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Nov 2015
Come here son
And let me begin to tell you
How your life is filled with nothing but sin
You think you’re so great?
You think you’re so wise?
You think you can fool the world with your beautiful eyes?
Well you can’t and you won’t
So I’ll tell you what I’ll do
I’ll create a special place
Filled with nothing but doom and gloom
I will place you there
For all of eternity
Where you may never leave
Where you will spend all you days
I will send others there
So that they may join you
Where they will suffer at your hand
This is the task I place before you
You will punish the wicked
But will not be seen as a hero
Humanity will curse your name
The one I have placed upon you
Lucifer they will cry
You will be the last thing they hope to see when they die
You will be what they fear
Religions will rise out to smite you
Praise MY name
And use it to fight you
My son is what you are
Your father is what I am
But in this lifetime
Your happiness is a sham
Kyle Janisch
Written by
Kyle Janisch  27/M
   joel hansen
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