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  Aug 2018 JustChloe
Paris Jackson
You can never tough your dreams if you don't reach
You can never reach your dreams if you  don't extend
You can never extend your dreams if you don't lessen the bend
of your arm
because if you do it will set off an alarm
that will leave you close
Just begging for your next dose
of your dream
leaving your self-esteem
too die
You can never do all you dream of if you don't try
  Aug 2018 JustChloe
Paris Jackson
We are scared of the monsters under the bed
but ok with the monsters in our head
but the monsters won't end up dead
we will
find a way to ****
ourselves or others
and we must realize there are too many mothers
burying their baby
praying that maybe
their kid will outlive their older brother
who was too young, gone too soon
just like a ballon
floating up to the moon
gets popped, gets dropped
left in the street
nothing but cold meet
for his mother to find
and these are some monsters we keep in our mind
we think if we act blind
the world will seem kind
  Jul 2018 JustChloe
Paris Jackson
What sad sad long and drawn on song  
This emotional Donkey Kong
Feeling as if I'm most slipping
Tripping tripping till I'm dipping
My soul into the sad abyss
I used to be in perfect bliss

The sad in my heart I not try
And many of night I not cry
But why my sister must depart
And fill up that large large college cart
And roll and roll it to her dorm
Where she sits waiting for the storm
As i lay in once was her room
Trying not to allow the gloom
To be creeping into my heart
I wish that we were not apart
I could not stop her from leaving
Nor could  protect my heart  grieving

I'm missing the way she would smile
how we would sit and talk  a while
But she has departed and left
In so take my heart in a theft
In time i will find its for  best
Within she could hold the house crest

Without she shall be degreased
Nevermore to partake  her embrace
If so my hands not try delay
Both god and me know she not stay
With these hands i try to bestow
That my dear sister clo shall know
That me and we love her soul so
that it break my heart to see her go

My sister is gone gone away
Though my heart doth want her to stay
This feeling i know will never
Go away and will stay forever
Those who read and feel the same way
Take comfort in the words I say
They will never have gone away
JustChloe Jun 2018
When I was younger, I saw a meteorite
It fell from the orange sky
I watched it fly in front of me
I was sitting in the back of my family's jeep
Pointing forward,
Eyes glistening,
“Look there..”
Before him was a white streak in the sky heading down
As if something was announcing
I was here
“It's a plane..” He said
Quickly diminishing my dream
Quickly disregarding what I think
That could have made me lose hope but I didn’t
My eyes still glistened
Looked up knowing it wasnt of this world
That this white streak was all that was left behind
As something miraculous came from the sky
It was special
Different and I knew it
No matter how many times he told me it was nothing
How many times I reiterated that it was more than that
That it was everything
That it was mysterious
And out of this world
He claimed it was nothing
That it  was the same
No ounce of doubt in his mind
He saw a plane
But I saw a meteorite

Throughout my life
I never saw someone that special
So beautiful  that they left white streaks in their wake
So amazing that I would of risked wrecking my car
Just to see the allure they can create
I knew she was out of this world
And what we had was special
But my dad claimed it was nothing
We were just friends
And my love was misinterpreted
Quickly diminishing my dream
Quickly disregarding what I think
But my eyes still glistened  
As the sight of her
There was no one I loved more
My dad swore what we had was nothing
While I swore it was the opposite
That it was everything
That it was beauty
And it was special
And it was different

Later on the news
The reporter spoke of a meteorite that fell in my county
The picture he showed was exactly what I thought it would be
“Wow” my dad said
“You were right”
JustChloe Feb 2018
Pick me like a flower
Like there was an entire field of daisies and for some reason you just picked me
In no way am I the most beautiful
But you choose me first
And chose me only

Chose me like a crayon
When your a toddler drawing a picture for mommy
And you just know the sky has to be that shade
In no way am I perfect for you
But you don’t care
And you choose me anyway

Fight for me like I’m favorite food place
And your dad just asked you where you wanted to eat
And they want pizza but you are in love with the Chinese spot right down the street
I’m not cheapest
But I’m worth it

So pick me
Cause you don’t mind mediocre daisies
green skies
Or Chinese food that you know you don’t need
JustChloe Feb 2018
My ability to love is like a river
No matter how big of a rock heartbreak throws in it
No matter how painful, it runs through me
Into whatever path possible
Whoever opens themselves to me will feel it
They will be drenched in my affection
I can’t
I love who don't deserve it
Who dont deserve me
Who squander my love like it's, some worthless thing
don't deserve me
Yet my love flows onto them
don't deserve me
Yet I still love, Unconditionally
JustChloe Sep 2017
I wake up every morning and look in the mirror
you are beautiful
I say
you deserve to live
I thought repeating these words would make them mean something to me
I was told saying those things would make me better
as if those words would unleash a will to live back in my body
will make my soul less likely to wish for its own destruction
but its not working very well

I pray before I eat every meal
thank you God
I say
Forgive me Father
I thought asking Him for these things would change the thoughts in my head
I was told it would make me want to live again
as if those words would breathe happiness into my life
and would make the wrongs I've done right
but its not working so well

I started making myself eat meals
Wake up
I say
It's time to eat breakfast
I thought making myself eat would show me it's okay
I was told all i had to do was eat and the problem would go away
as if eating more would make me want to be beautiful less
as if the more meals I had the more I would want to wiegh
but it's not working so well

Every time I look in the mirror I see a disgrace
I see the pain in my face
I wish for my own destruction
and I search for lost strength
for a reason to have tears
or a reason to have joy
but I haven't found one yet

Every time I pray all I feel is conviction
it doesn't seem like anyone listens
It makes me feel worthless
and guilty for not understanding it
not understanding why I should be grateful
I keep looking for a reason to keep doing it
but i haven't found one yet

Every time I eat all I feel is disgusting
I can feel the weight gained
and I can see the fat on me
it makes me hate myself more
for not being beautiful
and I'm searching for a reason why eating is better
but I havent found one yet

I stopped
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