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Mar 17 · 124
Kyle Janisch Mar 17
Dance effortlessly in the moonlight

As the rhythm of the night

Carries you away

Into the dawn
Mar 9 · 92
Kyle Janisch Mar 9
Does my voice

Still echo

Through your

Mar 3 · 39
Kyle Janisch Mar 3
I hate how big

       This bed feels

                    Without you

                                        In it
Mar 3 · 32
Kyle Janisch Mar 3
How much more can you keep bottled up

Inside of you?
Feb 11 · 129
Kyle Janisch Feb 11
The voice

Inside my head

Is no longer

Feb 10 · 116
Kyle Janisch Feb 10
Can you find

                           The strength within


                                Or are you too scared

                                              to even look?
Jan 27 · 80
Kyle Janisch Jan 27
Do you remember

When we were young

And the future was still a sweet sensation

Within our minds

When did it all

Become so bitter?
Jan 21 · 112
Kyle Janisch Jan 21
"I love you"

Will always be the cruelest thing

You ever said to

Dec 2023 · 285
Kyle Janisch Dec 2023
When did I go from being a beautiful memory

To just another painful entry

In your diary?
Dec 2023 · 168
Kyle Janisch Dec 2023
The soft morning light veers through the cracks in the blinds

Reminding you that today is a new day;

And that the next chapter in your life is simply waiting for you to write it

Try not to dwell in unchangeable nightmares of yesterday;

Focus only on the sweet dreams of today
Dec 2023 · 352
Kyle Janisch Dec 2023
When        did        you

Finally         stop

Loving           yourself?
Nov 2023 · 208
Kyle Janisch Nov 2023
Melt through the mirror of your insanity

And move ever so quietly;

So that;

The one on the other side;

Doesn't hear you
Aug 2023 · 237
Man Behind The Wall
Kyle Janisch Aug 2023
Mister man behind the wall

Can you hear me call?

Can you hear me at all?

‘Cause I can hear you

Trying to scratch your way out

Why don’t you come out?

And be with me

On the other side
Aug 2023 · 91
Kyle Janisch Aug 2023
It seems that our ideas of


No longer have the same

Jul 2023 · 413
Kyle Janisch Jul 2023
Why would you put your walls

So high

When you know

I can’t climb?
Jul 2023 · 96
Kyle Janisch Jul 2023
I dance in the darkness

Sipping on star shine

With hopes of becoming the

Jul 2023 · 78
Please Leave
Kyle Janisch Jul 2023
Why must my body;


The things my mind can't;

Jun 2023 · 650
Kyle Janisch Jun 2023
I feel your presence lingering behind me

An old feeling rises to the surface

Reminding me of who I used to;

May 2023 · 231
Remember When We Met?
Kyle Janisch May 2023
I remember the first time I saw you

We were both scared kids waiting at the bus stop

And I knew from that moment

That you were going to be my bestfriend

But that dissipated after we tried to change;

The flow of our friendship;

And now we're nothing but;

May 2023 · 215
Kyle Janisch May 2023
Looking in the past

Can remind you of the best times;

You've had;


The worst
Apr 2023 · 439
Kyle Janisch Apr 2023
The sun warms the soul;

Yet the smell of rain lingers;

Ever so closely;

Behind me
Jan 2023 · 127
Dirty Laundry
Kyle Janisch Jan 2023
Remnants of who I was

Lay scattered across your floor

Like ***** laundry

That you have no intention of cleaning

Parts of me that will be pushed under your;


Parts that will be;

Jan 2023 · 393
Kyle Janisch Jan 2023
Do not allow loving words;

From a broken heart;

To penetrate your skin
Dec 2022 · 121
Inside Thoughts
Kyle Janisch Dec 2022
I am not boring

          I promise there is more to me

                                                                       On the inside
Nov 2022 · 227
Kyle Janisch Nov 2022
Become content with the idea that change isn’t immediate

Accept that you have time to reflect upon your growth;

And never feel selfish for taking the necessary time for reflection

Let your mind stand still;

So that you can properly move forward
Oct 2022 · 93
Kyle Janisch Oct 2022
Fear not the flowers

                                     That flourish

                                                               From your hard work
Aug 2022 · 275
Kyle Janisch Aug 2022
Do not smile because someone told you to

                                                           Smile because you are truly happy
Jun 2022 · 120
The Door
Kyle Janisch Jun 2022
There is a door in front of me

It appears to be old, yet somehow new

It wasn't here before, but I feel as though that isn't true

I reach for the handle and as I get close I begin to hear whispering

The sounds are not coming from behind it, rather they are around it

They want me to open it, to see what lies behind

I do

There is nothing, a wall of nothing, shrouded in black

The whispers stop, I am cold

The door slams shut and disappears

I am cold, very cold

I am nothing
Jun 2022 · 85
Mirror Image
Kyle Janisch Jun 2022
You sit there, staring;
Judging every ounce of my being

Chipping away at every flaw in my character;
And every mistake I have made

I see you whisper to yourself;
Under heavy silent breaths

Words of chaos and destruction

I am unbothered;
For I know you no longer know who I am

I'm not entirely sure I know who I am;
But I do know that the being sitting before me

Is no longer me
May 2022 · 96
Dream For The Future
Kyle Janisch May 2022
We live in the past because we cannot see the future

We dwell on every mistake, failure, and heartbreak;
Because we that's what is familiar to us

The idea of realizing how much we've changed is unfathomable to us;
Simply because we don't believe in ourselves

We are great and we are worthy of every good thing that has happened and will happen

Choose not to dwell in the past;
And learn to dream in the future

Understand how capable you are

Become the you I know you can be
Apr 2022 · 131
Medals Of Honor
Kyle Janisch Apr 2022
Life paints poetry upon our flesh through scars we earned;
From the battles we survived

Each one, significant

Each one a reminder of how we thought we were weak;
And useless

Now they serve as proof of our strength;

Wear them valiantly and with pride

Show them to the world

Let them see how you survived
Apr 2022 · 111
Perfect Imperfections
Kyle Janisch Apr 2022
We are perfect imperfections

The chips on a stained glass window

The coffee stains left on the table, in a perfect half circle

The bent pages in our favorite book

The cuts on hard working hands

We are beautiful in our own right, even when we are seen as something else

We are imperfect and we should prefer it that way
Mar 2022 · 90
As It Should Be
Kyle Janisch Mar 2022
Fingers run through tangled hair;
And I see you wince in pain;
As I pull ever so gently

I feel your breath on my neck;
As your head lays on my chest;
Looking up with soft eyes

It is as if you see something that isn’t there;
A version of me known only to you;
A version worth loving

My eyelids grow heavy;
And you are already asleep;
Everything is as it should be
Kyle Janisch Mar 2022
One day you left, without any intention of returning

Leaving me to become the man of the house at the old age of seven

You gave me much more than just a new responsibility, you gave me your characteristics as well

You helped make me cold and uncaring, unable to see anything besides my hurt for so long

I was slowly becoming the man you are and I became the person I didn't want to be

I have made the same mistakes you have and they fill my heart with guilt everyday

I have become better over time, but the person you made me still lives inside, and claws to get out;

And I fear that in time, he will get out, and I will grow into you

So thank you for leaving and filling my soul with the essence of you
Mar 2022 · 103
A Mother's Touch
Kyle Janisch Mar 2022
My mother has always been my biggest fan;
But not always my bestfriend

Constantly picking apart my flaws, at what always seemed to be the worst moment possible

Could easily identify mine, but refused to acknowledge hers;
Constantly making her upbringing her excuse and to why she is the way she is

My childhood is the reason I am who I am, but I do constantly throw it in her face

Hiding perfectly behind a wall of excuses and within a sea of trauma, my mother has become the perfect worst version of herself

She now tries to be better, but still refuses to accept any actual change

I hope she soon finds peace within herself because no one deserves to leave this world with a heavy heart
Feb 2022 · 77
Kyle Janisch Feb 2022
Do you ever hear something that leaves you feeling a wave of nostalgia?

You get a warm familiar feeling and are left with a strange tingling feeling across your entire body

Pleasant memoires surrounding that particular song take you back to better days

Days without sadness or melancholy

And when it ends, you feel a little bit sad, wishing for just five more minutes of peaceful pleasantness

I wish I could feel like this forever
Feb 2022 · 74
Kyle Janisch Feb 2022
Hard words sit heavy upon the hearts of those you've hurt;

And bad memories of who you used to be;

Fill your mind

You say you've changed;

But cannot see change from where you're standing

your hands tremble with frustration;

And eyes become wet with regret

As you allow yourself to sink deep within your sorrow

Growth comes with regret and remorse

And I see you've grown more than you know
Jan 2022 · 130
Saturday Morning Thoughts
Kyle Janisch Jan 2022
Light peeks through the closed curtains and I wipe the tired from my eyes. The first thought is coffee and what to do today, as if I need to actually do anything on a Saturday.

A somber silence fills the house, it seems that I am the only one here. I welcome the thought of alone time, yet at the same time I wish someone was here.

Maybe someone who genuinely cared of the thought of waking next to me, hell, I'd even take someone who was miserable at the thought.

My body is tired from the week that ended faster than expected and my mind is exhausted from the thought of having to do it again the day after tomorrow. This working for a living thing is proving to be a chore.

These random ramblings from a tired man feel necessary and un-necessary all at the same time, yet I feel better nonetheless now that I have let them leave my thoughts.

Let's get this weekend over with, So a new one can begin.
Jan 2022 · 141
Kyle Janisch Jan 2022
I am tired of always being the villain in my story

Perhaps one day

I can try being the hero
Jan 2022 · 354
White Walls
Kyle Janisch Jan 2022
The sight of white walls

Is growing to be quite boring

Same thing over and over

Day after day

Maybe something new will come tomorrow

But for certain

I cannot say
Dec 2021 · 102
Broken Homes
Kyle Janisch Dec 2021
Why do I always pick the people

Who appear to be save havens

But are really just;

Broken homes?
Dec 2021 · 80
Stay Positive
Kyle Janisch Dec 2021
My hands have grown strong from constantly picking up my broken pieces

For this, I am grateful

My back has grown strong from carrying around the weight of my failures

For this, I am thankful

My legs have grown tired from aimlessly wandering around in search of a better me

But little did I know that I was searching for something I had already become something beautiful on my journey of self repair

These changes came without me knowing and more come everyday

And for this, I am hopeful
Dec 2021 · 103
Without A Shadow Of Doubt
Kyle Janisch Dec 2021
The air has become cold and brittle once more

And the snow follows close behind

As I prepare for the change in the weather

I can feel my seasonal shadow approaching

And with it, the reminders of the past

Linger ever so closely

But I am not the same person my shadow visited the year before

Will it even be able to recognize me?

I hope not
Dec 2021 · 94
Sailing Away
Kyle Janisch Dec 2021
We are all just paper people

Patiently waiting for the wind

To carry us away

To places we've only dreamed of

We are fragile in nature

But our strength within keeps us hopeful

As we wait for the day

Where we find a place to call home
Nov 2021 · 109
Kyle Janisch Nov 2021
Remember to share kind words

with the person in the mirror

Because they too

Have feelings
Nov 2021 · 281
Reminder To Grow
Kyle Janisch Nov 2021
Take the worst parts of yourself
And place them in a place
Where every so often you see them as you pass by
And allow them to remind you
That you are a better person now
Because of them
Nov 2021 · 86
Honestly, I Have No Idea
Kyle Janisch Nov 2021
Words fail to fall from my fingertips

As I sit here, feebly trying to write something

The idea is there, yet my imagination eludes me

Trying to press words onto digital paper

Seems like an impossible feat

But I try anyway

With hopes that something creative will come from it

But in the end, I feel all that I am doing is

Nov 2021 · 93
Woman In The Golden Light
Kyle Janisch Nov 2021
I awake to see you standing by the window
The breeze gently makes it way through the room;
Moving your silhouette
Golden rays pass through you;
As the sun begins to rise
I cannot see your face;
Yet I know you
You radiate warmth;
And familiarity

I awake from the dream;
And you are gone
Yet the feeling of your presence remains
You are of great importance;
I shall meet you one day;
This I believe
Oct 2021 · 81
Kyle Janisch Oct 2021
My fingers sink into your soft skin;
and your body is pressed against mine

We lay side by side, underneath a star filled sky;
Sharing wishes with each star that passes by

It feels as though we have been here for an eternity;
yet I do not mind

The smell of your perfume is intoxicating;
And it becomes more profound as you turn towards me

Within an instant, your lips meet mine;
and shortly after a smile finds it way across your face

I give back a smile of my own;
And within an instant we both are filled with a warm sensation

Once more we gaze upon the stars above;
Knowing that both of our wishes had come true

I love to watch the stars above;
But only if I can watch them with you
Oct 2021 · 86
Dead Words On Flesh
Kyle Janisch Oct 2021
The words you left on my skin;
And reading them makes me;
I would do anything to remove them;
But the idea of me being better than them gives me;
I refuse to drown in the body you used to;
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