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Oct 2014 · 2.5k
How Do I Say GoodBye
Darrielle Oct 2014
How Do I say goodbye when I  can hardly let go.
  How do I say goodbye if I won't accept  that you're already at heaven's door.
Maybe one day I'll find a way to be happy that you're not in pain, but at piece. Although it may seem selfish, I do hate that you're so far away.
Now that I can't see you each and every day.
You weren't just my uncle but also my best friend. I did looked forward to those days that you made me smile, they were always real never pretend.

How do I say goodbye when I don't want to believe you're not here,
  How do I say goodbye without shedding tears.
To me this may never seem real, you're my uncle I thought you'd always be here.
  Knowing that you're gone forever is what I fear most.

There is No answer to how do I say goodbye because It's not forever just until we meet in heaven.
For my uncle Keith, I love you. Still can't believe you left us like this but I love you anyway.

— The End —