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Nov 2015
I run as fast as I can, trying to get away
But no matter how fast I run it’s never fast enough
Trailing on my heels, breathing down my neck
Darkness always follows
Keeping up without even breaking a sweat
It grows ever closer, ready to take my mind
Ready to take my soul, leaving me forever blind
Why can’t you leave me alone?
Why can’t you let me be?
For you see dear child, this is your destiny
Alone forever shrouded in despair
For you lived an empty life
So it seems this is only fair
You get what you give and give what you get
This is only the beginning
You don’t know true darkness yet
Here I come, there I go, coming for your soul
Forever mine it will be and into the void you will go
I grow ever closer, your fate nearly sealed
I sliced open your flesh and crimson pours from your neck
Soon life will leave your body, you will be mine yet
I see your soul now and reach out and take it
You lived your life poorly and your mind fills with regret
You paid with your life and are no longer in debt
Kyle Janisch
Written by
Kyle Janisch  27/M
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