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Nov 2015
I walked through the woods late last night trying to make my way home. A full moon lit up the night sky casting just enough light through the trees so that I may see the path. I had taken the shortcut through the woods many times before, but tonight left me with a eerie feeling that trembled by bones and shook my soul.
It was exceptionally cold for a summer night and I had a feeling that I wasn’t alone. I was about halfway through when I heard rustling in the brush and laughter that appeared to come out of the heart of the forest. Terror now plagued my mind and body. I wanted to run to the end of the trail so that I may reach my destination sooner, but a strong feeling of curiosity overcame me. I began walking towards the laughter when I saw a light beaming through the trees, it appeared to be coming from a fire. As I got closer to the light, the warmer I felt. It was without a doubt a fire, but who this pyro was, was beyond me.
I approached an open area with which the fire was held and I crouched in a bush so that I may get a better look into the open field. Six shadowy figures danced around the bonfire chanting words that held no meaning to me. As terrified as I was, curiosity was still the stronger feeling and with that I continued to watch this bizarre ritual. The shadows turned into bodies, female bodies to be exact. They were as bare as a tree in winter and a sudden rush of excitement coursed through my body.  I leaned in closer and closer until I fell forward out of the bush. The six naked strangers instantly turned in my direction. Laughter erupted from their mouths and they started to walk towards me. I jumped to my feet and attempted to run, but it was no use, they caught me, tied me up, and knocked me out.
When I finally woke up I noticed that I was still *******, unable to move or set myself free. One of the women noticed too that I had come to and approached me with a curved blade. She was speaking a language I didn’t understand but it was either Latin or some other dead language. Instantly I had gone from ******* in the corner of the open brush to ******* to a stake in the center of a pile of wood. All six women bean dancing and chanting yet again, then the same girl who approached me with the curved blade repeated her actions before. A sharp pain ran through my side as the women drove the blade into my flesh, her fingers prying my flesh open as her fingers entered my body and as they left so did my kidneys. Wincing through the pain I saw she and another girl consume them and they began smearing my blood on their arms and bodies. Another girl came near me, holding a blade that took the appearance of a lightning bolt. She too tore through my flesh, only this time she took my liver and she too consumed it, also smearing my blood only this time it was on her face and *******. The last three approached me, but this time only one possessed a blade. This one looked like a snake and it too entered me. She ran it straight into my chest, starting at the collar bone and ripping down below my breast. The other two girls pried my chest open, while the girl in the center, who I believed to be the leader of the group, tore my heart out, also consuming it, only this time she said a prayer in the process and did not smear my blood on herself, but instead had the other two girls smear the blood on themselves. Life was leaving my body, I was shocked that it hadn’t left yet. Finally it left and I was out of my misery.
The strange six lit the pile of wood, setting my body ablaze as they continued to dance and chant. A deep rumbling began, as if it was coming from the deepest depths of the Earth. The ground ripped open and a figure rose from the schism. Its skin black and red, as if it were scorched beyond repair. It released a growl so deep, dark, and loud that it shook the heavens and awoke God itself. Unfortunately the God of light was not here, but the Prince of darkness stood in its place. The dark lord approached the six women. “Take us master” they all said in unison, and so the dark prince did. Collecting them all in one fistful, he began to consume them.  The Prince crawled back into the mighty gaping hole in the Earth, it closing in the process. The unholy night finally passed.
Morning approached and a cool breeze blew my scorched remains, still tied to the post, into the sky. No one was present to witness the horrors that occurred the night before and no one will ever know the tale of darkness walking on Earth. My body may had suffered a grisly punishment, but my soul now resides in paradise. The Dark Prince that plagued the land only hours ago, currently resides in his unholy kingdom, never to return to the land of the living.
Kyle Janisch
Written by
Kyle Janisch  27/M
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