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Kyle Janisch Mar 2016
Start from the bottom
Work your way up
Go through the daily grind
Until you throw up
You must work hard to advance
In a system that’s corrupt
Business moguls run the game
How am I supposed to make the climb up?
If I’m down here, looking up
At the ivory towers claimed by the corrupt
How am I going to get my chance?
To make a name for myself
I am no different than an old toy forgotten;
And perched upon an old shelf
The system is broke
It no longer works
It is corrupt and unjust
It’s time to find one that works
Kyle Janisch Nov 2015
Come here son
And let me begin to tell you
How your life is filled with nothing but sin
You think you’re so great?
You think you’re so wise?
You think you can fool the world with your beautiful eyes?
Well you can’t and you won’t
So I’ll tell you what I’ll do
I’ll create a special place
Filled with nothing but doom and gloom
I will place you there
For all of eternity
Where you may never leave
Where you will spend all you days
I will send others there
So that they may join you
Where they will suffer at your hand
This is the task I place before you
You will punish the wicked
But will not be seen as a hero
Humanity will curse your name
The one I have placed upon you
Lucifer they will cry
You will be the last thing they hope to see when they die
You will be what they fear
Religions will rise out to smite you
Praise MY name
And use it to fight you
My son is what you are
Your father is what I am
But in this lifetime
Your happiness is a sham
Kyle Janisch Nov 2015
The sky turned blood red and began to bleed, the earth below me began to rumble, soon after the land ripped open releasing flames and demons sent to torment this world. The surrounding trees com-busted spontaneously and the grass, once green, burned and turned into a shade of ash that was of the utmost UN-pleasance. The apocalypse was upon us, a war began between Heaven and Hell, and we were caught in the middle of it. But who are we? We are the ones left behind when everyone was raptured into Heaven, we are the forgotten ones, deemed unworthy of entering through the golden gates into paradise. Now we fend for ourselves amongst the wreckage, amongst the unholy atrocities that now plague this world that was once ours.  The blood red sky now began to rip open and a bright light began to shine through. God’s soldiers now flooded the air and descended to battle Satan’s unholy army. It would be a long and miserable war, but this battle was written long ago in the stars, destined to happen, destined to destroy mankind. I do not know what the others will do, but I must find shelter. I began to run, but my destination was unclear. I looked for anything that could shield me from the ongoing war, but I was losing hope. It was only a matter of time until I would succumb to death brought upon me by either God’s soldiers or Satan’s minions. I must hurry.
All I wished for was shelter, but instead I found something else. Something more sinister. Something more painful. I found death or more so death found me. I arrived at a bunker once occupied by the minions of death, I thought I was safe, I was wrong. Soon after entering I found a man who wore a long black robe and his face was shrouded behind a hood. He spoke a language unknown to me, but through his gestures I understood perfectly what his mission was. He walked toward me wielding a long staff with a crooked blade at the end of it. He reached out his hand and gripped my arm. His touch was cold and unwelcoming and almost instantly I felt my life leaving my body. This man had my soul, gripped with his icy touch. I had died, right then and there, my soul forever belonging to this man. His identity now became apparent to me. He was one of God’s angels. He was the Angel of Death and he now owned my very existence.
He took me to the place between the stars, not Heaven, but definitely not Hell, I didn’t know where we were but I didn’t really care, my soul was his and I would go wherever he took me. Eventually we reached his destination and stopped abruptly. He continued his silence, but lifted his hand and pointed into the distance. I looked and what I saw was something that my mind failed to comprehend. I saw Earth, I saw the unholy war raging on before my very eyes, but I was not in the middle of it, not anymore. I asked him what the meaning of this was, but his silence continued on. We sat there watching the war rage on. Angels killing demons and demons killing angels. A year passed and it felt like the war would never end. Perhaps soon it would, but it was still uncertain. I hoped that the man would finally tell me what the purpose of this was, but still no words left his mouth. My patience must continue on.
Many years have passed now and it appears the war is finally coming to an end. It has been approximately six hundred years and the Earth, once green and full of life, no longer bloomed, its soil now torn apart, and going from green to black. Its rivers once blue and full of life, now run with blood and misery. This was no longer my home, for it had been taken by death. Angels and demons no longer flooded the realm of my existence and I would finally be able to return, or at least that’s what I thought. The man, still accompanying me finally spoke. “Return home”, he spoke and with that he reached out his hand and in his palms rested a bright blue orb. “Take it” he said. I reached out and grabbed it and instantly life returned to my body. The force of the orb knocked me unconscious. “I’m sorry” the man said vanishing instantly, returning to his home, now with the lives of all the angels that fell in combat. The war was over and it was time for me to go home.
When I awoke, it was back on Earth, only something wasn’t quite right. The sky was blue and clouds were no longer black. Blood didn’t leak from the sky and the earth below me was covered in grass as green as it was before the apocalypse. I was astounded by the amount of life that surrounded me. I could see people off in the distance and could hear the laughter of children playing. I was no longer one of the forgotten, the were no forgotten, for all the lives that God raptured had been returned to this world, unharmed and unscathed by the war that raged for six hundred years. Life as we knew returned to us and it was the best feeling I ever felt. I was home, we were home, to forever flourish and help the world flourish. The man took my life, showed me a new view of the world, and then returned my life to me the way it was always meant to be. He helped me grow in a way I thought to be impossible, but now I know it to be true. I held a special place in my heart for the man and I wished him happiness for all eternity, but now it was time to continue my journey through life the way I was always meant to. War may never change, but it will always open your eyes to a new outlook on life. It will make you cherish it and love it in a way you never did before. War isn’t just human nature, for war is the nature of all living things.
Kyle Janisch Dec 2015
What’s the point of being alive if that’s all that you are?
Just alive, but not living, well that’s no way to be at all
You were given the gift of life, yet you waste it away
You might as well give it to someone else who put it to good use
Someone who is not afraid to seize the day
Blood pumps through your veins, imagination fills the brain
Yet you would rather just waste this gift
Just the thought of it drive me insane
Go out and be someone who isn’t afraid to dance
Don’t just sit inside while the world goes on
You don’t want to miss your chance
Kyle Janisch Nov 2015
We are who we are
We become what we become
We cannot change our future, but we can take steps to forge it
If we do not take these steps then our futures are doomed
So think before you act
Think before you speak
Don’t let life keep you down
Always rise to your feet
Treat others the way you wish to be treated
Remember to spread the peace
Don’t knock down others
Always help them to their feet
For we are all humans
Whose actions always make a difference
No matter how large or how small
So remember to think about others
Before you think about yourself
Because we’re all trying to move forward
And we could all use a little help
Kyle Janisch Apr 2019
Brand new thoughts emerge;
As I take a step away from;
And peer into my world;
Through a new set of eyes
I no longer just see my flaws;
I come up with ideas to change them
Everything around me seems brighter;
And I no longer crave the same bitter taste;
That I have been for so long
For so long I have convinced myself that I am;
Without actually doing anything to be different
I hope that I will be better;
I will be better;
And I will fight to be someone I can look up to
Someone who others can look up to;
And be inspired to be better themselves
I do this knowing that I don't have to;
But that I need to
Kyle Janisch Dec 2015
A million little cuts, up and down my arms
Scars left over from an ongoing war
Will they ever go away?
I hope not
For they will always remind me of my darkest days
The darkest moments of my life
Moments I tried to remove with a small piece of steel
A piece of steel I once wished would end my life
Torn open flesh, blood flowing like a river
I wished my life to end because in the moment I was bitter
Depression riddled mind
Sadness filled heart
I believed death was a new beginning
The entrance to a fresh start
But alas I was wrong, I know this now
Yet after all that has happened
My face still bears a frown
Kyle Janisch May 2016
Born in the 90’s
A millennial I am
Generation y
The first generation introduced to modern technology
Started primitive, but began to evolve quickly
Music was great
With the introduction of grunge
We are a unique bunch
Starting off Saturday mornings with wonder ***** and Cap’n Crunch
Cartoons were well written, witty even
Then the 2000’s came
Destroying all imagination left in our brains
I tell you all these things
But forget to mention
Only 90’s kids will remember
Kyle Janisch Mar 2022
My mother has always been my biggest fan;
But not always my bestfriend

Constantly picking apart my flaws, at what always seemed to be the worst moment possible

Could easily identify mine, but refused to acknowledge hers;
Constantly making her upbringing her excuse and to why she is the way she is

My childhood is the reason I am who I am, but I do constantly throw it in her face

Hiding perfectly behind a wall of excuses and within a sea of trauma, my mother has become the perfect worst version of herself

She now tries to be better, but still refuses to accept any actual change

I hope she soon finds peace within herself because no one deserves to leave this world with a heavy heart
Kyle Janisch Jan 2022
I am tired of always being the villain in my story

Perhaps one day

I can try being the hero
Kyle Janisch Nov 2015
I walked through the woods late last night trying to make my way home. A full moon lit up the night sky casting just enough light through the trees so that I may see the path. I had taken the shortcut through the woods many times before, but tonight left me with a eerie feeling that trembled by bones and shook my soul.
It was exceptionally cold for a summer night and I had a feeling that I wasn’t alone. I was about halfway through when I heard rustling in the brush and laughter that appeared to come out of the heart of the forest. Terror now plagued my mind and body. I wanted to run to the end of the trail so that I may reach my destination sooner, but a strong feeling of curiosity overcame me. I began walking towards the laughter when I saw a light beaming through the trees, it appeared to be coming from a fire. As I got closer to the light, the warmer I felt. It was without a doubt a fire, but who this pyro was, was beyond me.
I approached an open area with which the fire was held and I crouched in a bush so that I may get a better look into the open field. Six shadowy figures danced around the bonfire chanting words that held no meaning to me. As terrified as I was, curiosity was still the stronger feeling and with that I continued to watch this bizarre ritual. The shadows turned into bodies, female bodies to be exact. They were as bare as a tree in winter and a sudden rush of excitement coursed through my body.  I leaned in closer and closer until I fell forward out of the bush. The six naked strangers instantly turned in my direction. Laughter erupted from their mouths and they started to walk towards me. I jumped to my feet and attempted to run, but it was no use, they caught me, tied me up, and knocked me out.
When I finally woke up I noticed that I was still *******, unable to move or set myself free. One of the women noticed too that I had come to and approached me with a curved blade. She was speaking a language I didn’t understand but it was either Latin or some other dead language. Instantly I had gone from ******* in the corner of the open brush to ******* to a stake in the center of a pile of wood. All six women bean dancing and chanting yet again, then the same girl who approached me with the curved blade repeated her actions before. A sharp pain ran through my side as the women drove the blade into my flesh, her fingers prying my flesh open as her fingers entered my body and as they left so did my kidneys. Wincing through the pain I saw she and another girl consume them and they began smearing my blood on their arms and bodies. Another girl came near me, holding a blade that took the appearance of a lightning bolt. She too tore through my flesh, only this time she took my liver and she too consumed it, also smearing my blood only this time it was on her face and *******. The last three approached me, but this time only one possessed a blade. This one looked like a snake and it too entered me. She ran it straight into my chest, starting at the collar bone and ripping down below my breast. The other two girls pried my chest open, while the girl in the center, who I believed to be the leader of the group, tore my heart out, also consuming it, only this time she said a prayer in the process and did not smear my blood on herself, but instead had the other two girls smear the blood on themselves. Life was leaving my body, I was shocked that it hadn’t left yet. Finally it left and I was out of my misery.
The strange six lit the pile of wood, setting my body ablaze as they continued to dance and chant. A deep rumbling began, as if it was coming from the deepest depths of the Earth. The ground ripped open and a figure rose from the schism. Its skin black and red, as if it were scorched beyond repair. It released a growl so deep, dark, and loud that it shook the heavens and awoke God itself. Unfortunately the God of light was not here, but the Prince of darkness stood in its place. The dark lord approached the six women. “Take us master” they all said in unison, and so the dark prince did. Collecting them all in one fistful, he began to consume them.  The Prince crawled back into the mighty gaping hole in the Earth, it closing in the process. The unholy night finally passed.
Morning approached and a cool breeze blew my scorched remains, still tied to the post, into the sky. No one was present to witness the horrors that occurred the night before and no one will ever know the tale of darkness walking on Earth. My body may had suffered a grisly punishment, but my soul now resides in paradise. The Dark Prince that plagued the land only hours ago, currently resides in his unholy kingdom, never to return to the land of the living.
Kyle Janisch Nov 2015
If we are all the same
Then why do we place the blame
Into the arms of the undeserving
The ones who need not to pay
If we are all the same
Why do we try to be different?
Why not be alike
Share our humanity
Help one another
Keep out of reach from insanity
Are we really that different?
Or are we really the same?
I’ve always figured that the things that make us different
Is the way we play the game
Kyle Janisch Mar 2022
Fingers run through tangled hair;
And I see you wince in pain;
As I pull ever so gently

I feel your breath on my neck;
As your head lays on my chest;
Looking up with soft eyes

It is as if you see something that isn’t there;
A version of me known only to you;
A version worth loving

My eyelids grow heavy;
And you are already asleep;
Everything is as it should be
Kyle Janisch Jan 2016
And as the world says hello to the new year and welcomes it with open arms

I am already ready to say goodbye
Kyle Janisch Feb 2016
I met a man today, old and brittle, I could tell he was filled with knowledge of this world, he had answers to the questions that I was still asking. I walking by when he stopped me. “Young man, may I speak with you for a moment”?
“Certainly, what can I do for you”?
“I understand you’re still young, but could I ask you a question”?
“Have you discovered the meaning of life”? “I mean your meaning of life, the one specifically designed for you”?
“I think so, yes”
“Would you explain it to me”?
“Well, I think I was placed in this world to make people happy, I’m not sure why, but I feel that this is my true purpose. I love making people smile and laugh, I love bringing joy to all, young and old. I can’t explain it, but I get this feeling whenever I accomplish this goal, like it was written in the stars. I believe that is my true purpose in this life.”
The old man began to smile as soon as I finished my story and instantly stood up and hugged me.
“Young man, your story has made me very happy, I can tell that you will bring joy and happiness back into this world”
“Thank you, but why did you stop and ask me this question when you could’ve asked any other person around here”?
“There was something about you, I feel as if it was written in the universe that we meet, call it our destiny to meet each other”
“I feel it too, almost like déjà vu, thank you”
“No need to thank me, but rather thank the universe”
As he finished, he got up and began walking away, continuing on with his journey through life. Was it written in the stars that we met? I’m not sure, but I’m glad we did. Perhaps he was some sort of guardian angel, sent to make sure I realized my true purpose in life. I suppose only the stars know the future.
Now I begin my journey, to restore joy and happiness to the world which has become filled with sadness and hate, for this is my mission and always has been. I feel as if I’ll see the man again, but only time will tell.
The future looks promising, just as the universe has always had planned.
Kyle Janisch Dec 2015
Ah yes here we are again
A new generation having to clean up the messes made by the old
We’re stuck with silver when we wanted gold
But that’s just how it goes
One generation ***** everything up
While the next one tries to grab ahold
Well it’s time to end the cycle
It’s time we change
We must be better
For us and the next generation
They’re the future so why make things harder for them?
I just don’t get it
Selfish thoughts are the cause of this
Mentalities need to change
For the better of course
And if they don’t we will dry up
Along with the Earth
Kyle Janisch Nov 2015
I am a blank canvas made of stardust and rust, ready to give way to the smallest amount of pressure. I search the galaxy for one to call my own, one who also was forged in the stars. I have been searching for quite some time now and my hope begins to fade, for I don’t believe I will ever find her. Wandering the lone galaxy can be quite lonesome and I long for the desire to be wanted. Dear star child, will I ever find you? My time grows short, for soon I will shatter under pressure and my ashes spread into the never ending blackness that is our galaxy. My remains may once again be crafted into a star anew, but one cannot be so sure. I search for thee dear star child and hope our paths will cross soon
Kyle Janisch Jun 2017
Little kisses placed upon your cheek
A deep love courses through your veins;
Pumped through a deeply broken heart
A pounding head;
And eyes pulsating as if they were to explode
Hands, shaking at the very thought of your touch
Moist palms and weak knees
Your mind, racing, unable to process a controlled thought
An emotion once thought to be lost, has now been regained
It is terrifying;
And it is familiar
It is love
Your body is slowly becoming warm in its embrace
No longer suffering;
You are now complete
Kyle Janisch Dec 2016
My job is a writer;
Coffee shops are just a hobby
I would rather be in the lobby writing
Than be behind the counter
Wearing green and black
Trying to convince every customer;
To cut me some slack
Because I accidentally messed up your drink
You now spew words of hate
Things that make me want to *****;
In the kitchen sink
Learn that I'm only a man;
Trapped behind this bar
I'm more than just the person;
Who hands you your drink;
While you sit in your car
So pass me the lotion;
So that I may show you what you are
No longer will you spew your words of hate at me;
No longer will I ***** in the sink
Learn to be a better person;
Now shut up and take your drink
Kyle Janisch Aug 2017
The smell of cigarettes linger in the air
It's on your clothes;
On your skin;
And on your breath
Your lips taste of warm cinnamon
Our tongues wrestle gently;
And our bodies become entangled in one another
Fingers lock and legs intertwine
As I run my fingers up and down along your back;
I can feel your skin start to shake;
Your legs begin to tremble;
As I kiss your thighs
This is not our first encounter;
Hopefully not the last
You feel soft, and wet, and warm
The feeling is truly indescribable
Just as soon as it had started;
It quickly began to end
I can feel your insides pushing against me;
Releasing your passion all over me
You now lay upon my chest;
As we are now tangled once more;
This time in a more romantic way
I would not dare feel anything else;
For the way I feel in this moment is all I wish to feel forever
Kyle Janisch May 2016
Here I stand tall
Leaves blowing in the wind
Searching for purpose
Not knowing my purpose is to exist
Be the best I can be
Show the world who I am
But who am I?
I am me and proud to be
You see me smile, blind to frown behind it
Demons reside inside me
But have no fear, these demons shall find absolution
Find the light
I shall no longer reside in the night
I’m not a god, nor do I wish to be
I am me;
And I’m glad to be
Kyle Janisch Sep 2018
Everything is black
The sight of small lights,glimmer all around;
They are synchronized with my heartbeat
It is silent;
So very much so that I can barely hear my own;
I am not sure if I am alive or dead;
And time ceases to exist
I'm still, yet moving;
Maybe being carried by an unknown force
The urge to fight it eludes me;
And as the lights around me begin to fade
Everything becomes;
Kyle Janisch Nov 2016
We are blanks canvases
Looking for someone to color on us
Share their wisdom and beauty
Lay it down on us
Turn us into something worth looking at
Put us in a gallery;
So that we may one day be admired
By those who understand beauty
Is something more;
Than what is just hanging on these walls
Allow us to dream
Be whomever we wish
We are more than just bank canvases
We are living beings
Who only desire one wish
So let us shout to the heavens
For they may one day hear us
Let the world around us know
That we are more than just a blank canvas
Kyle Janisch Jul 2016
Traveling down this road
No idea where it goes
Compelled to find out;
I blindly follow
This trail paved in blood and gold
Signs of others journey to success
Perhaps I too will find what I seek
But what is it that I seek?
I wish to be great, but also want to lead others to greatness
I must hurry without delay
Before procrastination plagues my brain
Halfway through the trail I begin to see
Something that wasn’t meant to be seen
Another traveler on their quest to greatness
They appear to be stuck;
In this thick black muck
I offer a hand and they refuse
Now confused I question why;
They refuse my help to aid them to the sky
“I am fine and I need none but myself’
For now I see that their self-righteousness is the cause of the muck
The traveler soon becomes consumed by the black;
And I continue on, for it is what I must do
Now arriving at the end of this road
I find myself dumbfounded
I did not achieve greatness
Perhaps I didn’t achieve greatness because I am already great
Greatness has always lied within me
It was the traveler;
The one stuck in the black
That made me now realize that too much self-righteousness will suffocate you
It will blind you from the light
Disarm you, remove you from the golden sight
Greatness is achieved by helping others;
And when I offered a hand
The muck blinded the traveler
I must now stay true;
To myself and my path
I am great;
And so are you
Kyle Janisch Mar 2016
Woke up today with a brand new feeling
A new mindset is of what I’m speaking
Remove the dark clouds, let the rays pass through
See a life full of color
No longer feeling blue
A smile began to creep across my face
And the sudden feeling of remorse for the human race
Crept up my spine, occupied my stomach
Left me feeling something new
Perhaps we are not as bad as we seem
Maybe were better
Then the humans who are alive
To make others’ lives bitter
We possess the light within us
Now it’s time to let go
Let us show one another
That we’re worth more than gold
Kyle Janisch Jun 2018
Sitting in silence;
Wishing to be heard
But they drown me out;
And my voice cracks every time
I muster up the courage
To be loud enough;
So that I may be heard
But they don't listen
because they do not care;
For my words
Because they tell a story
Of abuse;
And how I'm ignored;
They dare not listen;
For the fear of realization;
That they were wrong;
Yet they dare not believe;
That I could be truthful;
And how my words carry a song
That just might awaken;
The child inside;
And force them to finally listen;
And realize;
That I spoke the truth
Now my voice no longer cracks
When it speaks louder
Than what has been allowed
Kyle Janisch Dec 2021
Why do I always pick the people

Who appear to be save havens

But are really just;

Broken homes?
Kyle Janisch May 2018
Why does it take;
For someone to cut their hands;
On your broken pieces;
For you to know that they truly care?
Kyle Janisch Dec 2015
You promised you’d never leave
You promised you’d never lie
You promised me the world
You promised me the sky
You broke your promises to me long ago
You strung me along with a shred of hope
When did you start lying?
When will you stop?
I bet the answer is never
But it’s not totally your fault
You can’t help yourself
You like the way it makes you feel
The way it tastes
Addicting as can be
Leaves you feeling invincible
Well you’re not and I will prove it to you
For you’re not the only one who lied
So how does it feel?
Kyle Janisch Nov 2015
Here I come
Here I go
Chaos follows close everywhere I go
Don’t get close or defeat is what you’ll meet
Tears of an angel perched upon my cheek
Waiting for you to miss me
As I swing from the tree
Free as can be
This rope hugs me better than you could ever make me believe
Feel that tension in your chest?
That’s sadness and regret forming a hurricane
Now get ready
Here comes the pain
It first drives you crazy
Then leaves you insane
Say goodbye to your sanity
Good riddance
I didn’t need it anyway
Kyle Janisch Jan 2016
Flowing through the wind
Gently gliding in the breeze
Once perched high above
Now magnificently falling before my feet
Little petals, bearing shades of red
Fall from high above
Land calmly onto my head
Warm breezes guide them
All across the land
It’s cherry blossom season
And I wish it would never end
Kyle Janisch Jan 2016
It’s late at night and under the bed I hide
I can hear the door opening
He’s coming
I cover my mouth, no time for sound
I can’t let him hear me
For if he finds me I’m doomed
For now I hide in the shroud of shadow
Heart filled with doom
He draws closer
It’s as if he’s breathing down my neck
My heart is beating fast
Sweat collecting on my forehead
His footsteps stop just in front of my bed
He’s coming
He reached down under the bed to feel for me
He’s coming closer
He grabbed me and ripped me from my cover
He’s here
He looked deep into my eyes and began to steal my soul
He now has his prize and moves towards the window
He opens it wide and spreads his wings, ready to fly
Off he goes into the night with me by his side
I am his now
I no longer suffer or cry
For now I am a child of the night
Kyle Janisch Aug 2016
Standing tall, standing bold
Standing in the world of old
Charismatic and curious, I dare explore;
This mysterious realm
Confusing and cold;
For that is the overall tone
For its citizens remain clinging to the darkness that shrouds the area
What is this place?
How can I go home?
This place resents my presence;
It craves my soul
I begin to run, shout, and cry
“Dear lord, release me from this prison, please free me”
“He cannot hear you, he will not hear your cries”
The townsfolk chant as they approach
One grabs my head, as another cuts my throat
“You’re free to be with your god, no longer bound to this realm”;
“For now you may sit next to the man bearing the thorn helm”
They chant and sing as my body dies
My soul, no longer in my body, ascends towards the sky
Clouds open and light begins to disperse
Demons laugh and angels weep
Mother won’t understand and father cannot sleep
For now I am among the light
No longer in the realm of old
I am no longer charismatic;
And I am no longer curious
I no longer stand tall;
And I am no longer bold
Now my body may be cold;
But my soul forever remains warmed by the light
I am not in pain, no longer do I know such torment
Instead I now lay on a bed of solace;
Warmed with a blanket of love;
And caressed by the hands of the caring
I am now truly at peace
No longer looking for a release
Kyle Janisch Apr 2019
The sound of shallow wind whispers into my ears
The smell of fresh air comforts my;
And alleviates the stress of unwanted;
The skin on my palms is damp;
So much that the skin feels new
The soles of my feet begin to ache;
For I have been walking for some time now
The sun is starting to fade;
And the moons glow quickly replaces the orange aura from the sun's;
Kyle Janisch Oct 2016
Take me away to the land beyond the stars. Allow me to frolic among the cosmos with feelings of melancholy. Join me in unholy matrimony and gaze into my eyes and see the past, see the pain, oh how it never lasts. Listen closely. Can you hear it? The sound of new beginnings being erected in the distance. Quite lovely isn’t it? It makes you believe that things will be ok, that new planets will be found, and we will never decay. Hold my hand as we make our endeavor into the multiverse and know that we will never be done. Humans will envy us and aliens will wish to be as fearless. Blind to failure, we continue on, into the unknown we have grown very fond. We will explore all of the endless silence and the great beyond.
Kyle Janisch Nov 2015
I run as fast as I can, trying to get away
But no matter how fast I run it’s never fast enough
Trailing on my heels, breathing down my neck
Darkness always follows
Keeping up without even breaking a sweat
It grows ever closer, ready to take my mind
Ready to take my soul, leaving me forever blind
Why can’t you leave me alone?
Why can’t you let me be?
For you see dear child, this is your destiny
Alone forever shrouded in despair
For you lived an empty life
So it seems this is only fair
You get what you give and give what you get
This is only the beginning
You don’t know true darkness yet
Here I come, there I go, coming for your soul
Forever mine it will be and into the void you will go
I grow ever closer, your fate nearly sealed
I sliced open your flesh and crimson pours from your neck
Soon life will leave your body, you will be mine yet
I see your soul now and reach out and take it
You lived your life poorly and your mind fills with regret
You paid with your life and are no longer in debt
Kyle Janisch Aug 2017
Flow free like the air that flows between our hair
Be the thing that people need;
Though they may not know it
Enter quietly upon the life of a being;
Caress their skin with such little effort
Let your presence be known, but do not disrupt
Fly high overhead
Look down over the lives that you touch everyday
The bodies that breathe you in and out;
Know that you are just as much a part of them as they are you
Flutter gracefully in their thoughts;
And lovingly in their hearts
Dance with their spirit, it may just dance with you
Kyle Janisch Nov 2015
Emotions flow through our mind like a locomotion. Constantly and consistently making stops to pick up and drop off its passengers at various stops. Whether be the heart, beating behind the breast or in the mind making its host blind to the world that you no longer know. Emotions are great things if you know how to manipulate them, but alas man has not come to terms with these mental giants. Unable to tame the things that define us as human has been man's greatest downfall. Ailments such as depression have risen from darkest corners of the mind, inflicting massive damage to both man's psyche and heart. Depression being the dark cloud that follows its host from place to place, makes its victim suffer beyond question. Pain not only courses through the mind, but through the chest as well, leaving its host's heart a desolate wasteland, a shell of its former being. Latching itself to the very thing it needs to survive, killing it slowly and thoroughly.
Kyle Janisch Nov 2016
Never in a million years did I think I would lose what I believed to be the only thing that made me, me. Attached to me like a parasite, never to let go. It first became attached when I was young and since then my only choice was to grow around it.
Many years have passed and it slowly began to let go. To let me finally be free. I could see the light through the cracks and was soon consumed by hope that maybe one day this parasite would finally die.
Here I am today, a free body, free to do whatever I like and feel whatever I wish to feel. I am no longer afraid of my feelings and no longer possess a reason to be afraid. The parasite has left my being and after many years the light that poked through the cracks has finally broken through. I overcame my depression. I never thought I would, but yet here I stand. I never thought I would make it. I almost didn’t, for death called me every day and every night, not that I could tell the difference between the two.
I may feel sad and dark some days, but I know it will never be like it once was and I have everyone who has helped me over the years to thank. I am able to be me because of all of you. I love you all and hope that one day your parasites will vanish. Stay strong and never give up, no matter how much you want to.
Kyle Janisch Nov 2015
It run through our bodies
Skips through our veins
Seeps into our minds, Driving us literally insane
It enters our hearts blinding us from what's true
The day it takes over is a day you will rue
When it fully possesses it's host, destruction is near
All in it's grasp will suffer, Even you my dear
No one is safe, For an unholy creature is set loose
It will string you from the neck and cast your body off edge from a tower high above
It knows not of forgiveness, sympathy, Or love
It fits around your conscious, Snug like a glove
Tears open your psyche, For remorse it has none
Have you figured out what it is yet
Is it driving you insane
Does it dangle off your delicate membrane
The answer lies around the corner, I promise it is near
For this disease all men suffer from is known only as fear
Kyle Janisch Oct 2021
The words you left on my skin;
And reading them makes me;
I would do anything to remove them;
But the idea of me being better than them gives me;
I refuse to drown in the body you used to;
Kyle Janisch Aug 2016
Dear best friend
I just wanted to say
I love you;
And you turn my skies blue when they’re meant to be gray
You make my heart beat faster;
And time begins to slow
You may not always know how much you mean to me;
And I want you to know
That you are my favorite flower;
And I will do anything to watch you grow
I know times are tough for you right now
You believe you have lost your way
But I need you to know right now
That I will do anything to turn your gray skies blue again
I will be here to hold your hand
For you are my little flower
But before anything;
You are my best friend
Kyle Janisch Jan 2023
Remnants of who I was

Lay scattered across your floor

Like ***** laundry

That you have no intention of cleaning

Parts of me that will be pushed under your;


Parts that will be;

Kyle Janisch Feb 2020
Allow yourself to become full of;
Divine feminine energy
Do not fear feeling and loving in the way;
Only a woman can
You do not need need to be a woman;
In order to feel her energy
Shed old skin and become reborn in the image of a;
Kyle Janisch Aug 2016
Happy faces and false smiles
A strong glare, promoting dishonorable intentions
Fake handshakes, not bearing truth;
And corrupt minds corrupting others
Ones that were once pure, stained with defeat
We are easily persuaded
Overthrown and defeated
We are human beings
Claiming we can conquer a planet
How can we do this?
When we can’t even conquer ourselves?
Kyle Janisch Aug 2016
I met this girl today
She reminded me of you
Long brown hair dripping over her face
Cold lively eyes brightening up her space
Ice runs through her veins;
And a fire burns in her heart
She inspires me to be a better me
Kind of like you
But you’re gone now
Unsure if you will ever return;
And now the space you held in my heart;
Is replaced by an ember that burns for truth
I met this girl today;
And oh how I long for her to be you
Kyle Janisch May 2022
We live in the past because we cannot see the future

We dwell on every mistake, failure, and heartbreak;
Because we that's what is familiar to us

The idea of realizing how much we've changed is unfathomable to us;
Simply because we don't believe in ourselves

We are great and we are worthy of every good thing that has happened and will happen

Choose not to dwell in the past;
And learn to dream in the future

Understand how capable you are

Become the you I know you can be
Kyle Janisch Oct 2017
I am drowning
My body has become heavy;
And is dragging me down under the current
I am cold;
And nothing is as it seems
Drifting slowly in the tide
I am weak
Thoughts of pushing back against the stream elude me
I am not me
Black masks my identity;
Forcing my entity to blend with the surroundings
I am lost;
Forever becoming the tide
Kyle Janisch Dec 2015
It’s early in the morning
There’s frost on the ground
Coffee in my cup
And warmth in my heart
But I still feel empty
Maybe it’s because you’re not with me
Maybe because you left looking for something I didn’t have
I’m sorry darling I couldn’t be what you needed
I’m sorry I couldn’t be yours
I miss you darling
So much it hurts
I suppose I’m being selfish
I should be happy you’re searching for a better you
I just wish I could find a better me
Someone you could lean on when the winds of life blow you around
I wish I could be your rock
I’m sorry I couldn’t be those things
You deserve better
I hope you find what you’re looking for
Kyle Janisch Sep 2017
Walk with water;
And feel with fire
Let your heart burn with desire
Let your mind become air
Allow your temple to be earth
All may enter
As the world drips around you
Stay focused on your center
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