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You see them walking and think “why did I ever deserve you?”
2. Crying yourself to sleep over the though that you two might once again be happy
3. You’ve already asked. Twice. And got nothing more than contempt.
4. Why did you mess up? Why weren’t you better? What did you do?
5. Thinking about the sweet days, when you sat together and cuddled; when you dried your tears as she got on FaceTime; when you were happy, and didn’t have to rely on a plant to make you happy. When you didn’t drink so much to sooth the urge to call and spill all your repressed feelings. Think back to when you were happy
im hiding the skeletons in my closet
hoping they dont come for me
hoping they dont stand up and walk
hoping they dont speak back about the memories ive buried
im on depression pills now so that helps but ive been smoking more **** than snoop dogg
I put my head on the chopping block for you
If only to show my vunerability
and you picked up the axe
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i just got bored so here. poetry by my forehead
  Feb 2018 Nihilistic Nobody
Rules to being a lady
As told by the women in my life
1.Don't put your elbows on the table
2.Don't chew with your mouth open
3.Let the men get the doors
4.Say please and thank you
5.Don't speak out of turn
6.The oldest man goes first in the house(for anything)
7.Clean the house
8.Lay out his clothes
9.Cook his meals
10.Be a ***** if you need to be but only if it doesn't make him feel uncomfortable
Rules to being me
As told by me
1. Listen to how you feel
2.If it feels right then do it
3.If it doesn't then don't
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