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Kyle Janisch Feb 11
The voice

Inside my head

Is no longer

Kyle Janisch Feb 10
Can you find

                           The strength within


                                Or are you too scared

                                              to even look?
Kyle Janisch Jan 27
Do you remember

When we were young

And the future was still a sweet sensation

Within our minds

When did it all

Become so bitter?
Kyle Janisch Jan 21
"I love you"

Will always be the cruelest thing

You ever said to

Kyle Janisch Dec 2023
When did I go from being a beautiful memory

To just another painful entry

In your diary?
Kyle Janisch Dec 2023
The soft morning light veers through the cracks in the blinds

Reminding you that today is a new day;

And that the next chapter in your life is simply waiting for you to write it

Try not to dwell in unchangeable nightmares of yesterday;

Focus only on the sweet dreams of today
Kyle Janisch Dec 2023
When        did        you

Finally         stop

Loving           yourself?
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