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Feb 2016
I met a man today, old and brittle, I could tell he was filled with knowledge of this world, he had answers to the questions that I was still asking. I walking by when he stopped me. “Young man, may I speak with you for a moment”?
“Certainly, what can I do for you”?
“I understand you’re still young, but could I ask you a question”?
“Have you discovered the meaning of life”? “I mean your meaning of life, the one specifically designed for you”?
“I think so, yes”
“Would you explain it to me”?
“Well, I think I was placed in this world to make people happy, I’m not sure why, but I feel that this is my true purpose. I love making people smile and laugh, I love bringing joy to all, young and old. I can’t explain it, but I get this feeling whenever I accomplish this goal, like it was written in the stars. I believe that is my true purpose in this life.”
The old man began to smile as soon as I finished my story and instantly stood up and hugged me.
“Young man, your story has made me very happy, I can tell that you will bring joy and happiness back into this world”
“Thank you, but why did you stop and ask me this question when you could’ve asked any other person around here”?
“There was something about you, I feel as if it was written in the universe that we meet, call it our destiny to meet each other”
“I feel it too, almost like déjà vu, thank you”
“No need to thank me, but rather thank the universe”
As he finished, he got up and began walking away, continuing on with his journey through life. Was it written in the stars that we met? I’m not sure, but I’m glad we did. Perhaps he was some sort of guardian angel, sent to make sure I realized my true purpose in life. I suppose only the stars know the future.
Now I begin my journey, to restore joy and happiness to the world which has become filled with sadness and hate, for this is my mission and always has been. I feel as if I’ll see the man again, but only time will tell.
The future looks promising, just as the universe has always had planned.
Kyle Janisch
Written by
Kyle Janisch  27/M
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