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Dosen't matter Oct 2020
Is it you
It it me
Or is it the universe
That keeps tearing us apart ?
  Aug 2020 Dosen't matter
The poetry isn’t in all these words —
It’s in knowing I survived them.
Holy smokes! Thank you everyone for all of the support! I don’t come here too often so I did not expect this; what a beautiful surprise ♥️
Dosen't matter Aug 2020
She Spends her noons being asleep
Disconnected with the world
But She's awake at nights
Dark thoughts are coming by
She tries to Distract herself by thinking about the distractions she might need
Thinking about the person she cant bring back into her life again
But nothing seems to help
Her failed attempts of distraction
Has became an frustration by itself
Because every thing she thinks
Brings back the unbearable pain she had
  Aug 2020 Dosen't matter
Every time I close my eyes
I see visions of your smile
I sense the pain that you always hide
I feel hopeless every time

I wish that I could make everything better
I wish that I could make your life brighter
I wish that I can make you stronger
Seeing you miserable, makes me weaker

I hope miracles do come true
So that I can see that beautiful smile that you always do
I wish problem will go away from you
For you to start a life anew
Dosen't matter Aug 2020
Somethings shouldn't be said out loud
Some secrets should be kept to ourselves
Some memories should be
buried beneath our souls
Some people
should be forgotten
for our own good...
Dosen't matter Aug 2020
My Dear beloved lover
may we find each other
In a world that isn't as cruel and unfair to love one another
My dear beloved lover
May we find each other
and find our peace together in a world that accepts our love for one another;
Dosen't matter Apr 2020
My poetry is a reflection of my thoughts
It's naked poetry made out of naked thoughts
Try to see it though try to read my mind
If you try It's not that hard cause my heart is see through
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