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Aug 2016
Standing tall, standing bold
Standing in the world of old
Charismatic and curious, I dare explore;
This mysterious realm
Confusing and cold;
For that is the overall tone
For its citizens remain clinging to the darkness that shrouds the area
What is this place?
How can I go home?
This place resents my presence;
It craves my soul
I begin to run, shout, and cry
“Dear lord, release me from this prison, please free me”
“He cannot hear you, he will not hear your cries”
The townsfolk chant as they approach
One grabs my head, as another cuts my throat
“You’re free to be with your god, no longer bound to this realm”;
“For now you may sit next to the man bearing the thorn helm”
They chant and sing as my body dies
My soul, no longer in my body, ascends towards the sky
Clouds open and light begins to disperse
Demons laugh and angels weep
Mother won’t understand and father cannot sleep
For now I am among the light
No longer in the realm of old
I am no longer charismatic;
And I am no longer curious
I no longer stand tall;
And I am no longer bold
Now my body may be cold;
But my soul forever remains warmed by the light
I am not in pain, no longer do I know such torment
Instead I now lay on a bed of solace;
Warmed with a blanket of love;
And caressed by the hands of the caring
I am now truly at peace
No longer looking for a release
Kyle Janisch
Written by
Kyle Janisch  27/M
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