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Inked Papers Apr 2016
Send a raven, send an owl.
Send a prayer, I ask, how?

She who waltz under the rain,
Also carols amidst the pain.

A song with broken melodies,
rhythm made of remedies.

Makes the closed ears hear,
with the bitter words sound so dear.

Send a raven, send an owl.

She makes a non believer
send a hopeful prayer.
"Her love is my religion." - The Cab

Not yet back, see it *****.
Inked Papers Dec 2015
First among the others.
The blood among the tears.
The salt among the waters.
The sweet among the bitter.
The murderer among the thieves.

Now tell me,
how do you hold a heart?
With a shiv,
or hands with pool of blood?

Now tell me,
how will you leave?
Since she didn't celebrate her birthday recently, maybe she isn't a Sagittarius.  

Oh she shares the same hobbies that all of you used to.
Inked Papers Nov 2015
You know you've failed to love a writer when...
               *you left and she didn't even had the thought to write about you
wag kang umibig ng manunulat ika nila
kase sa pagkakataong ika'y mawala
Ika'y mananatili sa mga sulatin
Inked Papers Nov 2015
You are back,
yet you have to leave so soon.
You can leave the door open,
I really don't mind.
Just be careful along the road,
mind not,
I will be tired seeking in you in the darkness
so maybe, I will just sit here inside for a while.
But the door is open,
if someone closes that, it won't be me.
But feel free to come back, break the door if you need to.
Just remember, finish the tea before you leave again.

Visit me soon, kay? Ciao
Good bye Louise, didn't expect I'd fall, sorry.
I will be waiting for a while, be quick.
It was nice having you. I will miss you.
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