetrate your skin
387 · Nov 2015
Paris in Flames
Kyle Janisch Nov 2015
Paris is burning and who is to blame?
The ones who are wicked
Who carry no shame
Who wish to see life end
To those who do not see it as they
Who fill the night sky
With rancid clouds of grey
“Be like us or do not be at all”
“For if you are not like us, then you too will fall”
Let us stand together
Let us show our might
Let us show the wicked we will not go without a fight
So come sisters and brothers
Let us stand tall
Let us show the wicked
That we will not fall
Let France know peace again
386 · May 2016
A Misunderstood Generation
Kyle Janisch May 2016
Born in the 90’s
A millennial I am
Generation y
The first generation introduced to modern technology
Started primitive, but began to evolve quickly
Music was great
With the introduction of grunge
We are a unique bunch
Starting off Saturday mornings with wonder ***** and Cap’n Crunch
Cartoons were well written, witty even
Then the 2000’s came
Destroying all imagination left in our brains
I tell you all these things
But forget to mention
Only 90’s kids will remember
383 · Feb 2017
Off Kilter
Kyle Janisch Feb 2017
Living day to day
It slowly becoming a blur
Can't tell Monday from Friday
My mind feeling absurd
Life is moving to fast;
And I'm not achieving enough
To soon have I lost my luster;
I am no diamond in the rough
I patiently for the day;
Where I am no longer off track
Mental illness' eating me away
Can't wait to have my life back
377 · Jun 2017
Little Wildflower
Kyle Janisch Jun 2017
With warm hands and soft feet;
You approach with a gentle presence
I can feel the warmth of your heart,radiating from inside you
It is calm and inviting
You smell of wildflowers;
I am intrigued
Tips of your dress blow gently in the breeze;
Exposing soft and smooth flesh
You are of humble nature;
And I know you mean no harm
Free as the air around you
Who are you dear wild child?
For I do indeed wish to know you
377 · Nov 2015
Pollution Revolution
Kyle Janisch Nov 2015
The world is dying and we are to blame
Killing her slowly like a cancer flowing through her veins
Pollution and toxins we release into her air for her to breathe
If we do not stop she will no longer be
Mother earth, who suffers deep
I am sorry for my brothers and sister who cut you so deep
Who long for your eternal slumber
With no remorse
Who do not weep or shed a tear to your defeat
Dear mother I apologize for the agony we have caused you
Bringing nothing but pain to your feet
For I am the lonely soul with tears that wet my cheeks
I weep for you dear mother
I only wish to see you remain
To see you rise above the pollution and the black sleet
Breathe my darling and regain your strength
For tonight I will bring your evildoers carcasses among you so that you may feast
376 · Jun 2016
The Devil's Advocate
Kyle Janisch Jun 2016
Walking through a dark place
Not a care in the world
Unaware of your secret admirer
Observing from the distance
Checking out your skirt
Eyes gazing upon your thighs
Shins covered by thigh highs
He can’t help himself;
At least that’s what he tells himself
He grows ever closer, now you start to sweat
Stomach tight, head filled with regret
Now right behind you, breathing down your neck
Violently throwing against the wall;
Bruising up your neck
Now bent over, for he is fully *****
Pulling down your *******;
Forcing himself inside
Pain and agony fill your soul
Now wishing you would die
It’s almost over;
The world can’t see you cry
Now left in a puddle of tears and blood
The attacker vanishes from your eyes
Forsaken and broken;
Underneath the cold dark sky
You now wonder why
Was this my fault?
I didn’t mean to be the apple of his eye
I wish that I would die;
Or was already dead
My attacker’s face forever burned in my head
I am victim of ****, but it was my fault
I provoked him, looking like a ****
I am a victim of ****, perhaps it isn’t my fault
I did nothing wrong and my attire doesn’t matter
I am a victim of ****, I know it wasn’t my fault
Maybe someone should have told my ******;
**** is against the law
Now I have a message for those used and abused
You are strong, beautiful, and grand
Don’t let your experiences shaken your hand
You were ***** and it wasn’t your fault
You were ***** and it wasn’t your fault
Now go show the world that true strength;
Lies within your soul
354 · Jan 2022
White Walls
Kyle Janisch Jan 2022
The sight of white walls

Is growing to be quite boring

Same thing over and over

Day after day

Maybe something new will come tomorrow

But for certain

I cannot say
352 · Dec 2023
Kyle Janisch Dec 2023
When        did        you

Finally         stop

Loving           yourself?
348 · Dec 2015
Man Made God
Kyle Janisch Dec 2015
Why must I cry the same liquid that falls from the sky?
Perhaps it is because I am holier than thou who resides in the clouds
Maybe it's because were made from the same materials?
Maybe because we're the same individuals?
Am I God?
Or is God me?
I believe God is a man made creativity
Formed in our mind, to cope with the pain
Of life after death, a sky without rain
We are God and God is us
We must worship thyself
To worship anything else is insane
348 · Nov 2015
Hidden Agendas
Kyle Janisch Nov 2015
E. Pluribus Unum
“Out of many. One”
But if we are one in many
How come Uncle Sam is the only one with a gun?
Held to our heads, making us obey
Telling us lies
Telling us it’s going to be ok
As long as we listen to everything he has to say
“Come to America where everyone can stay”
“See the Statue of Liberty?”
“She says that it is okay”
“Unless you’re black, women, or gay”
“If you aren’t white or male there will be special rules for you to obey”
This is the secret code all Americans are forced to obey
We must stop living it
Stop enforcing it
We will not obey
E. Pluribus Unum
“Out of many. One”
We no longer listen to Uncle Sam
And we’re coming for his gun
341 · Apr 2016
The Realm of Reality
Kyle Janisch Apr 2016
Walked into the portal, entered another realm
Walked up to the king and took his helm
Now I’m the king
The world does what I say;
And I just want you all to know it’s going to be okay
I am a king of peace
I represent the new
Tear down the popular;
And represent the few;
Who don’t know who they are
But soon will realize
That we’re all stars in disguise
We will burn the brightest
Because we are the lightest, with miraculous minds
We hold the future and will bend it with our minds
Deal with daily life
Hustle the hustler;
And grind the daily grind
I am the new king;
And I will always walk alongside you
Kyle Janisch Nov 2015
I cast myself from the tallest mountain not because depression riddled my mind and not because I hated my existence, but rather because I grow weary of this life and hold high regard for the next. The way down was not as I expected. My stomach was tight, not with suspense or adrenaline, but with anticipation for the journey into my next life. I wasn't sure where the next "life" would be. Whether it be Heaven, Hell, or would I be reincarnated into another life symmetrical to my old one. Would I even be human? Will I be fully able or disabled? These were the questions that were plaguing my mind.
I had been falling for what seemed like an eternity, unable to tell if my sweet release would soon be upon me.  I hadn't planned for my life to end this way, but I suppose that no one is able to know how their death will be.  I wonder who will be waiting for me on the other side. I guess the Grim Reaper is the popular answer, but I still couldn't wrap my mind around the thought that the Angel of death would be waiting for me, almost anticipating my arrival. We shall soon see.
I am getting closer to the bottom now. Anxiety has now taken over my body and I am slowly starting to regret my choice. "It will pass" I keep telling myself truly unsure if I believe this or not. I can't quite remember why I grew sick of my life. Perhaps it was all the hate that had made the soul and mind of all men its home. The greedy entrepreneurs or the heartless politicians were also worthy reasons. Racism plagued those put in charge of guarding us, destroying innocent lives solely because of physical difference, this was probably the biggest reason why I grew so disgusted with this world, unable to truly understand their reasoning to commit such heinous crimes. Soon these problems will no longer lie on my doorstep.
Finally I hit the bottom, my fleshy existence now splattered all over the side of the unsuspecting mountain. I am free, truly and undoubtedly free. My soul lies neither in Heaven nor Hell, but somewhere in between. There is no reaper, No sun, No moon, and no life. I am alone. A combination of fright, Caused by the unknown, And guilt now plague my mind and body. I can see into my old life through a portal that is within my grasp. All I see is my corpse cast over the rocks the laid at the bottom of the mountain.  Using all my might I reached through the portal grabbed hold of the unwanted abomination that was my life and walked through.
Here I am once again. I appear to be a ghost, although I take on the appearance of a living person. I can touch my resting body, soaked in blood and anguish. After taking some time to think, I left my body in its final resting place and began writing a letter on a piece of paper I left in my back pocket before I took the ultimate leap of faith. I returned through the portal after pillaging my dead body and began searching through my front pants pocket where I found a pen and thus began the telling of my story.
After unveiling the nature of my death onto the letter the sky ripped open and light made it’s was to the realm of man. A shadowy figure, now descending downwards towards me, emerged from the new found light. He landed before me and introduced himself as the Angel of death. I was riddled with shock and this spirit could see it in my face. Do not be afraid he said in a calm and soothing voice, for I am here to help you into the realm of the living once more.  I didn't know what to say. How to reply to these words was beyond my comprehension at that point. I finally mustered up a response. What if I refuse your offer I said firmly. Then live here in the In between for rest of your days. This was quite an unsettling place and I didn’t want to make it my home. What will my new life be like? I asked. You will start anew, with no memories of your past existence. Taking a brief moment to gather the new found results, I finally came to a conclusion. I will go, I will start anew as long as your promise to my forgotten memories reigns true. The angel said no more words. It began to ascend into the Heavens with which it came and light began to fade. The sky returned to normal when I felt a tremor rip across this unsettling land.  This is it, my new life is creeping closer and closer, and soon will be within my reach. Another tremor ripped across the land, and another, And another until finally they stopped. A bright light blinded me and almost within the same instant I heard a big bang. My new life had begun.
A millennia has passed since I cast myself over the mountain. Since I experienced death and the angel, who had promised me new life. It had kept its word and I now reside in the clouds watching over the new generation of man. They know of my existence, or so they believe, and pray constantly that I watch over them and provide good fortune. I am happy with my new life and never would have expected something as grand and as life changing to happen to someone like me. I had recently created a son who bares the image of man and sent him to guide the humans into the direction they constantly and consistently have prayed for me to guide them into. I have made the decision of letting them name him whatever they feel fit. I hope he leads them into the direction they are in dire need of. I have done all that I could for the humans. I have provided the tools necessary for their survival. Now all there is left to do is to wait. I believe they can do it. I know they can do it, for I have faith in them.
334 · Nov 2015
Handfuls of Silver
Kyle Janisch Nov 2015
What happens when we’re gone?
When we cease to exist
Move on through life’s end
And reach eternal bliss
I believe there’s light
Shining through the dark
Filled with smiling faces and glowing hearts
Where there are only friends, never foes
Where bright minds shimmer
And warm hearts melt
Where trust is king and none possess doubt
Happiness is a way of life and no longer a dream
Where men and women are equal
There are no kings or queens
Skin is just our outermost appearance
The true good lies inside
No longer must we cower
No longer must we hide
But what are we hiding from?
What could it be?
Could it be we were all meant to get along?
Could it mean were supposed to be free?
Is this the truth?
Is this our destiny?
We’ll never know if we don’t try
To help one another, to live, and survive
There is no God
There is no Devil
Only you and I
Can achieve the next level
But we must do it together, never alone
For that is when we are weakest
When we are most exposed
So help your fellow human
In their quest for peace
For we all struggle with daily life
And could use a hand to help us up so that we may survive
So what happens when we’re gone?
That question may be answered
But only if we stick together
Through thick and thin
Through thin and thick
Help you fellow human with their quest
Enough with the petty *******
Kyle Janisch Nov 2015
The sky turned blood red and began to bleed, the earth below me began to rumble, soon after the land ripped open releasing flames and demons sent to torment this world. The surrounding trees com-busted spontaneously and the grass, once green, burned and turned into a shade of ash that was of the utmost UN-pleasance. The apocalypse was upon us, a war began between Heaven and Hell, and we were caught in the middle of it. But who are we? We are the ones left behind when everyone was raptured into Heaven, we are the forgotten ones, deemed unworthy of entering through the golden gates into paradise. Now we fend for ourselves amongst the wreckage, amongst the unholy atrocities that now plague this world that was once ours.  The blood red sky now began to rip open and a bright light began to shine through. God’s soldiers now flooded the air and descended to battle Satan’s unholy army. It would be a long and miserable war, but this battle was written long ago in the stars, destined to happen, destined to destroy mankind. I do not know what the others will do, but I must find shelter. I began to run, but my destination was unclear. I looked for anything that could shield me from the ongoing war, but I was losing hope. It was only a matter of time until I would succumb to death brought upon me by either God’s soldiers or Satan’s minions. I must hurry.
All I wished for was shelter, but instead I found something else. Something more sinister. Something more painful. I found death or more so death found me. I arrived at a bunker once occupied by the minions of death, I thought I was safe, I was wrong. Soon after entering I found a man who wore a long black robe and his face was shrouded behind a hood. He spoke a language unknown to me, but through his gestures I understood perfectly what his mission was. He walked toward me wielding a long staff with a crooked blade at the end of it. He reached out his hand and gripped my arm. His touch was cold and unwelcoming and almost instantly I felt my life leaving my body. This man had my soul, gripped with his icy touch. I had died, right then and there, my soul forever belonging to this man. His identity now became apparent to me. He was one of God’s angels. He was the Angel of Death and he now owned my very existence.
He took me to the place between the stars, not Heaven, but definitely not Hell, I didn’t know where we were but I didn’t really care, my soul was his and I would go wherever he took me. Eventually we reached his destination and stopped abruptly. He continued his silence, but lifted his hand and pointed into the distance. I looked and what I saw was something that my mind failed to comprehend. I saw Earth, I saw the unholy war raging on before my very eyes, but I was not in the middle of it, not anymore. I asked him what the meaning of this was, but his silence continued on. We sat there watching the war rage on. Angels killing demons and demons killing angels. A year passed and it felt like the war would never end. Perhaps soon it would, but it was still uncertain. I hoped that the man would finally tell me what the purpose of this was, but still no words left his mouth. My patience must continue on.
Many years have passed now and it appears the war is finally coming to an end. It has been approximately six hundred years and the Earth, once green and full of life, no longer bloomed, its soil now torn apart, and going from green to black. Its rivers once blue and full of life, now run with blood and misery. This was no longer my home, for it had been taken by death. Angels and demons no longer flooded the realm of my existence and I would finally be able to return, or at least that’s what I thought. The man, still accompanying me finally spoke. “Return home”, he spoke and with that he reached out his hand and in his palms rested a bright blue orb. “Take it” he said. I reached out and grabbed it and instantly life returned to my body. The force of the orb knocked me unconscious. “I’m sorry” the man said vanishing instantly, returning to his home, now with the lives of all the angels that fell in combat. The war was over and it was time for me to go home.
When I awoke, it was back on Earth, only something wasn’t quite right. The sky was blue and clouds were no longer black. Blood didn’t leak from the sky and the earth below me was covered in grass as green as it was before the apocalypse. I was astounded by the amount of life that surrounded me. I could see people off in the distance and could hear the laughter of children playing. I was no longer one of the forgotten, the were no forgotten, for all the lives that God raptured had been returned to this world, unharmed and unscathed by the war that raged for six hundred years. Life as we knew returned to us and it was the best feeling I ever felt. I was home, we were home, to forever flourish and help the world flourish. The man took my life, showed me a new view of the world, and then returned my life to me the way it was always meant to be. He helped me grow in a way I thought to be impossible, but now I know it to be true. I held a special place in my heart for the man and I wished him happiness for all eternity, but now it was time to continue my journey through life the way I was always meant to. War may never change, but it will always open your eyes to a new outlook on life. It will make you cherish it and love it in a way you never did before. War isn’t just human nature, for war is the nature of all living things.
328 · Dec 2015
Early Morning Cravings
Kyle Janisch Dec 2015
It’s early in the morning
There’s frost on the ground
Coffee in my cup
And warmth in my heart
But I still feel empty
Maybe it’s because you’re not with me
Maybe because you left looking for something I didn’t have
I’m sorry darling I couldn’t be what you needed
I’m sorry I couldn’t be yours
I miss you darling
So much it hurts
I suppose I’m being selfish
I should be happy you’re searching for a better you
I just wish I could find a better me
Someone you could lean on when the winds of life blow you around
I wish I could be your rock
I’m sorry I couldn’t be those things
You deserve better
I hope you find what you’re looking for
316 · Nov 2015
Crimson River
Kyle Janisch Nov 2015
I run as fast as I can, trying to get away
But no matter how fast I run it’s never fast enough
Trailing on my heels, breathing down my neck
Darkness always follows
Keeping up without even breaking a sweat
It grows ever closer, ready to take my mind
Ready to take my soul, leaving me forever blind
Why can’t you leave me alone?
Why can’t you let me be?
For you see dear child, this is your destiny
Alone forever shrouded in despair
For you lived an empty life
So it seems this is only fair
You get what you give and give what you get
This is only the beginning
You don’t know true darkness yet
Here I come, there I go, coming for your soul
Forever mine it will be and into the void you will go
I grow ever closer, your fate nearly sealed
I sliced open your flesh and crimson pours from your neck
Soon life will leave your body, you will be mine yet
I see your soul now and reach out and take it
You lived your life poorly and your mind fills with regret
You paid with your life and are no longer in debt
309 · Dec 2015
A Time for Change
Kyle Janisch Dec 2015
Ah yes here we are again
A new generation having to clean up the messes made by the old
We’re stuck with silver when we wanted gold
But that’s just how it goes
One generation ***** everything up
While the next one tries to grab ahold
Well it’s time to end the cycle
It’s time we change
We must be better
For us and the next generation
They’re the future so why make things harder for them?
I just don’t get it
Selfish thoughts are the cause of this
Mentalities need to change
For the better of course
And if they don’t we will dry up
Along with the Earth
305 · Dec 2015
Slowly Finding Happiness
Kyle Janisch Dec 2015
I woke up today with a different taste in my mouth
It was sweet, not sour, and it took me by surprise
I was glad I was awake, I was glad I was alive
I'm glad the sun came up today, and the way it lights the skies
I think I'm finally becoming happy, although it took some time
I suppose all good things come slowly, it takes time for them to arrive
Oh well, no problem, I'm just glad that I survived
The darkness that encased me is slowly beginning to disperse
I'm glad that I woke up today, forever free from my curse
301 · Dec 2015
Tarnished Wings
Kyle Janisch Dec 2015
As I lay dying
As I breathe my last breath
I ascend into the sky
With tarnished wings on my back
No halo above
But no flames below
I have lived my life the way I wanted
I am unsure where I will go
Maybe Heaven
Maybe Hell
Maybe I will be cast into the void
Forever stuck in my shell
Wherever I go
Wherever I travel
My thoughts are my own
Left to me to unravel
The Earth and I part ways
But this is not goodbye
My new found wings
Cast me up into the sky
297 · Sep 2016
Unlikely Enemies
Kyle Janisch Sep 2016
Abuse is worse
When it comes from someone you love
When they offer you a fist, instead of a hug
Never once did I think this;
How could they even offer?
Anything other than love is simply a bother
Swollen cheeks and busted lips
Fractured ribs and broken bones
For this place I reside is no longer a home
I have become used and abused
How can this be?
How can the person I used to love most;
No longer love me
Well they claim they do
They say that they will never hurt me again
False promises leak from the mouth of an old friend
“I love you baby, I won’t hurt you no more”
But within minutes I am once again a no good *****
Whose only place in this life;
Resides in the arms of an abuser
Who claims I am their drug;
And they are a user
But those who do not learn from the past;
Are destined to repeat old mistakes
Is that why I’m still here?
Am I given what I must take?
I do not believe so and I threaten to leave
“I’ll change baby, I’ll hurt you no more”
But I do not listen
I exit through the door
For now I begin a new life
A life without you
I am now stronger;
And the reason is because of you
I am no longer abused, bruised, or broken
That chapter is now over
I wipe the blood from my face;
And gently turn the page over
297 · Mar 2016
Brand New Day
Kyle Janisch Mar 2016
Woke up today with a brand new feeling
A new mindset is of what I’m speaking
Remove the dark clouds, let the rays pass through
See a life full of color
No longer feeling blue
A smile began to creep across my face
And the sudden feeling of remorse for the human race
Crept up my spine, occupied my stomach
Left me feeling something new
Perhaps we are not as bad as we seem
Maybe were better
Then the humans who are alive
To make others’ lives bitter
We possess the light within us
Now it’s time to let go
Let us show one another
That we’re worth more than gold
Kyle Janisch Dec 2015
Hello dear child, what have you for me today? Is it a basket full of kittens? Or is it that smile that lasts for days? Whatever you have brought me, no matter what it is, it will never return the light that has left my body and in replace I am filled with sin. Darkness too, they’re a terrible curse, but those two things aren’t even the worst. My body hurts, it’s filled with aches and pains. I will forever remain this way until the day I say her name. Say it loud, say it proud, and say it without any shame. But whose name am I saying, whose name cursed me with these aches and these pains? To be truthful I do not know her child, accompany me will you? Join me on my journey to self-righteousness and you too will be rewarded. Onward we go, all sails set high, we sail into the sun, and we set sail into the sky. So soon into our voyage and we already stumbled upon her face. The face to end the fire, the face who possessed the name to return light into my grace. Her name was Rose, I learned this very quickly, and I shouted it into the heavens, I did this loud and swiftly. “Rose my savior, I speak thou name, return my light and put an end to the flames!” And just like that light returned to my body, the child who stood beside disappeared and this struck me as an oddity. “Where did the child go?” I asked my dear Rose, and she replied with “The child was your light, you carried it all along, and now you question where it has gone”. “For it returned to your body, that’s where it has gone, and the fires set ablaze inside you have gone as well have they not?”
“They have, they did, they no longer linger, and now I must go home so that I may too disappear like a whisper”
I traveled home and leaving Rose in the distance, this journey wasn’t long, but it will remain in existence, this journey proved worthwhile and I too disappeared without resistance.
Never believe that your light is gone, for it may have simply changed into a form unrecognizable to your eye. Always look for it in the strangest of places
289 · Dec 2015
The Best and the Worst
Kyle Janisch Dec 2015
I hate when you’re happy
But I also hate when you’re sad
I hate the way you make smile when I want to be mad
I hate you so much
But I don’t hate you all
I hate the way you make me feel
It’s as if I’ve been ripped open
Then sealed shut
You’re something special
Something ugly
And something beautiful
You’re someone I wish I never met
While at the same time I’m glad we did
Thank you for being my friend
Thank you for being you
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