I hate the passing of time.
Already the path you wore to my door is overgrown.
Never again will I look into your eyes.
your scent has faded in all but the rarest of corners.

I dreamt of you last night.
Alive and happy.

I hate the passing of time.
Each day brings new awareness of your absence.
The hole in my heart widens and consumes.
My grief is all I have left - no consolation.

You fought to the end.
With your very last breath.
Then you were gone.

I hate the passing of time.
I don't love you.
But I love how you make me feel.

You're the shiver on my spine.
You're the penitent at my shrine.
My guilty pleasure.
My secret desire.

You're the fist in my hair.
You're the hostage to my chair.
My wicked game.
My broken hallelujah.

You're the gasp on my neck.
You're the call to my beck.
My maze to wander.
My lips' road to travel.

You're the catch in my breath.
You're the moan of little death.
My whisper of passion.
My cry of release.

You're the hand spread on my gut.
You're the soft bite on my butt.
My sweet caressing spoon.
My laughing blue moon.

I don't love you.
But I love everything you do to me.
Echo Floating Nov 2017
Autumn has fallen.
Bowed her umber head
On bended knee
In supplication

A new reign begins

The geese in formation flee
Their discordant cries
a perfect counterpoint
To their orderly V

The banished army of summer

Still Sunday mornings
Frostbitten silences
Shattered by the cacophony
of hunters' guns

Reaping the spoils

Hedgerows thickly laden
Berries of holly,
sloe, ivy, crabapple
After sweeter fruits are gone

Provide a bitter feast

Coldness brings clarity
Stripped away
of the raiment of summer
The bare vista in her true form

Naked, cold and beautiful

Only the strongest scents survive
The salt tang of the sea
The sharpness of evergreen
Joined now by a new one

The tingling promise of snow

Onward she sweeps
A glittering queen
Tracing filigree on
leaf, pond and pane

Marking her conquests

The world is struck numb,
By this terrible beauty
This force of nature

Now is the cusp of Winter
Echo Floating Nov 2017
I really like you

Whispered in my ear
Murmured into my hair
Nuzzled into my neck

But always their eyes roved

Over my shoulder
Hunting for the next
girl to chase in text

I am never enough
For anyone
To stop
To say

I found you
Echo Floating Nov 2017
Grey pre-dawn light
Twinkling stars fade slowly
into paling night sky
Waves break on the shore
Seagrass whispers to the wind
My breath plumes into chilly air
I shiver and pull my coat tighter
Colours and shapes take definition
The slow passing of time
Brings all into view
Muted but there
The first fingers of pink and gold
touch the far horizon
And excruciatingly slowly
The sliver of sun appears
And swells into the waiting sky
Sunrise beach cold dawn winter alone
Echo Floating Oct 2017
I passed a quiet hour today,
Watching people in a Café.
The studious girl with her homework spread,
Glancing sideways at the clique she'd rather join instead.
The middle-aged woman licking lips as she swiped,
Was it tinder, shoes or pastries on her notepad flying right?
The couple not speaking so engrossed in their phones,
Only acknowledging each other when it was time to go home.
The trio of yummy mummies, dressed carefully to kill,
Smudging lipstick on caramel lattes - politely competing to pay the bill.
I watched them all quietly,
Each tableau a one-act play.
On my last sip the curtain fell,
I rose and paid. Went my own way.
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